Friday, August 23, 2013

Things I've been loving #1!

Hello, ladies!

Today I'm starting a little something different here on my little blog. With all that I have going on right now, I find it taxing to go into details of each and every item I melt - especially when I've reviewed and melted it before. 

So I thought I'd change it up and show you my favorites that I've been melting and favorites of all kinds in my interests for the past week or so as well! I find this post so much fun, and I hope you do too! Enjoy!

JLCCW: Carnival - Yep, I finally broke into my April order and melted a lollipop! I threw the whole swirl into my 24 watt hot plate and DANG this was so sweet! Right on the border of hurt your teeth sweet, but it never reached the point of being too much - I loved it! Carnival is a blend of cake batter ice cream, strawberry crunch, and cotton candy. It's fantastic, I really want more whenever she November from what I hear. This lasted on and off for over two days. 

CFTKR: Coconut Strawberry Cake - I had this sitting untouched in my stash for quite some time until my Facebook/wax pal Nikki said it was amazing! Of course, that night I had to try it for myself! She was right, so awesome! I love Carol's wax in my 24 watt hot plate, so I normally try and stick with that. Lasted my 4-5 hours and it was an amazing scent indeed! If you're a fan of Carol's strawberry scents like I am, YOU NEED THIS ONE!

Butterfly Lane: Pink Wildberry Bread - Yup, thanks to this amazing scent I'll be blending this scent from other vendors from now on! IT'S FREAKING AMAZING, PEOPLE! I've been back on my pink sugar kick lately, adding the sweetness of the wildberry and the bakery note - it's perfection. This is my first and only tart from Butterfly Lane and I'm very impressed. Melted in my 18 watt and it lasted through the night and into the next day.

HHS: Iced Lemon Cookies - I've heard people rave about this scent, and I finally got around to breaking in my scallops of it! It's so dang GOOD! One tart wasn't really enough, but two in my 24 watt hot plate was great! I adore lemon bakery scents so much, and this is now on my top five list! Lasted about 7 hours if I remember correctly. 

What I've been smellin' like lately

Sexy Girlfriend tanning lotion: I've starting going tanning for the first time in nine years for my wedding next month, so it was time to invest in a nice new tanning lotion! I love that this one doesn't smell like your usual tanning lotion, and it works really well.

Hawaiian Tropic Lime Coolada After Sun Moisturizer: I've gotten a little pink while tanning, and this is just perfect for soothing it afterwards. Smells amazing too!

B&BW: Cucumber Melon Lotion: Such a fresh, classic scent. I've been loving it lately!

Victoria's Secret: Wild At Heart body spray: I've recently rediscovered VS's body scents again and this is my favorite for sure! 

G perfume: I forgot how much I love this scent! Too bad it's almost empty! I'd love another bottle in the future.

Jewelry I've Been reaching for lately!

Simply Vera by Vera Wang Earrings 

Wrap stud bracelet from Target 

Neon necklace from Claire's 

What's been on my nails lately!

Face Of Australia Barbados collection - Bright Lights, Pink City

Revlon Colorstay - Rainforest

China Glaze OMG collection - IDK

Nails Inc - Baker Street

I'm addicted to all things lip products and I switch them out frequently in my purse. Here' what been in there lately!

Lip Smackers - Watermelon

Cherry Blossom Lip Balm

Stila Lip gloss pot in Baie

Nivea A Touch Of Milk And Honey 

NYX lip gloss in Beautiful

This is just kinda of silly, but I wanted to show you these since they're delicious and I finished a whole box! 

Have a great weekend, all!
<3 Dana

Monday, August 19, 2013

Recent hauls!

Hello there again!

Today I have a post made up of all the little hauls I've been making lately. I haven't placed any large orders lately since I'm trying to melt through what I need to in my stash to get ready for the transition into Fall. I haven't grabbed some things here and there, though! Let me share - 

The Bathing Garden Boo Berry x2: I know Shannon has her Scare and Snow collection in her recent openings, but I'm holding off until I'm ready to start stocking up on more Fall scents. I couldn't resist this though! And of course I had to get two!

The Bathing Garden Cheshire Cat & Lemon Cheesecake (freebie)

I was at Walmart and although they didn't have the new Better Home and Gardens Fall scents yet, they did have the new Scentsationals! These are the ones I ended up snagging. They smell SO GOOD!

Sugared Pecan Pumpkin, Spiced Cranberries, & Apple Bobbin'

I recently bough a SMT destash from my Facebook pal Michelle and I was so excited when these bad boys arrived! They all smell to DIE FOR!

Raspberry Chocolate Truffles x2

Campfire Dessert x2

Fruity Pebbles Sticky Marshmallow x2

Lemon Cheesecake Sticky Marshmallow
Lemon Bread Sticky Marshmallow
Lemon Bread Vanilla Cake Pops

Of course I had to grab a few new Front Porch scents!

Celtic Pumpkin Noel & Caramel Sticky Buns
Pumpkin Roll
Loopy Grape Peppermints

Every time Carol opens, it's always the busiest day of work for me (truck day) and I can never sneak away long enough to place a substantial order. I was focusing on getting her jelly donut blends, so here's what I got!

Jelly Filled Twinkies (8 ounce)
Jelly Filled Zucchini Donuts (4 ounce)
Jelly Filled Sugar Cookie (4 ounce)

Here's the freebies Carol sent me!

Marshmallow Filled Jelly Donuts
Kettle Corn
Candy Corn Buttercream
Toasted Marshmallow Twinkies
Danish Butter Cookie

Have a great day!
<3 Dana

Sunday, August 18, 2013

What I've Been Melting #16

Hello again! 

I wanted to try and squeez in my melts for the past week in between wedding planning and working. This won't be my typical melting post, I think I'm going to starting just doing highlights of my melts - it's just too hard to review wax in depth and it becomes taxing. I want to enjoy blogging, not find it chore-like. Here's what I melted!

COMBO: RG Monster Cookie Noel & ICSB Tester - I LOVE RG's ICSB tester that they sent and it was fantastic with their Monster Cookie Noel scent. Loved this combo so much!

COMBO: Vanilla Streusel Coffee Cake & Scentsationals Coffee Cake Swirl - I was aiming for a nice, strong coffee cake scent and I got it! YUM!

RG: Apple Puff Pumpkin Pie - I've been getting crazy into Fall scents lately, and this is just amazing! I was a little unsure about it on cold sniff, but melted it was a warm and comfy scents.

RG: Cereal Killer Cuppa Cake - STRONG. FRUIT LOOPS. SCENT. LOVE.

Front Porch: Lemon Ice Cream Scoop Bread - I've reviewed this before, and I love it as I do all FP lemon bakery scents. So strong!

COMBO: Front Porch Pink Wildberries & RG Pistachio Dream Cake - The tester for RG's Pistachio Cream Cake was too light, so I added the FP grubby. It was overall a light, sweet scent but I liked it in our bedroom.

COMBO: LKC Birthday Fruit Loops & Ollie's Pink Vanilla Butter Fudge - LKC's scent is one of the strongest IMO, and I think I dulled it down way too much adding the Ollie's chunk. Kind of a bummer, but it was a nice, light scent.

CFTKR: Jelly Filled Zucchini Donuts - HOLY HELL. I'd love for you to meet one of my new all-time favorite scents. EVER. I can't explain how amazing this is, other than you get Carol's amazing jelly donut scent with the nice spiciness of her zucchini bread. I NEED ONE HUNDRED MORE BAGS.

Ollie's: Brandied Pear - I don't think I'm a pear scent kinda gall. I dumped this after only a few hours. 

COMBO: TDC Lavender & Vanilla Shake - TDC's herbal lavender is my absolute favorite out there. Aaaaaaaaand it's discontinued. Such a freaking bummer. I've been hoarding it for that reason. I melted one half tart of each, and it's a perfect blend. AMAZING.

COMBO: Niki's Wax Lavender Coconut Milk & UTC VBN - As much as I like Niki's lavender, sometimes it's a little too laundry-esque for me. The little VBN pieces of brittle did help, but in the end toned it down just a little too much. Still a really relaxing blend!

COMBO: Kitty Cat Wax Brownie Brownie Batter & LCP Strawberry Patch - I know I'm coming off in the way that all of my combos were duds, but they kinda were the last week. I don't know what was up with that! This one I got NO THROW from either scents. At all. DUUUUUD.

Mainstays Pumpkin Spice candle - I'm trying to use up all the candles in my apartment and be done with  them. This candles smelled really good, but I think since it's a few years old and a Walmart candle, it melted awful. I gave up on it.

LKC: Serendipity Cotton Candy - I melt four little hearts of this at a time, and I really love this scent! Medium scent throw, I definitely want to order this from another vendor for sure!

CFTKR: Blackberry Jame Butter Cookie - This is quickly becoming a favorite scent of mine! SO GOOD! I normally don't like blackberry scents since they can smell really syrup-y to me, but this one doesn't. YUM!

Starlight Chandling: Bubbling Eyeball Slime Punch - I threw this into my tea light warmer just for the heck of it and it was okay. Prolly the wrong warmer. I hope I get good throw from this vendor since I have so many tarts!

Skinny Dip Soaps: Fruit Loops- Nice fruit loops scent, pretty strong.

PP&S: Creamy Banana Zucchini Bread - OHHHHH MYYYY GAWDDDD! This was freaking amazing! It smelled like a peanut butter and banana sandwich  Lasted forever - on and off for two days! LOOOOOOOOVE!

S&S: Ghost Munch - This is a blend of candy apple and ZB, and holy hell I only needed a half of this scent shot! This smells amazing, but it almost choked me it was strong in my 24 watt hot plate. I had to keep turning it off! Either way, amazing scent, I just need to melt less next time.

COMBO: CFTKR: Rainbow Cotton Candy & Scentsationals Strawberries and Cream - A nice, sweet blend. Smelled like pink Starbursts. :)

TBG: Coconut Candy Apple - I threw two cubes into my 20 watt light bulb warmer and it really didn't perform very well. I'll try it again in another warmer, I love winter candy apple scents!

Ava's Country Cupboard: Grandma's Kitchen - This was a nice, spicy scent, but something about it just hit my nose wrong. The spice smelled weird? Not a huge fan.

RG: Sweet Lemon Confection/Pink Sugar/Pink Lady - THIS WAS SO AMAZING! AND STRONG! The only downfall? I couldn't order this exact scent in the last opening since they don't have Pink Lady anymore. :( This is just so amazing, I hope I can order this exact blend again one day!

FP: Lemon Marshmallow Cupcakes - I love any and all lemon bakery scents from Angie, and this is no exception! So yummy! 

Sniff My Tarts: Cotton Candy Bliss - Most cotton candy scents are crazy light, but this one was so strong! I loved this one! Melted both little squares together.

CFTKR: Gooey Chewy Kettle Corn - You know me and my kettle corn/candy corn scents! YUM!

RG: Blackberry Streuselkuchen - I wasn't sure I was going to like this one, but I ended up liking it! After a while it did get that syrup-y note,but until then I really liked it. 

Have a great day!
<3 Dana

Monday, August 12, 2013

Beads and Scents haul!

Hello again!

Today I'm very excited for this haul - it's from Beads and Scents from the lovely Jesse! I've been obsessed with New Orleans and Louisiana every since I was a little girl. I have an uncle there and I've always wanted to live there since I visited in high school. Just how obsessed am I?! My fiance and I are going there for our honeymoon next month! We're staying right in the French Quarter, two blocks away from Bourbon Street. I'm so excited!!! So you could imagine my excitement when Jesse announced she was making a New Orleans themed wax collection and company! I placed a teeny order for my first - here's what I got! 

*Note* It's been very hot and humid in both Louisiana and here in Virginia Beach, so I know things look a little melted. Hey, who cares when things smell so dang good?!

Cream Cheese King Cake - Oh, this one is so great! I love the blend of cream cheese and cinnamon rolls - right up my alley! This one get those most melt-y in the mail, so this is repackaged. I love the yellow/purple color blocks! I cannot wait to melt these bad boys. 

*Notes* I love how Jesse and her boyfriend Stephen include Mardi Gras beads and a ten percent off discount code! They're also offering 20% off custom orders now through Friday this week! :)

Bourbon Street Hurricane - I love this color combo so much! Orange and lime chunks with passion fruit over pour. The combo of these fruits blend into such a great combo. 

Crescent City Quencher - I've been really into watermelon scents lately, so this was a no-brainer! This is such a JUICY watermelon scent, I LOVE it! The addition of lemonade chunks to the watermelon over pour just adds to the juiciness. YUM!

Midnight Street Sweep - Another no-brainer for me. Who doesn't love lavender and peppermint chunks with birthday cake over pour? What a perfect nighttime/ bedtime scent!  

Strawberry Bahama Fizz (freebie) - This one is self explanatory! Nice tropical strawberry scent.

Summertime In New Orleans (freebies) - Oh HOT DAMN I need more of this! I love green apple scents, and the addition of coconut makes me wanna eat this LOL! LOVE!

Hand Grenade - Orange Sherbet and frozen margarita?! Don't mind if I do! This is a little lighter on cold throw, but I can't wait to melt this one. I need to drink a few of these in New Orleans!

Well that's it for that order! CONGRATS, JESSE!
<3 Dana

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beauty Empties #2

Hey there!

Today I have my second addition of my beauty empties. These are some of my favorite YouTube videos to watch, and it's fun to have these as a reference on my blog for when I need to remember if I enjoyed something. This past month was full of more hits than misses. Let's check it out!

Venus Spa Breeze razors - I wanted to try these since they have the shaving gel already on them, but I don't really like them. I'm using the second one now, and one of the strips fell completely off. I  think I'll stick to razors and shaving gel from now on.

Nivea Touch Of Bliss shower gel - This smelled so juicy! YUM! Loved this one! I use both shower gel and bar soap, but I'm really picky with scents for shower gels. I think they discontinued this one. Bummer.

Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner - I've bought this a couple times and it's really nice. Smells so good!

up & up make up remover cleansing towelettes - These were recommended in Jesse's empties video so of course I had to try them! They work pretty great- I'll be buying more for sure! 

Vidal Sassoon Moisture shampoo & conditioner samples - I love this combo so much that I went and bought the big bottles last week! Makes my hair so freaking soft. LOVE!

B&BW Sweet Pea travel size lotion - I'm not the biggest Sweet Pea fan, but it's nice every once in a while. Wouldn't buy a big bottle or anything.

B&BW Apple Blosson Citrus travel size lotion - I think I bought this last summer and I love this scent! Wish I would have gotten a large bottle!

Sephora Shimmering body wash - It's almost embarrassing to say how old this is. Let's just say it's so old that I can't tell you the last time I saw this in store. ANYWAY, this is a travel size of a super glittery shower gel in a lavender, woods-y scent. I still have the body butter that I'm hoarding as well.

The Bathing Garden Sugared Pie Crust body scrub - Yep, I am officially a true believer in Shannon's body scrubs! THEY'RE AMAZING! The next time she restocks more, I'm all over it. Not too rough, foams up really nice, and leaves my skin so moisturized. I love using these before I shave my legs. IN LOVE.

Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer - I got this as a freebie at Sephora and I think I got two uses out of this little packet. It's a really matte, but not drying BBcream type product. I really like it, but I don't want to know how much a full-size costs!

Scrubtastically Sinful Aragon Oil Sherbet Soap - This was a free sample that Danielle sent me, but I unfortunately wasn't impressed with it. It didn't lather at all. I had them in my soap dish on my sink and after about a week I ended up pitching them. The smelled yummy at least!

Neutrogena Ulta Gentle Facial Cleanser - I love any facial cleanser that's really gentle on my skin. My face skin is insanely dry, even in the summer. If I skip eye cream or use face scrub, I get dry patches on my face. I really like this one though! Foams up really nice. I would buy this for sure. Right now I'm using Cerave though, and it's a huge bottle!

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil - I got this as a free sample from, and as nice as this was - NOTHING compares to my beloved Lush Lemony Flutter. It's my holy grail of nail care and I'll use it as long as they keep making it!

Lemon Drop Soap - This is a soap that's actually made by my friends mom! She just started making her own and she's been giving me free samples to try. This one not only lathers up AMAZING, but smells like fresh lemons! I love this soap so much, I can't wait to try what else I have!

CVS brand eye cream - This is CVS's brand of an Olay eyecream and it was really nice! I'm so sad CVS stopped making most of their Olay versions, they all worked pretty great. I'm using a Garnier one right now that's pretty nice. 

Vincent Skin Care face wash - I got this little sample in my Birchbox and it was pretty good. Smelled really fresh. 

Have a nice Sunday, girls!
<3 Dana

Saturday, August 3, 2013

What I've Been Melting #15

Hello again!

I hope your weekend is going swimmingly, I'm working allllll weekend so not too much going on here! Here's what I've been melting lately. This is more like two weeks work of melting, my parents came to visit and my mom's allergic to perfume scents so I didn't melt for a week. Sometimes I think it's good to give your nose a rest anyhow! Here's what's been melting in my apartment!

CFTKR: Strawberry Milk - I melted quite a few things that I've already reviewed for you before, and this is one of them. Carol's amazing strawberry scent with a great milk scent. Calming and sweet. Love! 18 watt hot plate.

CFTKR: Sugar Milk & Cookie - This is an all-time favorite scent of Carol's for me! I love Carol's milk scent, and mixed with her great sugar cookie scent it's a home run! This is one of my go-to comfort scents. 24 watt hot plate.

Up The Creek: Peppermint Mallow Serendipity Bread - I hate saying this, but I just don't have any luck with UTC. Her scoopable gave me no throw or scent and this one was very, very light. One of those vendors that just doesn't do it for me. I love this scent on cold sniff - so I'm going to give it one more shot in my 24 watt hot plate. Melted in my 18 watt. 

Niki's Wax: Spring Fling - This is a great blend of guava and lime and holllllllly hell it's amazing! Juicy, strong, and amazzzzzing! I melted two little cubes in my 18 watt hot plate and it wafted through into the hallway, bathroom, and spare bedroom. I'll be hoarding the rest of this bag for sure!

TBG: Raspberry Hearts - I've reviewed this a few times, but this scent really never gets old! I'm SUPER picky with raspberry scents, and this one is my favorite. I always smell an almost bakery note in there I love. Two cubes is perfect for scent throw. 24 watt hot plate.

Scentsationals: Lemon Chiffon - I have I think five clam shells of this LOL! They always seem to be out at my Walmart so the one day that they stocked more I stocked UP! I love this scent so much, it's a classic for me - and one cube is all you need! Hella strong! Always a favorite. Melted in my 20 watt light bulb warmer.

BLEND: Scentsationals Oatmeal Cookie with CFTKR: Iced Sugar Cookie - Oh hot damn do I love this blend! Both scents have a spicy cookie note to it, and together they're a nice, strong bakery scent. I think Oatmeal Cookie is discontinued which makes me crazy sad since I wish I had more. Melted in my 18 watt hot plate.

Front Porch: Pink Lemonade - I've had this sitting in my stash forever, and I don't know why I took so long to melt this! I love the pink with the lemon scent, and this is a new favorite blend from Angie! You get the tart lemonade scent with a great pink sugar scent. LOVE! 18 watt hot plate.

CFTKR: Frozen Margarita - This doesn't smell like a margarita to me, but it's still a great, fresh lime scent. Medium/strong throw in my 24 watt hot plate. 

TBG: Strawberry Cheesecake - I don't know why, but this scent just doesn't do it for me. I've tried melting it before, and the strawberry scent to me is just almost too artificial. I have a whole other clamshell of this so I'm hoping I can try and blend this to get it to my liking. 18 watt hot plate.

TBG: Lemon Cheesecake - Okay, now this one is a home run from Shannon! I now know what all the hype is about! Such a nice, strong lemon scent with not too much bakery, but I do like the slight creaminess of the cheesecake. I'm so glad I have a whole other clamshell! 24 watt hot plate.

Heavenleigh Apothecary: Tea Party! - EW. I know you grow in and out of scents, and I used to LOVE all tea scents. Now I can't stand them. This smelled almost sour to me. DID NOT LIKE. Funny part? Jeff really liked it though! I'm not going to get rid of all of my tea scents, but I'm not melting any more for now. 18 watt hot plate.

Beezy Tarts: Mountain Dew - This is the second Mountain Dew scent I've tried and now I officially say I just don't like them. I've tried this from Beezy and FP's. There's this weird scent to it that I just don't like. Melted in my 24 watt hot plate, I dumped it after not too long.

Beezy Tarts: Iced Lemon Cookie - Now this one was just amazing! I love a great lemon bakery scent as you all know, and this was just fantastic! I threw in the whole scent shot, and DANG it was strong! Lasted forever too! I'll be trying to get my hands on more for sure! 24 watt hot plate.

Niki's Wax: County Fair - Eh. All I really got from this was cotton candy and it smelled really syrup-y and weird after a few hours. Not really a fan. 24 watt hot plate.

LSC: Strawberry Rock Candy - On cold sniff, this was great! Melting? It was strange. Not a bad scent, but it took on the rock candy scent more and it smelled like sweet fruit, not really strawberry. Wouldn't want more but it was okay. 24 watt hot plate.

LSC: Pink Fruit Lupes - One of my favorite blends of all time from any vendor is pink sugar and fruit loops, and this one is awesome! The pink sugar is the more dominant note, but the blend is great none the less! I'm so glad I have one more scent shot! LOVE! 18 watt hot plate.

HHS: Granma's Amish Zucchini - I think I got this one from Jacqui in our swap. I don't need to get into how amazing the granma's blends are - we all know! I can't wait till I'm ready to start placing large orders again, I'm going to be stocking up on her granma's blends for sure this Fall! Melted in my 24 watt hot plate, it was so amazing! Last all day and into the night. AMAZING.

S&S: Mystery Tart - Another from Jacqui, this smelled mostly like marshmallow with a hint of bakery. Really, really nice scent! Light/medium scent, strong throw. I really enjoyed it. 18 watt hot plate.

S&S: Strawberry Pina Colada - This one was a dud which was such a shock from Shanna for me. I got NOTHING from this unless I had my head directly over the warmer. I swear I 've have this for over two months, so I know it cured. I've never had such a dud from S&S. I shed a tear for this one. 24 watt hot plate.

PP&S: Lemon Meringue Pie - Another amazing lemon bakery scent! This was so strong in my 24 watt hot plate, and I LOVED it! 

Front Porch

Lemon Marshmallow & Cotton Candy Cookies - I melted the other half that I had left from the last time I did a What I've Been Melting. It's amazing, and I wish I had more! So good! If I ever see this blend again, I'm getting more than one! 18 watt hot plate.

Banana Berry Hotcakes - EWWWWWWWWW. EWWWWWWWW. Sorry but this was so gross that I couldn't get it out of my warmer faster. It smelled like vomit to me and I'm sorry to say that. Like I said, EW.

Strawberry Mallow Bread - Up until this scent, I've HATED FP's strawberry. Something about blending it with marshmallow and bread scents makes it mellowed out to the point that I really like it! Melted the bread loaf shape in my 24 watt hot plate, and it was fantastic!

Black Coffee Bread - This was so STRONG! I mean STRONG! And amazing! I love me a good strong coffee scent and this one blew me away- in a good way! I'd love to get more grubbies of this! 18 watt hot plate.

Raspberry Coconut Bread - This was such a light, non existent scent, that I added TBG's Raspberry Hearts to it. 


Ultimate Bear Claw - Oh YES YES YES! I wish I would have had a chance to grab an 8 ounce bag of this during Carol's last reopening, so I'll have to add this to my list next time! What a perfect bakery blend, it lasted forever and ever too! 24 watt hot plate.

Pink Sugared Strawberry - Another one I'll need to add to my wish list. I love pink sugar, and I love Carol's strawberry so what's not to love?! Melted in my 18 watt hot plate, and I couldn't be happier with how strong it was and how it threw! So good! LOVE!

Ultimate Bakery Noel - This was one of those huge grubby heart shapes and I added one half at a time. It was an okay scent, the VBN mellowed it out a bit too much for me. It was still nice though, melted in my 24 watt hot plate.

Jelly Filled Sugar Cookies - I've fallen HARD for Carol's Jelly scents and this one is a home run! Melted in my 14 watt hot plate. I'm so glad I ordered a few bags during her retock!

Hot Chocolate Peppermint - Oh yea. I love a nice chocolate/peppermint blend for bedtime, and so does Jeff so this was really great to fall asleep melting. 18 watt hot plate.

RG: Pink Sugar Marshmallow Smoothie - I've been back on my pink sugar kick lately, so this was a great melt for me! Threw this in my 24 watt hot plate, and DANG it was so good! I love the creaminess added to the pink sugar. 

SMT: Caramel Sticky Buns Latte - I've already reviewed this one before, but it's simply amazing! This little guy is strong for it's size which makes me so impressed! LOVE! 18 watt hot plate.

JMae's: Peppermint - The last time I melted one of these cookies, it was strong as can be! This time around? I got no scent at all. Bummer.

BSF: Wildberry Funnel Cake - Nice and spicy, with a hint of sweetness from the wildberry. YUM! Melted the little donut in my 18 watt hot plate.

Have a great day, ladies!
<3 Dana

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wax storage, polish storage, and perfume collection!

Hello there!

I know this is a late post, but I though this would be so much fun to share! I love seeing other's wax collection/stashes - so I thought it'd be fun to share my mine! I know it's not much at all compared to others, but it's the right size for me so that I don't feel overwhelmed! I dove head first into wax and spent and INSANE amount of my money starting back in February, so it feels nice to enjoy the wax that I have place orders here and there from my favorite vendors! 

I have my drawers set up as the following:

- Pistachio/lavender/peppermint/bedtime blends
- Pink sugar and fruit loop blends
- Banana/apple/pumpkin blends

- Berry's! (strawberry's, blueberry's, blackberry's - you get the drift!)
- All other fruit scents and jelly donut scents
- Misc scents that don't fit into other drawers (tea, candy, drink scents to name a few)

- Bakery scents (the fullest drawer for sure!)
- Lemon and Lime (the other fullest drawer!)
- Serendipity/blue Hawaiian/tropical scents

It's always fun to share how we organize! :) 

While I was at it, I though I'd share with you my polish collection! I was into polish and nail blogging before I knew anything about wax, so this is my first true love! I have all of the polishes I want to make sure I wear before Summer's over on top of my Helmer/Melmer. Lots of corals, yellows, oranges, and pinks. I love Fall so much, but I love me some bright colored digits!

I've never counted how many bottles I have. I'm almost scared to find out. 

I've been crazy over peachy/coral/pink colors this summer. Here are some faves and some I want to wear soon!

Shimmers, jellies, and yellows, Oh my!

Just for the heck of it I threw in a shot of my current perfume collection. I love smelling great, and I switch up what I wear almost every day!

Have a nice night!
<3 Dana