Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beezy Tarts haul #2

Hi there!

Today I have another great haul from Beezy to share! I never really place big hauls from John since he doesn't always have all the scents I'm looking for at once. (I really wish he stocked more than he did at once, I'd be happy to place a bigger order.) I've been dying to try his Pistachio Pudding Cake scent FOREVER so I knew it was time to place a small order. Here's what I got!

Pistachio Pudding Cake (x2): OMG this is the PERFECT pistachio scent, I'm in LOVE! Whhhhhhy didn't I get more then 3?! Rich, creamy, strong pistachio scent. I'm head over heels for it. When I see this again, I'm buying them all. :P Cannot wait to melt this!

Pink Loopy Loops: I have a couple pink sugar/fruit loop blends, and this one might be the very best! The blend of the notes is equally matched, and on cold sniff it's nice and strong! So amazing. Another one I need more of!

Blue Hawaiian Punch (x2): This is another Beezy scent I'd been wanting to try, and it's really great! Smells JUST like the real stuff, nice, refreshing, and nostalgic. I could EAT these LOL! I got one for myself and one for a friend. LOVE.

Strawberry Passion: This is an almost warm (weird, right?) artificial strawberry scent? I don't know how to explain it, but it reminds me of a strawberry lip gloss I had way back in the day. Very nostalgic. 

Mountain Dew: I love this one! Beezy makes really great pop scents, and this one is nice and effervescent! Smells right on point, and I love the fizziness. So good!

Fresh & Clean (freebie): I don't like fresh/clean/laundry scents AT ALL, so as generous as this sample is, I'll be passing this along to a better home.

Snake Bite (soap sample freebie): I think it's so cool that he sent me a soap sample to try out! I LOVE bar soap (I'm weird, I use both soap and body wash) so I was really thrilled to see this in there! How pretty, right?! It's a very fresh, clean, masculine scent - I think my fiance will love it!

Enjoy your day!
<3 Dana

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I've Been Melting #9

Hello there, again!

Today I have my ninth installment of What I've Been Melting to share! I've been melting some really, really great stuff so I'm excited to show you. I hope you all had a great Memorial Day, I spent the day at the beach here in Virginia Beach. What better way? ;) Here we go!

Closet Full Of Wax: Caramel Latte - I've reviewed this one before, so I won't go into detail except to say that I still love this one SO SO much! Coffee scents are an obsession of mine, and this one is up there for sure! Melted one little coffee bean in my 18 watt hot plate. 

Long Cane Primitives: Peach Funnel Cake - This is a pretty standard, okay peach blend. Nothing that really stood out in my mind to be honest. Melted in my 18 watt hot plate.

Heavenleigh Apothecary: Brownie Bites - I've also reviewed this one once before, but I had MUCH better luck with this in my 18 watt hot plate. This is the best chocolate scent I've ever smelled. AMAZING.

Granny's Kountry Candles: Cinniminis - I got this adorable little cinnamon bun shaped tart from Shelby in our swap and I was blown away! I've never tried much from Granny's to render an order, and once the summer is up I think it will be that time! The little guy was so strong in my 18 watt hot plate, and throw was equally matched. I need a bag of this. Two bags. Such a true to life cinnamon bakery smell, it reminds me of a country kitchen. LOVE!

Little Kitchen Candles: Sugar Cookie Dough Bread Zucchini - I got this in a destash, and one thing I love about destashes is that you get to try scents you would have never picked for yourself! This scent is so good! I love the dough-y scent from the SCDB and the slight spiciness of the zucchini bread. Throw was really great for this in my 24 watt hotpate, lasted a really long time! I wish they weren't closing. :(

Distinctly Pink: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - I had added this to the Cinnimini once the scent started to fade. This is one of the teeniest little scent shots but I'll tell ya what - it added scent for a couple hours. 

Front Porch: Marshmallow - I'm going to start by saying that I need about a dozen four packs of this for blending, along with every marshmallow blend once my wax ban is up. I cannot for the LIFE of me remember what I blended this with but I know I loved it so much! 

CFTKR: Banana Caramel Cupcake - A truly fantastic banana scent from Carol, I love this one! Nice and creamy with the bakery note and the great banana scent. Nice and strong, lasted a good amount of time in my 24 watt hot plate.

CFTKR: Sugar Milk & Cookie - OMG OMG OMG, this is a hands down favorite ever  from Carol, I'm in love with this one! I'm so happy that I ordered a large bag in my last order, and I will forever and ever have this in my stash! I love this scent so much, ladies. It's so calming. ;) Melted in my 24 watt hot plate. So strong, and lasted for quite a long time.

CFTKR: Strawberry Milk - Another hands down favorite from Carol, but then again all of Carol's strawberry scents are a favorite of mine. I've found I'm in love with milk scents as well. Melted in my 24 watt hot plate. I'm so happy I have a four ounce bag left!

Kissing Booth: Main Street - This one totally took me by surprise! I started off with two cubes in my 18 watt and got almost nothing. I added one more cube and WOW this was STRONG! Main Street is a blend of candy and popcorn. So good, so sweet! I love this one and I can't wait to melt the rest of this clam shell!

The Bathing Garden: Jack Frost - This is a simply perfect bedtime scent! Jack Frost is a blend of peppermint and vanilla. All you need is one cube and it filled my entire bedroom in my 18 watt hot plate.

Sniff My Tarts: Lemon Berry - OMG this is just a great lemon/berry blend! I love the berry in here, it's so sweet and strong! This one filled our apartment with my 24 watt hot plate. Really, really great!

Tiffany's: Lemonade - So I'm plotting my first ever Tiffany's order after my no buy is over, and I gotta tell ya it's going to involve lots of scoopables! I got this tart of Lemonade in a RR and I'm in love! Such a fresh, sweet lemonade scent. And STRONG too, this performed great in my 24 watt hot plate.

Closet Full Of Wax: Fruit Loops - I've reviewed this countless times. It's an all-time favorite of mine. Michele's FL scent is one of the best and strongest out there.

Tiffany Candles Scoopable: Vanilla Bean Noel - I had added some of this with Lemonade when the scent started to fade out a bit and it was GREAT! I VBN scents and this one is ON POINT! 

Front Porch: Coffee & Cookies - What the heck took me so long to get a melting this bad boy is a mystery to me! The main note to me is a coffee one but the sweet bakery notes of the cookies add a great sweetness to this blend. I love this one so much, I'll always keep this in my stash! 18 watt hot plate, nice and strong.

VDC: English Toffee Coffee - This is the first thing I've ever melted from VDC and wowza was this one awesome! I've heard mixed reviews, but this was SOOOOO strong and smelled mouth watering! I'm addicted to coffee scents, and this is one of the strongest I've melted yet. YUM! 24 watt hot plate.

CFTKR: Peppermint Cake Bites - I hate to say this, but this was a dud from Carol. On cold sniff I was blown away, in fact I had been hoarding it since I only had one. I got absolutely nothing in my 18 watt hot plate. So sad.

CFTKR: Cinnamon Spice Cake - *sigh* Once again, I hate to do this, but this was a dud as well. I got nothing once again. Makes me really, really, really sad.

Combo: The Scented Princess Birthday Cake VBN & Buttercream and Closet Full Of Wax: Hot Cocoa - This combo was great, but TSP really overpowered the little teddy shape from CFoW. Nice and creamy bakery scent. Medium throw in my 24 watt. Really nice!

CFTKR: Banana Nut Bread - I really love and enjoy Carol's banana scents, and I love the nuttiness this one has to make it smell like actual banana nut bread! I melted this in my 24 watt hot plate, but I honestly wished this was stronger. I got a medium throw, but it fizzled too quickly for my taste. Really nice scent though.

JLCCW: Apple Butterscotch Cake - HOLY BALLZ this one blew me AWAY! I don't know where exactly to start to express my love for this scent! The apple? So strong and fresh - the BEST apple scent I've ever tried. EVER. The creamy butterscotch? Adds to the amazing-ness! This bad boy was strong as can be in my 18 watt hot plate. Lasted on and off for two days. I want to keep this wrapper so I can remember how much I love this for when she reopens. <3 <3 <3

iheartwax: Pink Marshmallow Fruity Loops - This was a beautiful chunk of pink and purple - one of those beautiful chunks you're so sad to melt cause it's so pretty! I got this chunk waaaaaay back when Audra first started testing out chunks - so this isn't the super strong scent throw I'm used to but it's still a medium throw. I am melting this right now actually, and I ended up throwing in the other half. Really nice scent, melted in my 24 watt hotplate.

Front Porch: Blueberry Fruit Loops - I've had this one before, and I remembered liking it - now I know why! I adore FP's blueberry scent, add FL and I'm set! This was one of the stronger FP grubbies I have ever melted! I used my 18 watt hot plate in my bedroom and it traveled throughout my entire apartment.

The Bathing Garden: Frosted Pumpkin - I know I've reviewed this before, but it's still an amazing strong pumpkin scent and remains one of my favorites! Added bonus? One cube is all you need! Bummer? I only have two left. :( 18 watt hot plate.

CFTKR: Pink Sugar Key Lime Pie - This is from my most recent order with Carol. I don't love this blend, and I don't hate it. There's a weird perfume-y note in here that alters both the KLP and PS for me. I melted it until the scent was gone and I'll melt it again, it just wasn't what I had expected. 24 watt hot plate.

Closet Full Of Wax: Jamaican Me Crazy Scoopable sample - This was a cool idea from Michele. A nice tropical smell, but it lasted only a few hours. Not much else to say. 

Distinctly Pink: Coconut Cream Marshmallow - This was such a pleasant surprise for me! On cold throw this was a very light scent, but when I melted it in my 18 watt hot plate it came to life! I smelled popcorn in this I swear - which is great since I love popcorn scents.

Closet Full Of Wax: Bedtime Bath - A great dupe of the Johnson & Johnson popular scent. Really great, melted in my 18 watt hot plate and loved it before I went to bed! Michele does three scents right for me - coffee scents, bedtime bath, and fruit loops.

Sugar & Spice: Pink Blueberry Cake Batter Ice cream - This is yet another home run from Shanna, and her wax is becoming a hands down favorite of mine. You get mainly the pink sugar, but the blueberry was definitely in there. SO STRONG in my 24 watt hot plate, lasted an entire day! :)

Lasting Scent Candles: Apple Patch - I had taken this out of a RR and the oils were starting to seep through, so I thought it was time to melt. Eh. I don't like the combo of the apple and spices in here, it's a awkward blend to me nose. It was medium throw in my 24 watt hot plate. 

Have a great day, all!
<3 Dana

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Bathing Garden haul #5

Hello there!

This time I'm back with a very small haul from The Bathing Garden, but this is one of the best hauls I've gotten from Shannon YET! I was able to snag three scents I've been DYING to get my hands on, but they're always the ones that sell out first. I'm so glad I had fast little fingers this time around! ;) I think it's so sweet that although I only ordered three clam shells she still included a free one. Totally generous every time! Here's what I ordered - 

Strawberry Cheesecake: Really awesome strawberry scent! You get the freshness of strawberry on the top of the tart and the creaminess of the cheesecake on the bottom. I'm picky about my strawberry scents, but this one has won my heart! YUM!

Lemon Cheesecake: Oh, hello there, amazing lemon bakery scent! You're officially right up there with Carol's lemon bakery's as my all-time favorites! SO AMAZING! I now understand what all the hype is about! I am KICKING myself for only getting one. Why did I only get one?! *smacks forehead* Really tart, creamy scent. So awesome. 

As always, amazing little pieces of art!

Coconut Candy Apple (freebie): What a great freebie scent! I love winter candy apple scents, always have, so this is perfect for me! I don't get much coconut though, maybe it will come out more when melting.

Cheshire Cat: This is the one I was honestly the most excited about getting! It lived up to everything I had hoped it would be! The lemon in there, with th amazing raspberry scent on top - ON POINT. I could smell this all day! Can't wait to melt. I'll be needing about a dozen more, please and thank you. :p

So pretty!

Have a great day, all!
<3 Dana

My very first Scented Princess haul!


Today I have my very first Scented Princess order to share! I had ordered this back when she didn't have any RTS items in stock (of course now she does and I need to go on a wax ban!) so I ordered this when she only had body products, a few samplers, and some whipped wax and loaves. Let me just tell you it was like Christmas getting this package! Dawn, you're products blow me away on cold sniff, I can't wait to get a meltin'!

First up I have my whipped scoopable wax to share! You could blend up to three scents, and since strawberry and serendipity are two of the scents I'm the biggest into right now, I had to blend them! Let me just tell you - THIS SMELLS SO AMAZING! I could smell it right away when I opened the box. (Also, Dawn filled the container so full that the lid wouldn't close LOL! I have to rubberband it until it cures! :P) I love the bight pink color and the glitter as well. I cannot wait to melt this, I couldn't stop smelling it when I got in. SO GOOD.

Tea Sampler

White Tea With Lemon: You can't tell from the picture, but this tart is actually a light yellow color. We all know how huge Dawn's tarts are so this sampler was a steal! I've been crazy into tea and milk scents lately! They're so refreshing and calming at the same time. The light lemon in the white tea here is faint, but I think it might come out more when melting.

White Tea Berries: This is my favorite from the sampler. Another great white tea blend, and this time with berry. This smells so awesome! The berry scent in here is so fresh with an almost creamy note to it. I'm going to love this one when melting, I already know it!

White Tea: Dawn's white tea scent on it's own, just nice and calming and almost herbal. This will be perfect for melting at bedtime! I've been feeling burned out on just lavender or peppermint scents for bedtime - and I think I've found my new love!

Black Current Tea Raspberry: This one is a tab bit lighter on the tea note and more dominant in the raspberry, but they pair together perfectly! This is so delicious smelling, my other favorite from the sampler! YUM!

Black Current Tea With Lemon: I think I *might* like the black current tea scents a little bit more, it's less herbal and a little more refreshing. I love the lemon in here, it smells just like a freshly brewed tea with lemon. So good! I'll enjoy melting this on a Saturday afternoon.

Black Current Tea: This is the black current tea on it's own and as I said, it's refreshing! 

Blonde Moment (freebie): Blond Moment is one of my favorite tropical summer scents so I was so excited to see this one in here! I love the cute little tiki and topical flower shapes. Cannot wait to melt these guys!

Wildberry Zinger Tea: This is another great berry tea scent! Nice and fruity and fresh! Really, really great!

Mystery Tart (freebie): This is a HUGE heart tart that's made up of over pour. It's pretty, multi colored, and smells like bakery mostly. 

Frosted Candied Bubbles (freebie): I *think* this is a Lush dupe, maybe? I get cotton candy and bubblegum? SO GOOOOOOD! I cannot wait to melt this giant start. YUM YUM YUM!

I hope you enjoyed, have a great day!
<3 Dana

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Front Porch haul(s) #6

Hello again! 

Yep, remember when I said I wasn't allowed to order from Front Porch anymore since I can't shut my FP drawer? Whelp, I failed. BAD. I ordered all this AND I have another chunk melt and four pack on their way right now too. I just can't help it, I love Angie's serendipity blends and her samplers are such a deal! *Sigh* At least with the hot weather coming up I won't be as tempted. :P Here's what I got in my last two orders!

Banana Split: YUM! This is a fantastic banana scent! It's really fresh, and not in a candy banana way. I could smell this all day! I get the creaminess of the ice cream in there as well, I can't put my finger on the rest. It's seriously amazing and I cannot wait to melt these guys! If you see this, snatch it up ladies!

Serendipity Bubblegum: I won't lie, I like this blend WAY better from iheartwax. This one isn't bad, but I don't feel like the bubblegum and serendipity and harmonious together, I feel like they're competing too much. It still smells really good, but it has big shoes to fill! Maybe the bubblegum is overpowering? I'll have to melt this one for a final verdict. 

Serendipity Ice Cream: This, ladies, is pure heaven in the shape of ice cream scoops! OMG I could not get over how great these smell when I first got them in the mail! So rich, so creamy, I get smell the ice cream distinctively in there mixed with the serendipity. ON POINT!

Lemon Bliss Serendipity Cookies: Another great serendipity blend here! Mixed with the bakery note of the cookies and the lemon, it's a really great scent! 

Blueberry Satsuma: This is a surprisingly nice blend, and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not. I don't really like orange scents but I do love satsuma - something about the strength of it's orange scent. 

Lemon Sugar Cookie Dough Bread: Lemon? Bakery? You know me, it's perfect!

Lemon Shake Up: I can't put my finger on this one. Lemon, obviously, and perhaps berry? I don't know what the Shake Up part of this scent means, but I know it's got to be fruit. 

Strawberry Satsuma: I hate FP's strawberry, so this will be going to a new, happy home!

Lemon Lime: I've gotten this before in a sampler, melted it, and loved it. Glad to get another.

Serendipity Satsuma: I get mostly satsuma in here, but I can't wait to melt it to see if the serendipity comes out more.

Lemon Cookies: Once again - Lemon and bakery? SOLD.

Lemon Satsuma: Nice and fresh citrus scent.

Have a fantastic day!
<3 Dana

Friday, May 24, 2013

Lasting Scent Candles haul #2

Good Morning!

Today I have my little haul of RTS From Lasting Scent Candles when they opened quickly on Mother's Day. I only ordered ten scent shots, and I'm kicking myself now for not getting more than one of a few that I got. Ah well, the two scents I got two of were great choices! I can't wait until they open again, their tarts have become a favorite of mine! Here's what I got!

Blackberry Lime Rock Candy: Ugh this is one I'm so mad I only got one of! This is SUCH A great, tart, sweet blend! I think I get a little more lime than blackberry. So delicious! I will be buying more for sure in the future! YUM!

Island Spun Sugar: This is supposed to be a blend of mangoes, papayas, bananas, and cotton candy but for some reason what I smell the most is watermelon LOL! This is really yum, another I want to order again!

Salted Caramel Latte: WOWZA! This is one crazy strong scent shot on cold throw! Smells absolutely amazing. I love coffee scents, and the stronger the better! It smells exactly like a this salted caramel coffee I always get from Seven Eleven. Amazing, just amazing.

Coconut Cream Pie: This one is pretty light on cold throw, but sometimes that's just how the cookie crumbles with coconut scents. Very creamy, will be a great blender!

Coco Lime Cookies: Mouthwatering! That's the first thing that comes to mind. This smells so amazing I want to eat it LOL! SOOOOOOOOO fantastic! It smells like those lime Jell-O bars my aunt used to make. I need about twenty more. TWENTY. At least.

Lemon Sorbet: This is a really nice lemon scent, but I think I'll hold off ordering more right now. I organized my wax by scent instead of vendor and I have a whole drawer with just lemon and lime scents. I can tell what my favorites are indeed! This is really nice though.

Serendipity Rock Candy (x 2): My obsession with serendipity knows no bounds, so I knew I would love this one! I was more than correct - it's amazing! I see this one as being a fast seller, so next time I order I'll have to pick up as many as I can!

Hurricane Punch (x 2): Another one that I just had to order two of! This is a blend of orange, lime, passion fruit, and Grenadine. This is the perfect summer drink indeed! So awesome! I need to make this drink myself now. ;)

Anyone else order from LSC?
<3 Dana

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My epic swap with Jacqui Of The Scholarly Nail's Wax Blog!

Hey there!

Today I have the most exciting swap to share with you! It's with not only a great friend on mine, but the girl who started my whole wax addiction in the first place - Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail's Wax Blog! I love you to death, girl and I can't believe the amazing stuff you sent me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart - you are so generous! :) Here's what she sent me - 

Sniff My Tarts (Holy craola girl, I you hooked me up with SMT! You ROCK!)

Buttercreme Frosting Campfire Dessert, Tin Roof Sundae/Hot Fudge Sundae, Ice Cream Scoop Bread/Wafflecone, Pink Coconut Acai Berry (so amazing!), Cotton Candy Bliss, Pink Lavender Sticky Mallow, Lemon Berry, Caramel Sticky Buns Latte (!!!), Key Lime

Rosegirls (Once again, you're awesome!) 

Purple Cow Ice Cream (I need a whole pie in this!), Candy Land, Soothing Lavender Dreams, Butterscotch Coffee, Strawberry Banana Bubblegum (!!!), Simple Amazing Bakery

Front Porch

Cotton Candy Cookies scoopable, Lemon Ice Cream Scoop Bread, Marshmallow, Lemon Marshmallow Cupcakes, Pineapple Lime Cake

The Scented Princess

Birthday Cake Vanilla Bean Noel & Buttercream, Fruity Rings, Pink Sugar, & Serendipity (!!!!), Blonde Moment, Banana Bubblegum

Victoria's Designer Creations

English Toffee Coffee (so amazing!), Serendipity Dreams


Fresh Picked Strawberry's (an all-time favorite!), Strawberry Cake, Strawberry Milk, Strawberry Shake, Mac Apple, Ultimate Serendipity, Rainbow Cotton Candy (I've been wanting to try so bad!), Banana Colada, Banana Nut Bread, Apple Noel

Sugar & Spice  (Thank you so much for all these! I've become obsessed with Shanna's wax!)

Mystery (smells like a bakery scent), Ghost Much (a favorite of mine!), Caramel Drizzled Pear, Pink Coconut, Lollipop Fruit Loops

Tiffany Candles

Donut Shop Scoopable, Hocus Pocus (another favorite!), Cotton Candy


Pink Fizzy Pop, Lemon Berry Fizz

Long Cane Primitives

Peach Funnel Cake, Mango Lime Smoothie, Lemon Coconut

Candles By Victoria

Banana Coconut Cream Pie scoopable, Banana Brown Sugar Drizzle

Crabby Candle Co.: Best Dang Carrot Cake Ever

Sweet Fixations: Lemon Noel

Lasting Scent Candles: Pink Fruit Lupes

HHS: Pink Strawberry Noel

JLCCW: Frosted Lime Cupcake & Pink Sugar Cookie (OMG girl I cannot believe you sent me a loaf! I jumped up and down!)

HHS: Pink Lemonade

Nene's Kitchen Melts: Senorita Margarita 

TDC: Serendipity

Beezy: Kettle Corn

Streetman Candle Company: Cafe au Lait Shake

LKC: Marshmallow Fruit Loops/ Sugar Cookie Dough Bread (OMG girl!!! I can't believe you sent me one of their cookies!)

Kissing Booth: Lime Jello Cake

The Bathing Garden: Chocolate White Cake

Pics, Petals, & Scents

Creamy Banana Zucchini Bread, Lemon Meringue Pie, Strawberry Country Berry Hotcakes, Lime Cooler (amazing!), Pink Punch


Serendipity Noel, Key Lime Serendipity, Jamaican Beach (another cookie!!!)

Isn't she just the best?! THANKS AGAIN GIRL!
<3 Dana

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Haley's Heavenly Scents haul #1

Hi there!

Today I have my very first haul from Haley's Heavenly Scents to share. I got this order back when she was still doing free shipping over $25 and two free six packs of tarts. It's a shame she's not doing this anymore, but I completely get why. I also ordered a new hot plate warmer with this order, but I didn't take pictures of it. Here's everything else I got! 

Key Lime Sugar Cookie Noel (freebie) - Her tarts are pretty large! The color coordinated bows are such a sweet touch as well. I love this scent, the lime is so tart - just the way I love my lime scents! 

Iced Lemon Cookies (freebie) - This is a pretty good lemon bakery scent, I don't love it as much as I thought I would, but I have to remember it's paraffin wax, so I hope these will come alive when melting!

Granmas Toasted Marshmallow (cinnamon roll shape) - Of course I knew I had to try one of their creamy zucchini granmas blends! (I love how others call it crack LOL!) And man they were right, these smell so amazing! I can't wait to melt this one! SO. GOOOOOOOD.

Amish Cinnamon Bread - This is such a great, spicy Amish friendship bread blend! 

Marshmallow Lime Cupcakes - I love that they threw in scent shots in my sampler that match the ones that I had requested for free. I love the lightness that the marshmallow adds.

Birthday Cake - I know these are paraffin wax, so some are lighter on cold sniff and that's okay. From what I can smell, this is going to be one great blender. There's oils on the bottom of the scent shot - this bad boy might be strong!

Banana Nut Noel - This is a pretty nice banana scent, I really like it. 

Divine Cake - I'm not quite sure about this one. I don't get really a cake scent, but more of a candy sweet scent maybe? Smells pretty good though.

Iced Lemon Cookies - This is just the scent shot version of the six pack I had gotten before. 

Lady In Red (freebie) - This is a really nice red velvet cake scent, nice and creamy!

Cookie Jar - This is really light on cold throw, but I do get that light cookie bakery scent. This will be a nice blender. This one has oils too, so this will probably be warm when melting!

Toasted Honey Graham - Another favorite from my order! This is so amazing, I love graham cracker scents! 

Banana Pudding - I love banana flavored candies, and this is exactly what this smells like! Yum!

Key Lime Pie - This vendor ROCKS their lime scents! Another great one!

Anyone else order from Haley's lately?
<3 Dana

Ten Digit Creations teeny tiny haul #2

Hello again! 

Today I have the teeniest haul to share from Ten Digit Creations. I saw they had chocolate scents on sale, and since they're Jeff's favorite I had to order them for him! Here's what I got.

Chocolate Delight - I think this one smells great, but Jeff says he doesn't like it and he couldn't pin point why! Oh well, I'll find a happy new home for it. :(

Fudge Brownie - THIS is an awesome chocolate scent indeed! So awesome! I can't wait to melt this one. Really great.

Watermelon Taffy - This is great! I almost get a hint of mint in this one that makes it smells oh so fresh. 

Berry Bellini - This is a really nice berry scent, I'm normally really picky with berry scents.

Bamboo & Sugar Cane (freebie) - This is a really great, fresh scent that I would melt on cleaning day. Really, really nice.

Lemongrass & Sage - Another great fresh scent. I used to love lemongrass scents and I think my love for them is still here!

Malibu Rum Cupcake - This is an amazing Malibu Rum/coconut scent. I REALLY wish I had gotten more! Perfect for summer!

Have a nice day!
<3 Dana

Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I've Been Melting #8

Happy Sunday!

Today I have a REALLY long What I've Been Melting to share with you. I was extremely sick with a viral infection for the majority of last week, so this is about two weeks of melting saved up. I'm so happy I'm back to feeling better,my lungs were completely screwed up and when I tried melting anything it made my lungs so much worse. :( Here's what I have to share today! Enjoy!

Beezy: Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake - This tart was hella strong just like all of Beezy's amazing scent shots, but this is the one that screwed my lungs up worse. :( Such a shame I had to dump it since it smells so good! I always stalk John's site, and the next time I see this I'm getting a few! 24 watt hotplate.

Beezy: Oreo Cookies - Beezy has quickly become one of my favorite vendors out there. This was light on cold sniff, but BOY did this come to life when melted! It smells DEAD ON to the classic cookie, and it was strong enough to fill my entire apartment! Started melting in the early afternoon, and this bad boy was still going strong at dinner. Will repurchase for sure! 24 watt hot plate.

Dutch Candle Company: Skittles - I'm always impressed by how strong these little one ounce scent shots are, and this one was bangin'! Smells just like a freshly opened bag of Skittles. If you haven't tried this scent, you need to! So good! 18 watt.

Lasting Scent Candles: Pink Petit Fours - Another great pink sugar scent from LSC! Melted in my 20 watt light bulb warmer in my kitchen and I loved it! I only have about five left from my pink sugar sampler. Sad.

Sugar & Spice: Pink Bananas - Shanna's scent shots are another that have become one of my favorite vendors. It sucks it's such a rat race to buy her wax since it's all RTS now - but I placed an order the other day and I got some great stuff. This was SUCH A strong scent, you get banana as the main note to me, followed closely behind by the pink sugar. Lasted I think about 7 hours. 24 watt hot plate. 

Indulgence by MJ: Monkey Farts - Pretty generic banana scent with a light/medium throw. Eh. 18 watt.

CFTKR: Crunch Berry Crisp - I've had this bag for a while, it never really wowed me before. But, like most paraffin wax, BOY did it come to life when melted! This scent is SOOOOOOOO good! It doesn't smell exactly like the cereal, but that doesn't matter to me since it smells so good! I will be buying a big 8 ounce bag from Carol for sure! 24 watt hot plate. 

CFTKR: Lemon Noel - Anything Lemon Noel from Carol is a must have in my collection for sure, and among my all-time favorite lemon scents EVER. Strong throw, so amazing. I will always have this or it's counterparts at all times! 24 watt hot plate.

Front Porch: Sweet Lavender Peppermint - Hello there, I'd like you to meet my new favorite bedtime scent! This is my two favorite scents to melt in my bedroom at night in one - how could I go wrong?! This helped me relax so much! Melted in my 18 watt. 

Kims: Pumpkin Cheesecake - DUD. I have nothing good to say about it.

The Bathing Garden: Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies - This is quickly becoming a scent that I want to try from every vendor. This one is really nice! A nice, rich, and definitely buttery bakery scent with the lightness of blackberry. I melted this in my 18 watt light bulb warmer and I didn't get the best results, so I think I'll try a different warmer next time.

Little Kitchen Candles: Birthday Fruit Loops - Holy cow I love this blend! I'm sad the LKC is out of business, so when I run out of these I'll have to try it out from another vendor. Melted one sunny tart in my 18 watt and it had a nice medium throw. Seriously - SO GOOD.

Front Porch: Cotton Candy Cookies - I got this in a RR, and I don't know exactly how old it is, but I got such a light scent that it really didn't do anything for me. It was just okay. Melted in my 18 watt.

Rose Girls: Sunny Days - OMG YES! I don't really like orange scents, but I've found that I ADORE satsuma ones! Mixed with strawberry, this really is a cheerful, strong scent. I'm so excited that I have a whole bag on it's way from RG in my recent order. What a great summer scent! 24 watt hot plate.

RG: Streuselkuchen - A great, strong, caramel and spicy vanilla bakery scent. So good, and lasted forever. So glad I have more of this one! 24 watt hot plate.

Combo: Coexist Candle Co. Zucchini Bread & Closet Full Of Wax Peeps - DUD. The zucchini bread smelled sour so I added a little bunny tart sample of Peeps. The marshmallow scent couldn't save this one. DUD.

CFTKR: Hey Sugar - I'm telling you, no one does lemon scents like Carol can. Blows my mind every time! I don't get as much of a bakery lemon as I do a fresh, almost clean lemon. So strong, so amazing! This is on my need to order list for when Carol reopens! 24 watt hot plate.

CFTKR: Blueberry Whitecake - This ladies, is the strongest thing I've ever melted from Carol! I got this in a RR and I loved this blueberry scent when melting! Jeff, however, said it was way too strong and he didn't like the scent. I melted it on & off in my 24 watt hot plate when he was working LOL! 

Combo: Scent Appeal: Pink Malted Milk & CFoW: Sugared Milk - I didn't realized until I melted these how much I love milk scents! Shelby sent me Pink Malted Milk, and I fell in love! I melted both cubes in my 18 watt, and they were strong and awesome! When they started to fizzle I added Sugared Milk and it amped it right back up! I would repurchase both of these scents in a heart beat!

Kitty Cat Wax: Ferris Wheel - This was a huge heart tart and I threw the whole thing in my 24 watt hot plate. I think this is a blend of cotton candy, caramel apple, and funnel cake. But all I get is the spicy bakery notes of the funnel cake really. I liked this scent, but it was too much after about four hours and I had to dump it.

Krazy Candle: Fairy Dust - Got this in a destash. Weird fruity almost soapy scent that had light scent on cold and no scent on warm. Eh.

Haley's Heavenly Scents: Pumpkin Spice Latte - This is another from my recent destash as well, and this was GREAT! I will be ordering this in a six pack of tarts next time I order from HHS! So strong, the pumpkin in there is fantastic, and the spiciness is just divine! Melted in my 24 watt hot plate, lasted for almost eight hours. LOVE.

Sugar & Spice: Pink Lemon Pound Cake - Another home run from Shanna! This is a great blend, the pink sugar being the dominant note in there, followed closely behind by the lemon pound cake. Fantastic, fresh blend! Melted in my 24 watt hot plate, lasted for 6-7 hours I believe? 

Heavenleigh Apothecary: Brownie Batter Bites - Now I have a lot of chocolate scents. A LOT. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, compares to this one! I could eat this wax! So rich, realistic and crazy strong! I love the little brownie shapes and the chocolate sprinkles. Melted on tart in my 18 watt hot plate, smells delicious! 

Sniff My Tarts: Campfire Dessert - I'm actually melting this as we speak! And only one half of the giant chunk Jacqui gave me! This is a blend of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crackers. This is soooooo strong and soooooo good! It's been melting for 7 hours now and it's still going! I'm so grateful for the SMT she's given me - they all smell so amazing and I cherish them all! 24 watt hot plate.  

CFTKR: Fruit Loops Toasted Marshmallow - Yep. Yet another one that I need to order from Carol! Holy crapola this is amazing! SOOOOOO strong in my 24 watt hot plate, this lasted for about 5-6 hours. So dang good. I only have regular CFTKR Fruit Loops, and this one has just such a great twist!

Front Porch: Buttercream Iced Orange Danish - I know I don't normally like orange scents, but I just wanted to try this one from a destash. I got almost no throw from this, either. Melted in my 18 watt light bulb warmer. 

Front Porch: Yummy Cake Batter - Another from a RR, this one smells like cookie dough to me! A really great bakery scent from Angie, I would buy a four pack of grubby tarts for sure! Melted at bedtime in my 18 watt light bulb and it was pretty much gone in the morning when I woke up.

Closet Full Of Wax: Girls Gone Wild - Really light fruity scent that pretty much did nothing.

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day!
<3 Dana