Saturday, March 30, 2013

Coexist Candle Cafe haul #1

Hey wax lovers!

Today I have another new vendor to share, Coexist Candle Cafe on Etsy. The owner Jaxandria is really sweet. I had ordered three chunks to try. That's it. She was out of the one, so instead she sent me TWELVE items to make it up to me instead of THREE! Talk about generosity, I was blown away! She is the sweetest ever, thanks again! Onto the wax, shall we?

Amish Friendship Bread with Strawberries & Cream and Fried Ice Cream (x2) freebies: Seriously, this was ridiculously nice of her! You get the Amish friendship bread for sure, and the hint of strawberries. I don't really know what fried ice cream smells like, but the mixture with the Amish friendship bread give me the same note I think. I like it!

Butter Brickle Toasted Marshmallow: This one is YUMMMMMY! I love the butteriness mixed with the toasted marshmallow. Reminds me of sitting around a campfire making smores. So good!

Amish Friendship Bread (freebie): This is hands down my absolute scent that I got from this vendor! I LOVE it! I really enjoy the scent Amish friendship bread, and I really enjoy trying it from different vendors. My favorite is Front Porch, but this is close behind. I'm melting this ASAP!

Fireside (freebie): I've never smelled Fireside the original  but if it smells anything like this I'm sure I'd like it. It's a rustic, spicy, woodsy scent. Great for fall in my opinion. 

Apple Juice: Smells just like the real thing, I really like it. I've never seen this scent from any other vendor before, it's really fun. 

Homemade Cheesecake & Strawberries & Cream (1 was a freebie): I get mostly notes of only cheesecake with the slight notes of strawberries and cream. I think she had said this was just poured & needed cure time so it will probably get stronger.

Zucchini Bread (freebie): I love zucchini bread scents and this one is nice and spicy.

Funnel Cake (freebie): I love spicy funnel cake scents! Just not Front Porch's. I really don't like their funnel cake. This one is great, I like how it's small chunks so I can blend.

Cake Bake (freebie): Pretty basic vanilla cake scent.

Wild Maine Blueberry (freebie): Nice blueberry scent.

Have a nice rest of your day!
<3 Dana

Friday, March 29, 2013

What I've Been Melting #3

Hello again, it's time for my third addition of What I've Been Melting! I skipped a week since I was out of town, so this is one half what I melted before, and one half this week so far. Let's just roll with it and get started!

Scent Appeal Candles: Peppermint Patty - I repackaged these, so I had two of them in this cello bag. Jeff and I both really adore chocolate peppermint scents, but this one was just TOO STRONG in my tea-light! It blew me away! I had to blow out the tea-light before I could find out how long it would last. Throw was great.

CFTKR: Peach Cobbler: This was in one of Carol's adorable little bunny shapes. This peach scent is really great, very fresh. Melted in my tea-light, scent throw was great and it lasted all night. I think I might need more. :)

Lasting Scent Candles: Pumpkin Sugar Donut - This one is so amazing! When this fall rolls around I'm going to need to stock up on LSC's pumpkin scents, they're amazing! This one was just fantastic, I melted it in my 20 watt. SO STRONG! I love the dough-y donut scent in this one. 

Front Porch: Lavender Vanilla & Oak - I got this in my lavender sampler, and when I first saw this I thought I wouldn't like it because of the name, but it was really calming and soothing. I starting melting it a few hours before bedtime, and it was still going strong the next morning and a few hours after that as well. Melted in my 18 watt.

Closet Full Of Wax: Vanilla Buttercream Caramel Latte - THIS IS SO AMAZING! I melted it in the morning in my 20 watt, it was nice and strong and lasted for I think 4 hours. I need this in a bag of her coffee bean shapes. 

Crabby Candle Co.: Zucchini Claws - Melted this in my 20 watt as well, in fact I'm melted it right now. Medium throw, this is one of my favorite scents. SO GOOD!

Better Homes and Gardens: Sugared Melon Kiwi - I got this back in a Walmart in Ohio, and man this is a great scent! So fresh and sweet! One cube was enough in my 18 watt, this baby was STRONG and lasted all throughout the afternoon. This might be one of my favorite BH&G scents.

CFTKR: Lemon Noel Sugar Cookie - This one of my absolute favorite scents ever. EVER. It was like the second or third thing I had ever melted from CFTKR and it remains a beloved of mine. I've already reviewed this, so let's just leave it as I will cry when I have no more. :P

Rose Girls: Orange Danish Coffee - This one was so crazy strong on cold throw. I mean STRONG. I think I might have messed it up melting it though. I melted half first in my 20 watt, and I got really nothing. I threw in the other half and only had a light throw. I moved it to my tea-light and only had a light/medium throw. I know I've heard some RG's are duds sometimes, so it's either that or I needed to put it in a 24 watt hotplate, which in on it's way in the mail. Humph.

Front Porch: Lavender Sugar Cookie Dough Bread - I know some don't like FP's lavender since it's more of a "Downy" lavender, but I like them blended with other scents quite a lot! This one was really nice, I enjoyed melting it at bedtime in my 18 watt. A very soothing bakery scent, as nice change of pace.

CFTKR: Eucalyptus Spearmint - I was NOT A fan of this. Something about this mint scent just didn't hit my nose right. 

CFTKR: Celtic Moonspice - This was a really great spicy scent! I loved the little pie shape with a heart on top too. This was crazy strong, I melted it in my tea-light. 

Febreze: White Peach - This is an exact dupe of my beloved B&BW Peach Nectar. I melted two little bars in my 18 watt and I loved it! Lasted quite a while. I want to try more from Febreze.

Enjoy your day, girls!
<3 Dana

Happy Little Bee haul(s) #1

We meet again!

Today I have another new vendor to share, The Happy Little Bee. I've heard great things about this vendor on Etsy and I just had to place an order. Or two. Her prices are SO GOOD and her shipping is really cheap as well. So I ended up placing two orders. You really need to check her out, Debbie is so sweet, her TAT is also so quick, and her packaging is to die for! Let me show you! :)

How cute is her presentation?!

Irish Spring: This isn't a dead-on dupe for the classic soap, but this is awesome! Such a fresh, clean scent. This is be perfect to melt in the Spring!

Unicorn Toots: I love the name, it's really what got me. :) This is a very fresh, fruity scent with the slightest floral notes as well. I really like this one!

Spring Rain: Can't make up my mind on this one. I don't love it, don't hate it. It's strong on the floral which I'm still not sure of, but it still has a fresh scent. 

Honeysuckle (freebie): Don't like. I'm so stinking picky with my floral scents and this is just too much for me. Thank goodness I know someone who will love it!

Grape Koolaid (freebie): I love grape scents! This is really nice.

Caramel Cafe: Nice caramel scent with a note of latte. Really like this one. I really like almost everything from Debbie though!

Blueberry Muffins: Can't go wrong with this scent! I get straight blueberry and not a lot of muffin, but it's yum.

Red Velvet Cake: Pretty self explanatory. I like this one, I've smelled better, but I might blend it.

Irish Spring (freebie): Got this one again as a freebie.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Debbie upgraded me to the big two once cent scent for free, she's so sweet! I love this one, such a yummy blend!

Funnel Cake: This is my FAVORITE thing I got from this vendor! It's so amazing, I can't stop smelling it LOL! Such a spicy bakery scent.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: This one is just okay. I'm picky with chocolate scents. 

Have a good one!
<3 Dana

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Candles From The Keeping Room (CFTKR) haul #5

Hey there!

I can't stay away from Carol. I just can't. I placed one additional order to this one before she closes for a while. I have definitely stocked up but I'm so sad she'll be gone for a while. :( I really need to start placing larger orders as well, but every time she sends me a free sample I find more I want. It really never ends. 

Honeydew & Whipped Cream: So fresh! I'm trying more fruit scents lately and this one is so refreshing - that's really the only way I can describe it. Love this one!

Watermellon Cotton Candy: Wow this is so sweet and amazing! Smells just like watermellon candy! I love her watermellon, it's juicy and like the previous scent, smells very fresh. Can't wait to melt this one!

Glazed Donuts: I just had to order this one, a great straight up donut scent. A little cinnamon, no jelly - just simple glazed donut. It's such a light bakery scent, I love it! This was the very first thing from CFTKR I ever melted when I Jaqcui sent me that big box of wax that started it all. :)

Cocomilk (freebie): The moment I smelled this I knew I had to hurry up and order it before Carol closed. It's SO AWESOME! From what I've smelled so far, anything that she makes with a milk scent in it is a home run! Such a sweet, summery coconut milk scent. LOVE. 

Berry Spun Sugar (freebie): A very sweet and sugary berry blend, I really like this one and I normally go either way with berry scents. 

Strawberry Whirl (freebie): This is one I tried so hard to order when she restocked  but everyone beat me to it.This is AMAZING! I'm telling you I need every strawberry scent from her in bulk! A mix of strawberry, banana, and vanilla. I'll be cherishing this until I get more for sure!

Pina Colada (freebie) & Coconut Pear (freebie): This are both samples I've gotten in the past that I already did a cold sniff review on. 

Enjoy your day!
<3 Dana

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Candles From The Keeping Room (CFTKR) haul #4

Good Morning, again!

I am seriously addicted to Candles From The Keeping Room. I have two hauls to share this week, and one on the way. I guess it's acceptable since Carol's closing shop for about a month, right? I've heard amazing things about her Strawberry scents, and since I've been wanting to try more fruit scents it seemed like it was time since she restocked last week. Here we go!

Strawberry Milk: Dang, I wasn't wrong about how awesome her strawberry scents are! I'm in LOVE! My favorite so far, I can't STAND FP's strawberry. Strawberry Milk her exactly how it sounds, a creamy, fresh strawberry scent. SO AMAZING. After she reopens, it will be my goal to stock up on as much strawberry as I can.

Fresh Picked Strawberry's: This is the one that made me want to order her strawberry scents! I had heard so many bloggers/YouTubers rave about it and man were they right! It's simply amazing! I'm melting in right now actually, and my apartment smells fantastic. I need a couple of 8 ounce bags when she reopens for sure.

Burnt Cream: An amazing creme brulee scent, I just can't get enough of it! You get both the creamy and burnt notes in it. So great.

Orange Cream Cupcake (freebie): I'm still a little unsure about orange scents. Which is funny, the few that I have have all been samples from vendors. I really like this one, though. I like orange/cream scents a lot more then straight up orange. I also adore the big bunny shape, I'll get two uses for sure.

Raspberry Bear Claw (freebie): I think the raspberry is definitely the stronger note in this one, I get bakery notes I'm just not sure if I necessarily get bear claw exactly though. I'm not big on raspberry though, I think I'll be passing this one on to a new home.

Pina Colada (freebie): CAROL. Your pina colada is amazing! This is so ripe, juicy, and makes my mouth water! I'm so lucky I got two samples in my recent orders. I'm not huge on tropical/summer scents,but this one really wowed me.

Farmhouse Treats (freebie): Another one I need to order from Carol eventually. This is so yummy, you get notes of a delicious kitchen baking that I really, really enjoy. Can't wait to melt this one.

Hey Sugar (freebie): Another really nice one! A great lemon scent, to me it's more of a clean lemon scent then bakery. YUM!

Have a great day!
<3 Dana

Jmae's Soaps & Candles haul #1

Hey there!

I like trying new vendors, and I had bought a destash from the owner of JMae's Soaps and Candles, Jamie. In her destash there were a few of her products. I was really impressed and decided I wanted to place my own order. To say I was impressed with my experience from ordering from Jamie would be an understatement. I was BLOWN AWAY! She makes your orders after you place them, she made mine two days after I placed mine. SO AWESOME. She emailed me saying she would shipping the next day, which was great to me, but she shipped a day later and sent me FOUR free samples!!! It wasn't even a long TAT at all, the fact that she made up for it was beyond generous. Thanks Jamie! She has a new website coming up soon, you'll have to check it out!

Lemon Poppyseed: I am a sucker for doughnut shapes so I had to try a four pack of hers! I LOVE her lemon poppyseed scent SO MUCH! I need to give this one more week to cure, this week will last forever. :P

Fruity Passion Soap Sample (freebie): Smells like fruity bubble in a soap! Really nice since I haven't ordered soaps from her before. Excited to try this one!

Apple Toffee Crunch (freebie): These smell SO GOOD! I smell the crunch in the toffee so distinctly, and the apple is a creamy apple kind. What a fantastic fall scent to me, but I'll love melting this anytime! The mitten shapes are adorable.

Peppermint Tarts (freebie): Great peppermint scent in a cute cookie shape. 

Pink Fruit Loops: I had to order this scent from her, and I'm so glad I did! A great blend, I love the fact that the pink sugar isn't overpowered by the fruit loops. Great blend.

Wildberry Scone (freebie): This is one berry scent that I'm not really crazy about, but I think this would be much more enjoyed in a new home!

What a generous order!
<3 Dana

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kitty Cat Wax haul #1

Hello again!

Today I have a brand new vendor to share, Kitty Cat Wax on Artfire. A YouTuber came out with her own wax line, and I liked the idea of supporting someone trying to make a name for themselves in the wax world! Let me just say, these tarts are HUGE! I mean HUGE, the size of the palm of my hand. Customer service was great, TAT was only a few days, and I loved the handwritten note and the tissue paper she added for presentation. Onto the wax!

Pumpkin Spice: This was a first prototype for her, so she was selling this one for under a buck. In the note she sent with my order she said this one didn't throw at all since it was a first try, and she included Tropical Sweet Bread for free as a replacement. On cold sniff, it's light but I do enjoy the pumpkin spice scent. Still might try this one out just for the heck of it.

Tropical Sweet Bread (freebie): OMG this is GREAT! You get the tropical notes and the sweet bread for sure, exactly as the name suggests! Smells so great, can't wait to melt this one!

Look how huge these tarts are!

Brownie Batter: What a YUMMY chocolate scent! It smells EXACTLY like brownie batter and nice and fresh! I am really excited to melt this one, Jeff love chocolate scents. 

Ferris Wheel: This is really great as well! I mixture of funnel cake and cotton candy, I really enjoy the spicy notes that are in there as well. 

Pink Ferris Wheel (freebie): Cute little mini strawberry shapes! Exactly how it sounds, a sweeter version of Ferris Wheel. I hope these two little guys throw, this is really great as well! 

Tinsel (freebie): Cute little apple shape this time! SO CUTE with the glitter as well! I can't put my finger on the notes in this one, but it smells fresh and light to me. A minty note? 

Have a nice day, ladies!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Gifts From Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail's Wax Blog!

Hello there!

Today I have the haul I came home from Ohio with from the lovely Jacqui! I was like a kid in a candy shop going through her wax collection, and she was sweet enough to send me home with a big ol' bag of wax! Thanks again, love! Here we go!

Rosegirls: Raspberry Key Lime Pie - This is so yum! I definitely get more raspberry more then the key lime pie, but it's so tart and fresh! Can't wait to melt this one!

Rosegirls: Pink Serendipity Smoothie - What a fantastic combo with the two scents! Neither overpowers the other, and I love the creaminess it has. REALLY great!

Rosegirls: Orange Danish Coffee - This is Jeff's favorite of what I came home with, and it really is an amazing coffee scent! You definitely get the notes of the orange danish bakery in here as well. 

Ollie's Soaps: Leaves - A dupe for a believe a B&BW scent. I haven't smelled the original but this is awesome! A great fall scent indeed, this little guy is really strong off cold sniff. Can't wait to melt this one.

Closet Full Of Wax: Cinnamon Doughnuts - Jacqui isn't a fan of CFOW's cinnamon doughnut scent, but I am. It's definitely going to a better home indeed!

Haley's Heavenly Scents: Iced Cinnamon Donuts - Smells a lot like CFOW's scent, and I really like this one as well! I have an order from HHS on it's way right now, but this will be my first time trying them out.

Beezy Tarts: Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake - These few she gave me are my first time I'm going to try Beezy! I hear great things about his tarts, but there are never enough scents in his site that I want to render an order. This lemon bakery scent is so amazing and strong off cold sniff! Can't wait to melt this one!

Beezy Tarts: Fresh Peaches - What a perfect fresh peach scent, I'm in love! I also love how full his scent shots are. This is a great spring time peach.

Beezy Tarts: Blonde Moment - I adore the donut shape and the scent equally! This is what I think is a lemonade, strawberry, and orange blend. Really, really yum! 

Orchid Lake Candles & Soaps: 7 Up Pound Cake - This is one of my favorite cakes to make so I'm glad I'm able to try this one out! Very yum, bakery, and creamy. The 7 Up notes in there is so fresh. I'm excited about this one!

Tiffany Candles: Birthday Bash - I've heard good things about this one so I'm happy I get to try it! It's a mix of birthday cake, fruit loops, and marshmallow. The sprinkles are adorable as well. Really great.

Tiffany Candle: Lime Cheesecake - This is pretty self explanatory, you get the tart of the lime and the creaminess of a cheesecake. 

CFTKR: Cinnamon Spice Cake - I LOVE cinnamon spice cake scents and this one is really good. The cinnamon is really light in here, I'm curious if it will come out more when I melt it.

CFTKR: Buttery Cake Bites - This is a REALLY creamy bakery scent, I get a strong note of almond in here. 

CFTKR: Gooey Chewy Kettle Corn - SO STINKIN' YUMMY! I love popcorn/kettle corn scents and this one is really delicious! Bonus: Carol's bunny shape. Love it.

CFTKR: Hot Orange Danish: This is much stronger on the orange note then the bakery note, bit smells like orange juice to me. 

CFTKR: Fruitloop Toasted Marshmallow - My fruit loop obsession did back flips over this one! Fruit Loops is one of my favorite scents ever, and this one is AMAZING. If it smells anything warm like it does cold, I'm going to need a big bag! SO GOOOOOOOOOD!

Beaux Savon Frais: Watermelon Jolly Rancher - Smells just like the really thing! I LOVE watermelon candy. I still need to try this vendor, I hear nothing but really good things.

Sniff My Tarts: Campfire Dessert - OOOMMMGGG this is so great! You get notes of marshmallow, graham crackers, and chocolate. So awesome, I cannot wait until I can order from Sniff My Tarts!

Skinny Dip Soaps: Fruit Loops - A pretty great fruit loops scents. I can't try enough vendors for this scent!

Ten Digit Creations: Island Nectar - A really light clean, tropical scent -I was thinking this would be great for blending. 

Sentsationals: Myrtle Beach - Jacqui found these new scents in Florida and was nice enough to pick a couple up for me! Myrtle Beach smells very fruity to me, I get an almost grape note. I really, really like it!

Sentsationals: Hanalei Bay - A great tropical coconut scent! Really great for summer.

The Bathing Garden: Frosted Pumpkin - This is a really great spiced pumpkin scent. I love pumpkin scents almost all year round, so this one will get melted soon!

Thanks again Jacqui! 
Have a great day, all! 

<3 Dana

Front Porch haul(s) #2

Hello again!

Today I have a culmination of two small Front Porch hauls I placed. I always get emails saying that they've restocked and since it's free shipping, I feel like I always have something on it's way from FP! Let's jump right in, first off I have a sampler I ordered, Pink/Lemon sampler. Here we go!

Pink/Lemon Sampler

Pink Sugar Marshmallow: Oh holy cow this is awesome! The mixture of the pink sugar and the marshmallow blend together PERFECTLY. Really great.

Lemon & Lime: So tart and juicy! I adore lemon and lime scents so this one just right up my alley! Haven't melted it yet since it's curing, but I can already tell I'll need a four pack ASAP.

Pink Sugar Noel: A really smooth and creamy mixture of pink sugar and vanilla bean noel. 

Pink Peaches: Wow I really dig FP's peach scent! Mixed with pink sugar, I really, really like this one!

Lemon Marshmallow: Front Porch's lemon scents are SO GOOD and among my faves! I love the have the marshmallow mellows down the lemon and lends it a creamy note. Love!

Pink Grapefruit: Jacqui is a huge fan of grapefruit scents, so this one went as a gift to her. 

Lemonberry Crumble: I swear on cold sniff this is one of my new favorite scents EVER. I have a four pack of this too in this haul since she restocked. I'm anxiously awaiting the moment this is cured. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Lemon Cookies: Lemon and bakery? Two of my favorite things in one grubby tart and I'm sold. This whole sampler has been perfect for me and I couldn't be happier!

Lemonberry Crumble four pack: Just couldn't help myself! SO GOOD.

Ultimate Bakery four pack (x 2): I am so obsessed with this scent. When I saw it was restocked I had to grab two. It's just perfect to me. The bakery notes, the notes of apple that make it so fresh. I know it's hit or miss for most, but I will always have this stashed away. 

Have a great day, ladies! 
<3 Dana

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ollie's Soaps haul #1

I'm back!

I had a really great vacation! Got to visit my family and friends, eat at my favorite restaurants and shop in my favorite stores in Cleveland, and I got to see the lovely Jacqui of The Scholarly Nails Wax Blog! Us and our hubbies (well, mine's my fiance, but close enough!) went out to eat and afterwards I got to check out her MASSIVE wax collection and of course we had gifts for each other! (That will be for another post for sure!) To say her collection is impressive would be an understatement! I definitely wish we lived closer to one another, but I look forward to seeing her every time I come home! <3 

Moving right along to today's haul, I have my first order from Ollie's Soaps to share! Myself still being new to the world of wax, there are so many vendors on my wish list to try! Ollie's went on there almost immediately but her shop was always sold out. Thank goodness for good timing, and one day she still had a small selection left. There were only two items with scents I thought I'd enjoy, so I snatched them up as quick as I could! First up I have Pistachio Pudding Cake. OMG, it's the most adorable thing I own in wax form to date! The shape of the cake, the sprinkles, and the TEDDY GRAHAMS! It's almost to cute to melt! Almost...... :P Three of the teddies lost their heads in transit but I placed them back on for my pics. I love this pistachio scent, it's nice and rich and creamy. I think this will be great for blending. 

Next up I have Red Velvet to share. I'm trying to get out of my bakery scent comfort zone, but for me when trying a new vendor - sticking to that zone works best. I've always loved red velvet scents and this one is pretty good on cold sniff! A tad lighter than I'd like, but hopefully with some curing time that will change when melted. Love the bunny shapes! 

Next up I have the two freebies to share, which I think is sweet since I only ordered two items. I loved the thank you note too, it's the little things that win me over in the end.

Oreo: Smells just like the real thing to me! Dead on! You get the creaminess in there along with the hint of the chocolate. This will be a fun one to melt!

Strawberry Bread: I'm taking back every bad thing I've said about strawberry scents. (Except FP's. Hate it.) I've been stocking up like crazy actually. This is one I passed up on her Etsy shop and I wish I had gotten. I love her strawberry scent and the bakery notes in here make it great. 

Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!
<3 Dana

Thursday, March 14, 2013


 Hey ladies!

I'll be on vacation for the next week, so I'll be taking a little hiatus! I have SO MANY hauls on their way to me while I'm gone, it'll be like Christmas coming home! I can't wait to share with you what I get, and I hope you all have a great week!

<3 Dana

Candles From The Keeping Room (CFTKR) teeny haul #3

Good Morning!

This is a quick, teeny tiny haul I have to share with you. Carol sent me a sample of Banana Flapjacks, and I new I had to have it. To say I need to go on a wax ban for a little bit here is an understatement. I've only been into wax for about a month and I don't WANT to think about how much I've spent LOL! Crazy thing is I have a list a mile long of vendors I still want to order from! I'm going on vacation next week, so I'm cutting myself off. (I got my tax refund as well. One guess for what I used some of that money for? hehe...) It'll be like Christmas to see what packages I'll come home to! Time for the wax! 

Purple Cow: I just had to. I really enjoy grape scents and this one is all I knew it would be! Carol describes it as a purple Popsicle with vanilla ice-cream. I love it! The grape isn't in-your-face like other grapes scents I have, and I like the lightness the vanilla adds. Can't wait to melt this one!

Banana Flapjacks: I've already talked about this one a few times, so you know great I think it is! Can't wait to melt this more! So YUM!

Banana Caramel Cupcake (freebie): I love that she sent me two banana scents to go along with my order, that's so sweet of her to base my samples off my order! These two are very similar, but this one has a stronger hint of caramel. Carol has great banana scents. 

Caramelized Banana Cake (freebie): Another banana home run! Really great. Thank goodness I have a 4 ounce bag as well! 

Birthday Cake (freebie): This is a really nice classic birthday cake scent, and I know someone who I'm going to send this to! Very, very nice.

Coconut Pear (freebie): I don't know what to think of this one. I get a little coconut, but no pear that I can smell, just an odd smell I can't place. I think I'll be passing this along as well.

Enjoy your day!

<3 Dana