Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I've Been Melting #6


I'm craaaaazy behind my hauls and What I've Been Melting posts. This is what I melted over a week ago, so I REALLY hope I remember everything correctly. :P Here we go!

Front Porch: Caramel Apple Cupcakes - I've found that I really like caramel apple & winter candy apple scents. This is a bakery take on the classic, and MAN is is good! You get the tartness of the apple and the sweet creaminess of the caramel. Really, really yum. Nice and strong. Would purchase for sure! 18 watt.

Front Porch: Lemon Marshmallow - This scent has so much type around it, so I was really excited when I got this in a sampler. I have to say, it just really didn't do it for me. Lemon scents are my favorite, but I need them much stronger then this one. I liked the scent, but it's just not a favorite for me. 18 watt.

Kitty Cat Wax: Tinsel - I really appreicate free samples from vendors, but this one was just so teeny tiny that I just threw it in with FP's Lemon Marshmallow. Didn't get anything. Had an adorable apple shape with glitter though!

JLCCW: Lemon Icebox Cupcakes & Vanilla Bean Noel - I got this one in a destash so I don't know how old it is. It had almost no scent on cold throw and even less scent when warmed. It did however have an adorable cupcake shape.

Sniff My Tarts: Caramel Orange Chiffon - HOLY FREAKING COW THIS IS AWESOME! You get the rich, creamy and strong caramel scent with the under notes of orange. This chunk was so strong and filled up my entire apartment. I love this scent so much and would love to get my hands on more some day!

CFTKR: Burnt Cream - This was in one of those big gingerbread bunny shapes so I got two uses out of this bad boy! Jeff loves this scent so much and so do I! I made sure I ordered a bag before Carol closed for a while. I can't wait until Thursday! :) Both times I melted this it was strong as can be and had great staying power. 20 watt.

CFTKR: Farmhouse Treats - I was really excited to get this one as a free sample, but it really didn't do it for me. The sweetness to this just didn't hit my nose right. 18 watt. 

Rosegirls: Pink Serendipity Smoothie - SO. GOOD. I am on one crazy serendipity kick right now, so this was perfect to melt! The pink sugar and smoothie add a calmness to the mix, making this a great relaxing blend. Melted in my 20 watt, it lasted for over eight hours!

Closet Full Of Wax: Bare Naked Lady - This was a free sample, and a weird fruity one at that. I didn't like it, something about it just wasn't wright to me. It fizzled out right away with was fine by me. 18 watt.

Front Porch: Ultimate Bakery - Ah, my beloved. I have multiple packs of these favorite scent of mine and I love it more and more every time I melt it. Great throw, lasted forever in my 18 watt. LOVE.

Front Porch: Lemonberry Crumble - Another classic and absolute favorite of mine. THIS IS SO AMAZING. Oh, and it lasts FOR-EV-ER. So amazing. 

CFTKR: Banana Flapjacks - I love Carol's flapjacks scents and this one did not disappoint! Love this fresh banana bakery scent. Always a repurchase for me. 20 watt, lasted a pretty decent time.

Ollie's Soaps: Pistachio Pudding Cake - This made me realize how much I love pistachio scents and I'm forever in love. IN. LOVE. This was so stinking strong, so stinking amazing in throw, and lasted FOR-EV-ER. I want this little cake to last me forever. Lasted over 9 hours in my 20 watt.

Ollie's Soaps: French Baguette - This scent, on the other hand, made me realize that I HATE yeast-y bread scents. This was gross. Melted it in my kitchen to cover up a spicy dinner smell, but it didn't work out. I'll be passing this along. Melted in my tea-light. 

Cupcake Candles: Coconut Lemon Buttercream Cookie - It was so fun to finally melt my blends that I made from Cupcake Candles and it was so nice! Her wax is strong, too! I get the lemon, the peppermint, and the coconut all equally. Great throw, wafted throughout my entire apartment. I'll be sending my second off to a friend so she can enjoy as well.

Cupcake Candles: Funnel Cake Wildberry Bread - This is my absolute favorite blend that I made and I think I need more since I only have one little pie tart left! You get the great spicy bakery note from the funnel cake with the added sweetness of the wildberry bread. This was hella strong and lasted for almost 7 hours if I remember correctly. 

Sugar & Spice: Pink Sugar Cookie Dough Bread - This is a great dough-y pink sugar scent! I was saving this for when I got my S&S order, and now I have enough that I can start melting these bad boys. This had nice throw and lasted a good amount of time. I can't wait to melt more!

Indulgence by MJ: Macintosh Apple - Not gonna lie, I'm impressed as can be by this little one ounce scent shot from a little unknown vendor! I took a leap of faith by placing an order, and the throw on this was so good! It filled up my whole bedroom. Lasted about 3-4 hours in my 18 watt.

Lasting Scent Candles: Pink Lullabye - What a great bedtime scent! I mostly get pink sugar, but the lavender is definitely in there. I cut this scent shot into four sections in my 18 watt in my bedtime. Would repurchase for SURE!

Lasting Scent Candles: Pumpkin Marshmallow Chai - LSC is the BOMB when it comes to pumpkin scents, and sadly this is my last one until I order more. Great, rich pumpkin scent with the spiciness of the chai tea in there. Really nice and strong, lasted a long time. 20 watt.

Closet Full Of Wax: Caramel Latte - Wowza, this puppy is STRONG! I mean STROOOOOOONG! I melted two coffee bean shapes in my tea-light and it blew me away! It smells so amazing for a coffee scent, but it was so strong I had to blow it out after about an hour. Next time I'm sticking to one coffee bean and I'll be solid. Really great. If you love coffee scents, this is for you!

Kissing Booth: Christopher Street - This was my very first time melting anything from the Kissing Booth, and I was really impressed! A straight up fruit loops scent, I melted two cubes and it FILLED my living room/kitchen area. Lasted over 7 hours. I'm a fruit loops nut, so I'll definitely be repurchasing this with my next KB order.

Better Homes & Garden - Frosty Peppermint Snow - I know I've reviewed this one before, but I thought I'd throw it in here again. Nice strong peppermint scent. I will always want this in my wax collection. 

Front Porch: Grape Fruit Loops - Everything about this scent is great! I love grape scents, I love fruit loop scents, and I love FP. All in all, a total win. Melted in my 18 watt, lasted a really long time. 

Long Cane Primitives: Apple Pumpkin Bread - This was MUCH strong warm then cold, which was a really nice surprise. The not to nice surprise? The heavy yeast-y bread note that came out on warm. I love some bread scents, but I can't stand ones that have that certain note. Had to dump it.

Rosegirls: Cereal Killer Cuppa Cake - Oh Hell, I don't even know where to start. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. So strong, lasted for two days on and and off. TWO DAYS. I'm so happy I have a whole bag of this bad boy. Well done, Rosegirls. *applause* I can't wait for my April order!

Hope you have a great week!
<3 Dana

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beezy haul #1

Good morning!

I don't know why it took me so long, but I finally ordered from Beezy! Well, okay, maybe I know why. His stock seems to always been pretty limited so there was never really enough to render an order until recently. Here's what I got!

Cherry Cola - I. LOVE. THIS. SCENT. Really should have gotten more than one! It smells exactly like the really thing, fizziness and all. I cannot wait till I let this cure for a while. Once again, LOVE.

Cola - I'm going to repeat all the amazing things I said before and apply them to this one as well! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Smells like the Coke icies you get at the mall. Mouth watering. 

Iced Lemon Cookies - Who can go wrong with a lemon bakery scent?! Not this girl! This smells amazing. 

Blonde Moment - I had gotten a sample donut from Jacqui and fell in love, so of course I had to order another scent shot. Such a fresh and fruity blend, I smell lemonade and tropical fruits. SO DANG GOOD.

Pineapple - What a fresh, strong pineapple scent. So good, it smells so juicy! I'm excited to melt this one!

Oreo Cookies - Another funky scents I just had to try. This has a lighter scent, but I think it's meant to be. Jeff likes this one a lot.

Serendipity - Like I said, can't stop ordering serendipity and can't get enough of this scent lately. This is a great one!

Orange Sherbet (freebie) - I'm not big on orange scents, but this one is really nice. Smells just like sherbet!

Chicks Dig It (freebie) - Nice coconut tropical scent. Almost reminds me of serendipity. Love this one!

Anyone else have favorites from Beezy?
<3 Dana

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Destash from sarahface87

Hey there! 

Today I have a recent destash that I bought from from one of my favorite YouTuber's, sarahface87. I've become ridiculously addicted to destashes, and I love that you get to try vendors you've never tried before and scents I would never have thought to buy myself. I thought this was a great deal and I pretty much love everything. Here's what I got!

Pics, Petals, & Scents: Cucumber Melon w/ Peppermint Noel chunks - This sounds like such an odd combo and I wasn't sure how much I would like it - but I LOVE this one! What a fresh scent. LOVE. 

Pics, Petals, & Scents: Peppermint Noel - What a great peppermint scent. These are my first PPS I get to try, my order won't get to me until at least them middle of the summer. If I'm lucky.

Pics, Petals, & Scents: Raspberry Zinger - This is a really, really light scent. I'm extremely picky with berry scents and I'm not sure how I feel about this one.

Orchid Lake: Pom Tango - This is such a great scent, it's a blend of pomegranate and tangerine. It's so tart and delicious! I love the tie die wax as well. Really looking forward to melting this.

Rosegirls: Blackberry Streuselkutchen - I normally really do not like blackberry scents except for FP, but dang I think I love RG's too! This is so yummy! The added bakery makes this right up my alley. SO AWESOME.

BeauxSavonsFrais: Sweet Lolli Bread - First off, can we just take a moment to look at how adorable this rice krispie treat shape is?! SO CUTE! This smells so stink' sweet! I like it a lot, but I'm slightly concerned how sweet it will get on warm. 

BeauxSavonFrais: Wldberry Funnel Cake - THIS SMELLS SO AMAZING! I love funnel cake scents so much, and the wildberry adds a warm sweetness to the mix. Easily one of my favorite from this destash. Love the sprinkled donut shape.

JLCCW: Lemon Icebox Cupcakes & Vanilla Bean Noel - I don't know how old this one is, but there's almost no scent on cold sniff. Maybe it will come out more on warm? Love the cupcake shape, I get my first JLCCW order soon!

JLCCW: Apple Butterscotch Cake - Another adorable shape! This one smells so good! I really seem to love apple bakery scents and this one is really strong on cold!

Sniff My Tarts: Caramel Orange Chiffon - This was Jeff's favorite from the bunch. It smells so freaking good! You get mostly caramel but the orange note is definitely in there as well. 

Tiffany Candles: Ultimate Donut - I had been wanting to try Tiffany's candles FOREVER but shipping almost held me back. One of the reasons I knew I needed this destash were these two candles, they just happened to be two scents I'd been dying to try! Ultimate Donut is a mixture of Donut Shop and Snickerdoodle I believe. So good. It's in my kitchen right now.

Tiffany Candles: Hocus Pocus: This is my hands down favorite thing I got in this box! Hocus Pocus is a blend of caramel apple and candy corn and is now my newest wax addiction. I need this is Tiffany's scoopable ASAP. It's so light yet rich, and sweet and creamy. I'm in LOVE.

Look how pretty Ultimate Donut is!

Lil' Kitchen Candles: Serendipity Cotton Candy - My obsession for Serendipity is in full swing and these little heart tarts smells so good mixed with cotton candy. I can't wait to order from LKC whenever the heck she reopens!

Lil' Kitchen Candles: Sugar Cookie Dough Bread Zucchini - Another great one! I really like a good zucchini blend, and this one is up there. Can't wait to melt this one.

B&BW: Winter Candy Apple - This used to be one of my favorite scents when I was younger so this is very nostalgic for me. This is actually melting in my bathroom right now.

Front Porch: Blueberry Fruit Loops - I've melted this one before and really liked it so I'm more then happy to have another. 

Front Porch: Lemon Drop Candy - This is SUCH a fantastic lemon scent! It's so tart and strong on cold. I'm cut off from ordering from FP for now, but when I allow myself to order again, I'm getting a couple four packs.

Front Porch: Blackberry Lemon Ice Cream - This is a nice scent, but I don't know how I feel about it yet. It almost smells sour to me. Hmmm.

Front Porch: Pink Wildberries - This one on the other hand is just amazing! So sweet and creamy.

Tiffany Candles: Butterscotch Drizzle - This is their old wax, and man does this smell yum! When I was little butterscotch anything was my favorite and it's definitely carried over to wax scents. 

Streetman Candle Company: Simple Times - This is a light and creamy bakery scent. Really nice, I just can't put my finger on the notes exactly. 

Streetman Candle Company: Pumpkin Souffle - This is a really great pumpkin bakery scent. I love to melt pumpkin all year long so I'm really happy about this one.

Sugar and Spice Gourmet: Bodacious Blackberry  - Not really my thing since I'm not a huge blackberry fan, but I think I know someone who would love this!

Shayz Scents: Zucchini Pralines - I wasn't sure that I liked praline scents, but I've really only smelled one I didn't like. This smells SO GOOD.

Shay'z Scents: Caramelized Pralines - This on the other hand, I don't know how I feel about straight up caramelized praline scents. I think I'll be passing this one along.

Streetman Candle Company Snap Stick: For The Love Of Cranberry - I've never tried a snap stick and I've been wanting to. This smells so good too! Cranberry is another scent that I like to melt all year round. This is getting melted ASAP!

Sniff My Tarts: Butter Cookie - It's always nice to get your hands on some nice blenders! This is another one that Jeff loves, and I've never tried SNT scallop tarts. 

Tiffany Candles: Cheesecake - Another great blender in the old wax. I already have a few blends I want to do with this bad boy.

CFTKR: Pumpkin Corn Pudding - This is the first time I've smelled a corn pudding scent, and I don't think I like it. The pumpkin makes it a little better, but I'm not sure about this one.

Ten Digit Creations: Sunday Morning - Every time I see this name No Doubt pops into my head. :) This is a light scent - a mixture of nutty sweet cream, nutmeg, caramelized pecans, almond, marzipan, & vanilla and brown sugar. 

Can Do Candles: Grandma Thompson's Secret Recipe - I've never tried Can Do Candles, and I'm excited to melt this one. I smell a bakery scent and zucchini bread. I like it!

Long Cane Primitives: Apple Pumpkin Bread - Another vendor I've never tried! I really like this blend, I'm not sure about bread scents - but I really like the apply and pumpkin together.

What a great destash, huh?
<3 Dana

Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Words cannot express my excitement when I got my March order from Rosegirls about a week and a half/two weeks ago. It's my very first time ordering from them and I knew what I wanted way before hand. I knew I wanted a sampler, and I knew I wanted one bag of bakery and one bag of Cereal Killer (their version of Fruit Loops). I ordered these on my way downtown to get shloshed for St Patty's Day which I thought was hilarious. Here we go, one of the most exciting wax orders I probably will ever get!


Fruit Salad Smoothie - This one is such a soft, fruity scent if that makes sense. I like my fruit scents to be a little stronger, but I still might let this bad boy cure and give it a whirl. Really balanced scent.

Romantic Island - One of my favorite of the sampler for SURE! This is on my list of bags to order on Saturday. What an amazing tropical scent, it reminds me of being on vacation. This is a blend of suntan lotion and pink sands. I cannot wait to melt this bad boy on a warmer day. So great!

Follow The Yellow Brick Road - AWESOME! This is a blend of strawberry jam, strawberries and cream, and cuppa cake. I have to say it again, SO AWESOME! 

Strawberry Cereal Killer - This is another hands down favorite of the sampler. It's a perfect scent for me, I'll be getting more on Saturday for SURE! I love RG's strawberry and mix it with Cereal Killer? PERFECTION. I'll be hoarding this chunk till I get more.

Blue Sugar Noel - I don't think I'm a fan of blue sugar, too much for me. I know someone who loves it though and will be happy to have this beautiful chunk!

Frosted Pumpkin Donuts - What a nice, strong pumpkin scent! It's perfect with the donut notes in there as well. You get the bakery, the pumpkin, and a great cinnamon scent. LOVE this one. Once again, I might need more. Yikes LOL!

Baked Banana Bliss - What a great banana bakery scent! Nice, strong, and creamy. *sigh* I'm spending my whole paycheck on the RG site Saturday.

Pink Marshmallow Smoothie - Pretty standard, smooth pink sugar scent. I love pink sugar scents. I don't like melting them at bedtime, but they are so relaxing for me to melt in the evening.

Lemon Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cake - Lemon scents are my favorites and this is no exception. SO AMAZING! I need more lemon/cotton candy blends in my life for SURE!

Sweet Lemon Confection and Vanilla Bean Noel - Another lemon home run! So creamy with the VBN and tart with the lemon. I really love their lemon scent. I'll need a bag of one on Saturday.

Razzleberry Cream - I'm not big on this one, the berry in here isn't quite my thing. I'm picky as can be though, and I know lots of ladies would love this one!

Apple Puff Pastry French Toast - Wow, this is one awesome apple bakery scent. I smell the "french toast" so distinctly in there, the cinnamon pastry of it. YUM!

Strawberry Shortcake Cuppa Cake - Another strawberry that blows my mind. I need each and every strawberry scent RG has to offer. Seriously. SOOOO GOOD.

Berry Lovely Smoothie - Another berry scent that's just a little flat to me, but Jeff loves this one so I'm keeping it and melting it for him. I don't dislike it, but I don't think I like fruit/berry smoothie scents.

Sunny Days - This is a blend of strawberry and satsuma and I have been DYING to try this blend from any vendor, really! I'm in love. I need this over and over and over again. Such a strong scent. LOVE.

Royal Pink Sugar Cookies - What a great blend for this one too! I love the softness of the pink sugar with the sugar cookies. Such a smooth, yummy, bakery blend.

Americana Smoothie - A blend of monster cookie, blackberry jam butter cookie, and marshmallow. I really like this blend a lot!

Americana Birthday Cake - This identical looking beauty is a blend of hot apple pie, blueberry, and birthday cake. I like this one a tad bit more. 

Pumpkin Blueberry cookies - Another favorite from this sampler! Such a harmonious blend between the blueberry and pumpkin. I need a bag of this as well. Really, really nice blend.

Royal Sugar Cookie Noel - A really nice blender in this little guy. Such a great cookie sent. I think it's one of the things RG does best - bakery. Such a simpler scent, yet so good!

Wonders Of The World - OMG bakery amazingness! WOWZA! I get caramel as the main note, and fantastic bakery in the background. I almost get a coffee note in there as well. SO GOOD. NEED MORE.

Cool Beans - What a unique, fruity scent! I don't have anything else like this in my wax collection.

Monster Cookie Noel - This is one amazing bakery/cookie scent. I'm so happy I took a gamble on this scent as one of my first bags. I love this blend so much! *pats self on back* ;)

Cereal Killer Cuppa Cake - SOOOOOOOOO good. This is one of the stronger fruit loops blends I've come across yet. Can't wait to melt this bad boy!

Anyone else get their March orders yet?
<3 Dana

Monday, April 22, 2013

Front Porch haul(s) #4

Good morning!

Today I have two combined Front Porch hauls to share. I am officially putting myself on a wax ban. I've only been into wax for about two months, and from what you can see by all my haul posts, I've gone wax buying CRAZY! I went from having a little basket to having two drawer units full. And I still have like 8-9 orders on their way STILL. Unless it's The Bathing Garden or some great sale, I need to start melting through what I have. Front Porch is one of my weak spots, those taunting emails I get sent for restocks always have me ordering more. STRENGTH DANA, STRENGTH! :D Here's my latest haul!

New Blends Sampler

Cotton Candy Bubblegum: This is one sampler I just couldn't pass up! I love each and every grubby tart in here and it sold out pretty quick - so I got lucky! Cotton Candy Bubblegum is such a punch-you-in-the-face sweet scent, and I really love it! I get mostly bubblegum, but the cotton candy adds an extra sweet note.

Serendipity Vanilla Confusion: I've been on SUCH a serendipity kick lately and this one is so great! The vanilla adds a creamy note to the serendipity that tones it down, but not too much.

Sugary Honeydew & Cream: Another thing I've been into lately - melon scents. Which is funny since I hate the actual fruits. Really fresh and juicy! 

Raspberry Coconut Bread: This one is so creamy with the sweetness of raspberry. Such a smooth bakery scent. Really nice.

Party Punch: This one is one of my favorites! Smells EXACTLY like Hawaiian punch! SOOOOOOOO GREAT! Cannot wait for this one to cure so I can melt it! I need a couple four packs for sure.

Cherry Marshmallow Cupcake: This is a really great cherry scent, it's really strong and rich. 

Banana Berry Hotcakes: This is another favorite for sure! This is phenomenal! You get the perfect blend of banana and berries in this one. Awesome!

Fruit Loop Zucchini Bread: This is my favorite of the bunch! I need a hundred four packs LOL! Two of my favorite scents in one. I love FP's fruit loops blend, and with the creaminess of the zucchini bread I'm in love. SO GOOD.

Iced Tea With Lemon: This is one I've heard buzz about, so when it was restocked I knew I had to try it. I really enjoy this scent a lot, but I do get what people say that there's a floral note hidden in there. I'm intrigued to melt this one.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Closet Full Of Wax haul #3

Hey there!

Today I have another haul from Closet Full Of Wax to share! Michele was having another great sale, free shipping for orders over $20, so I knew it was time to get some scents I've been wanting to try for a while and try some new ones she had just listed. Michele is really the sweetest, she's so active in her Facebook group page and she ships within a day or two of you placing your order. Everything arrived beautifully in tissue paper and a flat rate box, so shipping envelopes this time! Not to mention she sent me SO MANY free samples this time around! Thank you, Michele! Let me show ya what I ordered. 

Caramel Latte (coffee bean shapes): This is one I had been waiting for Michele to have a sale so I could order! I received this blended with buttercream crunch as a sample from her in my last order and I fell in love. Jeff and I are obsessed with coffee scents, so I was really excited for this one! I'm not disappointed AT ALL either! This scent is PHENOMENAL! AMAZING! Michele's having another sale right now, and I'm thinking about ordering more. :P Caramel Latte is rich, strong, and creamy. I can't say enough great things about this one. Perfection. 

Pumpkin Crunch Pie: Another of my favorites from this order. This is SO GOOD! For as long as I can think back I've loved pumpkin pie scents, and this is one of the best out there I've smelled. It has this really nice spiciness to it along with the crunch notes you get as well. Can't wait to melt this one!

Stuffed French Toast: This one is very light in scent but I think I like it that way! You get the light bakery for the french toast with a hint of cinnamon. I don't think I get any notes of what would be stuffed inside though? This will be a great blender.

Bedtime Bath: I had heard good things about this scent, and man were they right! So relaxing, this smells like Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Bath for babies. I cannnot wait to melt this one tonight. Repurchase for sure! 

Downey Lavender Vanilla: This is another great bedtime scent! I don't know if this smells like Downey, I don't get a laundry lavender. I get a relaxing lavender with vanilla. Another great bedtime scent. I'll need more of this as well.

Trix Are For Kids: I was really excited for this one, but it fell flat for me. I know this is a new scent, so maybe it still needs cure time? I get a light, almost floral-like fruity note. I don't think of Trix at all. I hope it gets better with time.

Capt'N Crunch Berries: Now THIS smells just like the real thing! I really like this one, what a fun scent!

Lemon Squares (x2): This is a repurchase for me, I love this strong lemon bakery scent. Will always get more!

Lavender Ice Cream Scoop Bread (freebie): I LOVE that she included this one in here since I ordered some bedtime scents! This is SO GREAT! Her lavender scent is so great, and the added sweetness from the ice cream scoop bread makes this amazing! I need to order some of this in my next order. (Which, I'm already getting my list together to order. :P)

Sugar Addiction: I knew I had to check out her new Hello Kitty shapes, especially since they some in fun, sweet candy scents! Sugar Addiction is so sweet! The notes I get the most of is a fluffy cotton candy and cherry with tons of sweetness! So good, I love this one!

Pop Rocks Candy: Dead on to the candy I grew up with as a kid, it's really amazing! I love the fizziness Michele captured in this scent, I cannot WAIT to smell this one perform on warm.

Scoopable Wax in Jamaican Me Crazy (freebie): I haven't actually ordered scoopable wax from any vendor yet, but I've been really wanting it! EVERYONE has their own now, so I've had a hard time narrowing it down. This smells so delicious! I get coconut, orange, and a tropical mixture here. This is such a perfect summer scent. I need more of this, it's so good! 

Blushing Peach Vanilla Bean Noel (freebie): Sorry Carol, this might be my new favorite peach scent! The VBN adds a creaminess to one of the freshest peach scents I've ever smelled! Ordering more of this too. These free samples add more to orders every time! Well played, vendors. Well played. :P

Peeps (freebie): This is a nice, light blend of marshmallow and vanilla. This will be a great blender. Bonus = I love this bunny shape!

Chocolate Fudge Cake (freebie): This one is gross. Sorry, Michele. I smells straight up strong plastic. 

Sugared Milk (freebie): I love milk scents, and this one is nice and sweet. Another one that is great for blending. 

Money (freebie): When I saw this I was like "Whaaaaaaaat?!" This smells exactly like "a dirty wad of stripper money" (the words of Jeff LOL!) but I can't even rant on how gross it is since I'm so impressed. A+ for bizarre scents!

Anyone else order from Closet Full Of Wax's recent sales?
<3 Dana

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Niki's Wax haul #1

Hi there!

It's new vendor time! Niki's Wax is a increasingly popular Etsy vendor, and I knew it was about time I checked her out myself! I've heard nothing but great things, and I love trying new vendors. I placed a small order since it was my first. Here's what I got!

Strawberry Monster Marshmallow (freebie): This is a really great one, I'm happy this was my freebie! I love her strawberry, and the marshmallow paired with it is really nice. I love the sprinkles as well. Really nice blend.

New Orleans: This scent is named after my favorite city so of course I had to order it! Something about it just doesn't hit my nose right. You get light citrus notes and a touch of vanilla, but there's an odd floral almost laundry note to me. It's a nice scent, really. Just not for me. I'll be passing this along, I know someone else will love it!

Mango Papaya Strawberry: I was really excited when I saw she had listed a cookie! She said it was her first attempt at making one, and I think it turned out dang good! THIS SMELLS AH-MAZ-ING! So tropical and fruity! And STRONG! I cannot wait to melt this one, such an amazing blend.

Such a pretty cookie!

Graceland: This is a fun blend of peanut butter and banana, and it smells really nice. You get mostly a candy banana, but the peanut butter is there as well. Really yum, I think I need to melt this one soon. Smells so yum!

County Fair: This is a fun blend of cotton candy, strawberry, and bubblegum. It smells really good, and I love the three colors and the sprinkles. YUM!

Such pretty tarts!

Anyone else check her out?
<3 Dana

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What I've Been Melting #5

Hello again!

Today I have my fifth installment of What I've Been Melting! I melting WAY MORE than I normally do, simply because my wax collection just keeps growing! I'm not rushing through melting everything per say, I'm just trying to make room for the new! The world of wax is so addicting and there's always more I need want. Let's jump right in, shall we?

Front Porch: Whipped Key Lime Frosting - This one is so great! I knew I would love it off cold sniff, and it was BANGING when melting! Crazy strong throw and lasted forever. I love the tartness of the lime in this blend. I'll be repurchasing this again and again for sure! Melted in my 20 watt.

iheartwax: Serendipity Bubblegum - iheartwax is quickly climbing the latter as a new favorite vendor of mine. Great prices? Check! Great blends? Check! Let's not forget these babies are STROOOOOOONG and they last on and off for DAYS! Amazing quality and bang for your buck. I'm planning my next order with them right now, I can't wait to see what else they have in store! Melted in my 18 watt.

Closet Full Of Wax: Lavender Ice Cream Scoop Bread - This was a freebie blend from Michele, and I LOVE this one! What a great bedtime blend. I really like CFoW's lavender, and mixed with the sweetness of the ice cream scoop bread it's so calming. I would repurchase again for sure. Melted one tart at a time in my 18 watt. 

Beezy Tarts: Fresh Peaches - This is the freshest peach scent I've ever smelled. EVER. This was a gift from Jacqui, and I cannot get over how juicy this smelled! Makes my mouth water! I threw half in my 20 watt, and since I'm crazy for strong scents I threw in the other half. I didn't see this listed on his site, but I'd love to get my hands on this one again.

CFTKR: Honeydew & Whipped Cream - I wanted to like this one  warm, I really did. But the floral notes that I picked up on cold sniff only came out more on warm. Just not for me, I'll try to find a better home for it. 20 watt.

CFTKR: Lemon Noel Sugar Cookie - I've reviewed this one before, and I still will rave about it! I got this in my very first order from Carol, and it remains one of my all time favorite lemon bakery scents. Simply amazing. 20 watt.

CFTKR: Glazed Donuts - This is a really terrific simple bakery scent, and I really like it! You get the slight cinnamon, but mostly you smell Krispy Kreme! Really like this scent. 20 watt.

Combo: Scentsationals Cupcake & Lemon Chiffon - Got this idea from Jacqui, and now it's one of my favorite blends EVER! Lemon Chiffon is one of my favorite scents ever, and the cupcake adds such a nice creaminess. I can see myself reaching for this combo time and time again, it lasted for over 8 hours! Melted in my 18 watt. 

Kims: Lemon Meringue Pie - This was a really nice lemon bakery scent, too bad when I threw in both tarts it died out right away. While it lasted it smelled great, but it was only like 2 hours and that's pushing it. 20 watt.

Kims: Hot Baked Apple Pie - This one was just a single tart sample, and it smelled GOOOOOOOD! I wish I had had another to amp up the scent, but from what I could smell it was so good. 18 watt.

JMae's: Peppermint Cupcake - Jamie makes the strongest peppermint ever, I tell ya! It's so dang GOOD! I melted one half of the scent shot at a time and this bad boy was still going strong when I woke up in the morning. SO GOOD. I'd love to get my hands on more one day. Melted in my 18 watt.

Front Porch: Lavender Love Dare - This is gross. My first ever FP scent that I really don't like! These two scents mixed together had a sour-like scent to it that had me dumping it out right away. 18 watt.

OLC: Fruit Loops - One thing I will say about OLC's samples, these little guys pack quite the punch! Fruit Loops is one of my favorite scents ever, I really like this one. I still need to place an OLC order, and this will be going on there for sure! Lasted about 5 hours in my 18 watt.

CFTKR: Serendipity Marsh Delight - What a classic from Carol, and I need more when she reopens! I have another sample to tide me over, I'll have to make it last. Really nice and strong in my 20 watt. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Beezy Tarts: Blonde Moment - This is so stinking awesome. This might be one of the most perfect summer scents! I ordered another one in my recent order. I get strong, tart fruity lemonade. So amazing. This little donut sample was pretty strong and had nice throw. Really love this scent. 18 watt.

Yankee: Christmas Cookie -I know Yankee gets some bad hype, but I think that's only because people aren't using the correct warmers, Yankee tarts are meant to be used in tea-light warmers. Melted this in my bedroom, it was a nice soft scent. 

Combo: Closet Full Of Wax Stuffed French Toast & BH&G Wild Berry Cheesecake - I'm trying my hand at a little more blending these days. I thought since the scent of the CFoW was so light, adding Wild Berry Cheesecake would amp it up and bit. I really liked this blend quite a lot. I need a back up clamshell of the BH&G! I melted this combo twice, once in my 20 watt and once in my 18 watt.

The Bathing Garden: Caramel Custard Praline - This was just too much for me. I thought I liked praline scents, but now I'm not sure. This one little cube was sickeningly strong to me and I had to dump it right away. I really want to love this scent, but I don't think I can. I'll be passing this one along I believe.

The Bathing Garden: Raspberry Hearts - So awesome, I'm so glad I have a back-up of this one! I melted two cubes in my 20 watt, this is such an amazing raspberry scent. Jeffrey loves this scent, so I'll always order more when I can. 

CFTKR: Jelly Donuts - I think I might be a donut scent addict. I love every kind of donut scent, and now I love jelly donuts! This has such a nice, strong scent to it, you get the berries so prominent in it. I have some tarts from Scent Appeal that I need to try out as well. 20 watt.

iheartwax: Strawberry Serendipity - As I know I've mentioned before, I have fall head over heels in love over iheartwax. I got this grubby tart as a sample, and I'm planning on getting at least two four packs of this in my next order. IT'S THAT FREAKING AMAZING, PEOPLE! I went from hating strawberry scents to LOVING them, and I've been on a serendipity kick lately. This tart was crazy strong and lasted FOREVER. If you haven't tried this vendor yet, you must. 20 watt.

Front Porch: Lemon & Lime - Two of my favorite scents in one?! YES, PLEASE! SUCH an amazing scent, I will be ordering more in the near future for sure. Melted this in my 20 watt, and this bad boy lasted for two days nice and strong. I've been really loving Front Porch lately. 

Front Porch: Pink Sugar Noel - What a nice, light, smooth blend of pink sugar and vanilla bean noel. What a soothing scent for bedtime, which was when I melted it. Had a nice scent and throw in my 18 watt, but I felt it didn't last as long as my FP's normally do. Still really great. 

Better Homes and Gardens: Calming Lavender Sunshine - I found this little guy hiding behind other clamshells at WalMart, and I knew it had to be mine! What a nice, almost refreshing lavender scent. I melted one cube at bedtime in my 18 watt, and that one cube was definitely enough! 

Scentsationals: Strawberries & Cream - Like I said before, I'm on a strawberry kick. This one is really fantastic as well! I can see myself snagging a few more back-ups once I hit up WalMart again. You need this one, ladies!

Scentsy: Paradise Punch - This smells EXACTLY like fruit punch and it is awesome! I melted two cubes in my 18 watt and this bad boy packed a punch! Really great scent, so true to life!

Have a great day, ladies!
<3 Dana