Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lasting Scent Candles haul #1

Lasting Scent Candles, you're stinkin' amazing! 

Jacqui had sent me about a half a dozen of their scent shots, and they are amazingly strong and smell SO great! (Which makes me sad since all I want to do is melt these and I've heard they need to cure for quite some time. Boo.) When they had their restock I was working a ten hour shift, so I didn't have time to really look through their RTS selections, so I decided to sneak away for a sec and order a sampler. Gah, I love Pink Sugar so much. (Which is a good thing since now I have sixteen scent shots of it now, right?) TAT wasn't too bad, I think it was about a week and a half. They came packaged really well, there was once that the lid came off, but no biggie. Plus they threw in two freebies so that's very generous! Since these all need generous cure time, they all have the strong Pink Sugar note that takes center stage and it's sometimes hard to pick up the other notes in some without using their scent list for the sampler HERE. (Which is still available!) 

Pink Licorice Whip: This is a gift for the lovely Jacqui! I know this was an exclusive for this sampler pack. This is the lone licorice scent I've ever smelled, I don't know how I feel about it. The licorice is the dominant note, but you can smell the Pink Sugar in there as well. I know she'll love it! :)

Pink Fruit Lupes: OH WOW!!! Holy cow I'm in love. Since falling in love with the world of wax, I've found that I'm absolutely obsessed with Fruit Loops scents. OBSESSED. Bonus? My fiance loves them as much as I do! I bought a sampler from Front Porch and SIX Closet Full Of Wax double packs of tarts in the scent. I love it mixed with Pink Sugar. I need all the Pink Fruit Loop (Lupe?) scents I see now. Can't wait to melt this one.

Pink Sugared Vanilla: This is a nice, creamy mixture of vanilla, butter cream, and Pink Sugar for sure! I really like this one, it reminds me of frosting. So rich!

Pink Berry Cream: I'm weird about berry smells. Always have been. They just hit me a strange way. I'm trying to melt some to see if it's just certain types that I don't like before I write them off completely. (Although I ADORE blueberry.) THIS is a berry scent that is awesome! I would melt this now if I didn't have to let these cure! I like that the strongest note is the berry, followed by the cream than a hint of the Pink Sugar. I almost think it would be awesome with a hint of chocolate. I would repurchase this if the warm throw is the same as the cold.

Pink Sugar Buns: I like this one! Pink Sugar and a fantastic bakery/donut scent. This is YUMMY! There's a marshmallow note that I can't quite pick up on yet. The bakery note is so great. Another one I can't wait to melt! 

Tickle Me Pink: This is okay to me, they list an array of notes is this that just don't settle well together to my nose. Not my thing, but maybe I'll give it a shot.

Pink Sheets: Smells so GOOD. You can definitely smell the musk and blackberries with the Pink Sugar. I hope the chocolate scent comes out more when I melt. I love scents where chocolate isn't center stage. LOVE.

Pink Ocean Air: No scent description here, and along with the obvious Pink Sugar I smell a great perfume! I feel like this is something I would have worn as a teenager! Gah, I can't put my finger on it! Either way, it smells awesome. Great summer scent. There's oil on the top here so this bad boy'll be strong.

Pink Lullabye: Bedtime scent perfection right here! Classic blend of lavender and chamomile blended with Pink Sugar. Smells like a sweeter version of that purple Johnson and Johnson nighttime baby lotion and wash. Can't wait to melt this in our bedroom before bed!

Fuzzy Pink Slippers: No description on this one, either. This is the lone one of the bunch that I REALLY don't like. I DO NOT like laundry type scents at all, and this one is just that. It overpowers the Pink Sugar to me and all I smell are dryer sheets. Maybe I can pass this on to someone who likes laundry notes.

Pink Sugar Melons: Another absolute favorite of the bunch! WOW this is so juice and amazing! I love watermelon candies and scents (but not the fruit, I know. I'm strange.) and this one is so great! Like watermelon taffy! I seriously want to melt this now. I'm new to wax, and dang I don't know how you ladies wait so long to let something cure. Pure willpower I tell you.

Pink Sugar *type*: This one needs no explanation. LSC's Pink Sugar scent is awesome on it's own. Or to blend. Whichever, really.

Pink Sugar Cookie: Another one I just love! (I'm glad there's so many that I am excited about! Samplers can be tricky.) Along with the Pink Sugar note, I love the dough-y vanilla sugar cookie scent to this one. My all-time favorite scents are bakery and cookie scents, so naturally I'm in love. 

Pink Petit Fours: Another bakery scent for the bunch. I've never eaten a petit four that I'm aware of, and I think they're little mini cakes. This has much less of a dough-y scent and more of a sweet sugar scent in addition to the Pink Sugar. Haven't decided on this one yet.

Pink Clouds: This scent is describe as Pink Sugar with marshmellow and sugar. I had to look it up, all I could really smell was Pink Sugar and an odd sweetness I couldn't put my finger on. Pretty nice scent though, I hope the scent gets more distinguishable as it cures.

Pink Marshmallow Shortbread: Last but not least we have another bakery winner! So delicious! This one too has oil built up on the top so this one will be strong too! Which is awesome since I'm in love with this scent! Shortbread scents, I need more of you. Love.

I hope you all enjoyed my very first post, make sure to check out Lasting Scent Candles since this sampler is still available. 

<3 Dana


Hello there and welcome to my new blog, and it's all about wax! 

My name is Dana. Many of you know me as Polished Claws Up in the nail polish world - I've had my nail blog for almost two years now. There's always room in life for more than one passion or hobby, and I've fallen head over heels for the world of wax! (And my wallet hates me. A lot.) How did I obtain this wax addiction so quickly you may ask? (Seriously. It's only been a few weeks. It works fast. Watch out. :P) The culprit's name is Jacqui AKA The Scholarly Nail's Wax Blog. 

Jacqui is a very close and dear friend to me. I moved from Cleveland, Ohio to Virginia Beach over a year and a half ago. Literally two weeks before I moved there was a nail polish blogger/ nail board meet-up through Twitter. I met up with some lovely ladies - went dusty hunting, got frozen yogurt, swapped polish - it was great. Too bad I was moving ten hours away fourteen days later. :( Needless to say, Jacqui and I got a great friendship out of the meet-up and have been keeping in constant touch (I think I might text her more then my finance!) ever since I moved. It's so nice that she's still back home, every time we come back to visit I get to meet up with her! (AND I'm going home in two weeks!) I'm super excited for this visit since her and her husband have bought a new house since I last saw them AND I get to see her massive, amazing wax collection IN PERSON! Bonus? Her husband and my fiance get along great too. 

So anyhoo, I have always loved candles. I knew only what was easily available to me (Slatkin & Co, B&BW, Yankee) so when I saw Jacqui started her wax blog it peaked my interest. She is so awesome and generous that she sent me a big old box of wax and let's just say it's been downhill ever since. It's only been a little over two weeks and wax has pretty much taken over my life! :D I have placed about a dozen orders from vendors and I really think I'm learning more and more every day. So that being said, I'm a wax noobie - so if there's anything I'm doing wrong or not getting right PLEASE let me know! I'm learning as I go along. I hope you enjoy my blog!