Sunday, June 30, 2013

JLCCW April 2nd order!

Good morning and happy Sunday!

Today I have one of the most exciting orders I've EVER received about two weeks back, my very first JLCCW order AND I was one of the first three to get their April 2nd orders! I was beyond excited, I was one of the first to place their order that morning! I cannot say enough positive things about Jen, her wax, and the love that is clearly poured into each creation that she makes. I love how active she is in her Facebook group page, that she shows pictures of orders as they're done, and the communication that she has. I'm more than happy with my order, I love each and every thine I got, and I can't wait to start melties these beauties! Those of you waiting for your April 2nd orders, I can't wait to see what you got! ;) Here we go! 

Serendipity/Aloha Pineapple/Birthday Cake - Before I get into how AMAZING AS BALLS this smells, I just want to take a moment to rave about how adorable this loaf is!!! This is what I was referring to when I said you can see the love Jen pours into each wax creation. It's stinking BEAUTIFUL! The yellow, purple glitter, rainbow sprinkles, it's just to die for! And it smells DIVINE! I get a perfect balance for all three scents, and they are a match made in heaven! I'll be re-ordering this blend when Jen reopens I think she said around November. It's so far awaaaaaaaay! 

Coconut Bra - This is a popular blend, and I knew I had to check it out! Coconut Bra is a blend of Melonball Fizz and Pina Colada. Another one that smells to DIE FOR! I know now what everyone loves this one! The melonball fizz adds such a great sweetness to the pina colada that is really unique. I love pretty much any melon scent, and this one is tropical and delicious! LOVE!

The Lollipop Guild

Glazed Cinnamon Donut/Zucchini Bread - OMG OMG OMG I cannot express to you how amazing this is other than just completely jumping up and down about it! I'm going to need to get the biggest loaf that Jen offers in this blend once she reopens. The cinnamon is perfect, the blend is spicy but sweet, nice and creamy - just AH-MAZ-INGGGGGGGGG. I could just sit here and smell it on cold sniff all day LOL!

Lavender Vanilla - I've been on the hunt for the perfect lavender vanilla. I've found I don't mind laundry lavender scents, but I do love the herbal ones much more. This is the PERFECT herbal lavender! Another one I'm going to need to order more of when she reopens! It's absolutely perfect. 

Carnival - This is a blend of white cake batter, strawberry crunch, and cotton candy. What a creative blend! Most carnival scents have candy apple and funnel cake in there. This is so sweet and delicious! And unique!

"Dessert"ed Island Cake - Another popular scent I really wanted to try! This is a blend of serendipity, birthday cake, and cupcake. Serendipity is my favorite scent out there, and I LOVE when it's blended with bakery notes! Yet another one I'm going to need to order more of when she reopens shop. I'm telling you, there's not one thing I ordered that I didn't love!

Frosted Lime Cupcakes/Pink Sugar Cookies - First off I must say how adorable these Autism birds nests are! Love it! This is a blend that I was really excited for, and it was funny because in my swap with Jacqui, she sent me a little loaf in these scent! It was fun that I got to melt it before I got in in my order! The frosted lime cupcakes is the dominant note, but you definitely get the pink sugar cookies as well. This scent is strong as heck on cold sniff and when melted. Yum!

Apple Butterscotch Cake (freebie) - I thought it was so awesome that Jen was including a sneak peak product to share with us! I was originally not going to show this in this post as to not ruin the surprise, but I saw so many people showing them on Facebook so I thought what the heck! Jamie's Tiara Cakes are so cute as well! I LOVE her butterscotch cake scent as well, it's seriously drool-worthy! Rich in scent, I love how crisp the apple notes are as well! 

So cute!


Cotton Candy - Who doesn't love a good cotton candy scent? This one is really yum! Most of the time this scent is very light on cold throw, but this was stronger. Great for blending!

Blueberry Cheesecake - This is by far the stronger of the two blueberry scents for sure! I don't get much of the cheesecake in here to be honest since the blueberry is so strong,  but who cares when it smells this good?! Smells like blueberry candy to me!

Blueberry Confetti Cake - This is fantastic! The blueberry is light in this one, but the confetti cake scent adds a creaminess to it. Mouth-watering.

Snuggle Baby - This is the lone thing that I just cannot get on board with. This is a straight up baby powder scent, and since I can't even stand baby powder deodorant, there's no way I could ever melt this one. Sorry Jen!

I hope you all enjoyed and have a great day!
<3 Dana

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Bathing Garden haul #5

Hello again! 

Today I have the very last TBG wax order (I placed a sugar scrub order a week back, I'm in LOVE!) for the summer on my wax ban. I only ordered three clam shells and I got one free. I love Shannon's wax so much, and I have so much I haven't even started to melt one cube of yet! This wax ban really is helping me get through my wax. Here's my teeny order:

Good Morning: Holy crapola! This is by FAR the strongest coffee scent I have in my collection, and trust me I have a lot! SO AMAZING! This scent is actually the reason I chose to place this small order in the first place. I cannot wait to melt this on a Saturday morning!

Marshmallow Frosted Mango Tangerine: I've been desperately trying to find a tangerine/orange scent that I like, and I think this is the one! It's so creamy and sweet, like a dreamcicle. Really nice!

So pretty!

Serendipity Cream Pie: Of course I couldn't not order a clam shell of my favorite TBG scent! I have three clam shells of this scent now LOL! Can't get enough!

Strawberry Cheesecake (freebie): I love this scent so I'm excited that this was my freebie! 

She also included two little baggies of embeds as well, one smells like Honey I Washed The Kids and one smells like raspberry. 

Such beautiful creations!

Have a great day!
<3 Dana

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What I've Been Melting #12

Good afternoon!

Today I'm back to show you what I've been melting lately. I melted quite a bit. We were house/dog sitting for friends who live down the street from us and since they have warmers (Yep, I got her into wax LOL!) I was melting both there and our place. I melted some pretty good stuff this week, let me show you!

TBG: Chocolate White Cake - I melted two cubes in my 20 watt light bulb warmer. This is a pretty light scent, but this amazing buttery bakery note came out that I didn't smell on cold sniff! I think I might get a strong scent and throw in one of my hot plate warmers. 

TBG: Brown Sugar Cinnamon Donuts - I am obsessed with cinnamon donut scents, and this one is GREAT! I need more of this for sure! You get the flaky, lightness of the donut scent with the perfect amount of cinnamon. I melted two cubes in my 18 watt hot plate. Pretty strong!

Scent Appeal: Peppermint Bark - I can't really speak too much to this one since I started melting it and fell asleep right after. Jeff LOVES chocolate peppermint scents so I try to melt them for him. The scent had faded by the time I woke up. I'll melt this again and let you know. :)

Tiffany Candles: VBN Scoopable - I'm trying really hard to love this. It smells AMAZING on cold throw. I love me a good VBN! I've come to the conclusion that I don't like really soft, sticky scoopables. They're annoying to work with for one, and second - the scent isn't strong, it doesn't last long, and it smells like straight up burning oil to me. I've tried melting this in my 20 watt light bulb warmer. I wish I like this more. :(

Heavenleigh Apthecary: Field Of Sweet Dreams - The moment I saw this blend of sugar cookie, lavender, and cocomilk I know I had to have it! I didn't love it as much as I thought I would. I mean it's pretty good, but not nearly as strong as I wanted it to be. Two cubes in my 18 watt hot plate had very light scent and throw. I love how it smells on cold, so I'm going to try it with my 24 watt hot plate.

Scentsationals: Sunlit Meadows - Ladies, I'd like for you to meet my new true love from Scentsationals! THIS IS AMAZING! I normally hate florals, but this one is to die for! It's fresh, clean, (almost soapy but in a great way if that makes sense!) and this is dead-on to a B&BW scent I used to love - I *think* plumeria?! Someone help me if you can! This is so good. There was only one on the shelf, and you better believe I'll be stocking up! Melted two cubes in my 24 watt hot plate, and next time I need to go with one cube. CRAZY strong scent and throw.

BH&G: Butterscotch Maple Cream - I melted two cubes in my 20 watt light bulb warmer and is was a dud. I've heard this scent is a strong one, so I'm going to chalk it up to using the wrong warmer and try melting this again on a hot plate.

Scentsationals: Candy Cane - I've been trying to find a comparable counterpart to my beloved BH&G Frosty Peppermint Snow since I can only find it on eBay for a pretty penny right now. This, however, was a major let down. Melted two cubes in my 18 watt hot plate, got nothing. Threw in a third and got something, but nothing close to FPS. I'll melt the other three just to use them up, but I'll never buy again.

TBG: Serendipity Cream Pie - I don't really need to get into detail about this since I've reviewed it a couple times before. This is my hands down favorite scent  from Shannon, and possibly one of my top five scents EVER! So amazing. Words can't express. I have three clam shells and I feel like I need more! ;P

CFTKR: Snickers Coffee Blends - I'm determined to try each and every coffee blend of Carol's! This is a really nice morning scent, I get more bakery really than coffee but it's still yum! I might like the other coffee scents I have from her better, but this is a good one! Melted in my 18 watt hot plate.

Ollie's: Pistachio Pudding Cake - I'm so sad that this cookie loaf is almost gone! This is sooooooooooo good! I love it. I would reorder if I saw Ayano restock it for sure! Really, really strong in my 24 watt hot plate. LOVE.

S&S: Apple Butter & Caramel - I got this one from Shelby in our swap and since it was dated from December I wanted to hurry up and melt it. I had texted Jeff while I was at work to pick something to throw in the warmer and he picked this one! So cute! This was CRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAZY strong in my 18 watt! Lasted forever, after turned it off and worked a ten hour shift, I could still smell it! SO GOOD! I would reorder this for sure!

CBV: Banana Coconut Cream Pie Scoopable - This smelled great on cold sniff, but on cold it just didn't do it for me. I think it's because of my gripes with sticky scoopables. I cannot wait for Angie to bring back her "shavable" wax LOL! Light scent, light throw. 

SMT: Tin Roof Sundae/ Hot Fudge Sundae - Holy balls this is amazing! I got this from Jacqui in our swap as well, and this blew me away! So amazing! Strong creamy chocolate scent and it threw like crazy through my whole apartment! Strong scent. SO GOOOOOOOOOD! Melted in my 24 watt hot plate.

PP&S: Peppermint Noel - Another from Jacqui LOL! This is a great one, I melted it at bedtime. You get the perfect blend of peppermint and VBN. Melted in my 18 watt. Really relaxing bedtime scent!

S&S: Hazelnut Expresso - I gotta say, I just don't think I'm all that crazy about Shanna's coffee blends. This was okay, but nothing special to me. Really strong though, as we've all come to expect from S&S. 24 watt hot plate.

Happy Little Bee: Caramel Cafe - Smelled like wax. Just wax. DUD.

LSC: Pink Sugar Buns - What a creamy pink sugar and bakery blend! SO GOOD! You get the light fluffiness in this so well! Melted in my 24 watt hot plate. Light scent, but strong throw if you know what I mean. Really yum!

CFTKR: Strawberry Cookie - This is a classic favorite of mine from Carol! Her strawberry blends are to die for, and add her perfect cookie scent for a great blend! Melted in my 24 watt hot plate. So good! 

CFTKR: Tropical Cookie - This is one I nabbed from Jacqui's RR And holy cow this was amazing! I'm going to need this is an 8 ounce bag for SURE! Really strong, lasted on and off for two days. SOOOOOOOOO DANG GOOD!

CFTKR: Watermelon Jolly Rancher - Holy crap this is awesome. Smells just like the candy, nice and strong. If I didn't already have so many watermelon scents I'd order this for sure! In the future I will! 18 watt hot plate.

CFTKR: Fresh Picked Strawberry's - Another classic from Carol that I've reviewed before and an all time favorite! This always sells out within seconds so I'm hoarding my last three strawberry's. AMAZINGGGGGG. Best strawberry scent out there. 18 watt. 

Rosegirls: Strawberry Cereal Killer - This is a great blend, but it's REALLLLY strong on the cereal killer when melted. I ordered a bag and just got it, and that batch is stronger on the strawberry which I love. Really, really strong and lasted over nine hours!

Ollie's: Oreo - Holy ballz this is amazing! If I ever see Ayano list this, I'm all over it! I've melted one other Oreo scent from Beezy and I loved that one too! This was a little sample, but it was nice and strong! Smells just like the real thing. Melted in m 20  watt light bulb warmer. So good.

Ollie's: Keylime Serendipity -  Okay, this straight up blew me away! I need this blend from every single vendor to try! I never knew I would love this blend but I LOVE it! So strong for a little fluted tart. I cannot get over how much I love this. 18 watt hot plate.

Ollie's: Serendipity Noel - Another amazing strong one from Ayano! I love this blend a tad bit more from Carol, but this is still a good one! Melted in my 18 watt hot plate as well.

SMT: Chocolate Raspberry Truffles - This is the one I was most excited for from Jacqui's RR! HOLLLLLLLY crap this is outstanding! I have yet to order from SMT but I'll be ordering the biggest bag they have of this. There's an almost alcoholic note that comes out in this one, but I don't dislike it. Rich in scent and strong in throw! Lasted alllll day!

SGA: Serendipity Crumb Cake - Yep. Another serendipity blend that I'm going to need to start trying from other vendors! (Or order from SGA! I've yet to place an order.) You get the serendipity as the second note, but the main note is a great cinnamon crumb cake scent. Medium scent, medium throw.

HHS: Loopy Ice Cream Cake - I got this in a RR and I threw in both tarts. WOWZA that was a crazy move for me! This was STRONG! Her fruit loops scent is really great, I'll need to check out more blends for sure! Lasted anout 6 hours if I remember correctly.

Yankee: Vineyard - I know Yankee tarts get a bad rap in the wax world, but I love them. I melt them in my Yankee stone tea light warmer with Yankee tealights and I get great results! Jeff liked this one. It's a very sweet grape scent, which I love! So good! Melted in my bathroom. Still melting it now, on and off for a couple days.

TBG: Frosted Vanilla Graham Cracker - How have I gone so long without trying this?! I need to get a few clam shells of this from Shannon when my wax ban is up for sure! So strong when I threw both cubes in my 18 watt hot plate. Threw like mad!

FP: Cotton Candy Bubble Gum - This was a dud as well unfortunately. I know cotton candy can be a light scent, but I didn't get any bubblegum either.

Niki's Wax: Strawberry Monster Marshmallow - This was a nice, light strawberry scent! I melted both little cubes in my 18 watt hot plate. 

FP: Lemon Bread - This was one of those big bread loaves from Angie and DANG this was strong! Lemon Bread is one of my favorite scents from her and I'm so happy I got 2 more 4 packs of grubby's. Melted in my 24 watt hot plate.

Crabby Candle Co.: Adam & Eve - This is a blend of pink and blue sugar and I need more. SO AMAZING! Melted in my 18 watt light bulb warmer. This was so strong and lasted two nights of melting. Jeff said it smelled like waffle cone. Weird. LOL! 

Have a great Tuesday!
<3 Dana

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Niki's Wax haul #2

We meet again!

Today I have an amazing vendor to share once again, Niki's Wax! Tonya as recently become one of my top five vendors out there right now. This is my second order and I was also in her RR recently. I have quite the good amout of her wax now! This order, to no ones fault but my own, was so frustrating. I'm a new manager at my work, and her Etsy shop restocked while I was at work - which is fine, but everything seemed to wrong right when I was trying to order. I kept getting pulled away, and as a result two more scoopables that I wanted BADLY got bought out of my cart. WHICH brings me to to gripes that I have. First off - that's one thing I hate about Etsy. I think if something's in your cart, it should hold for a half hour or whatever, like Carol's site does. Second, there was someone I saw who was about to order six of the twelve scoopables that Tonya made. That's really unfair when there's a small amount available, I think there should have been a limit. Never the less, I got really upset and didn't end up placing the large order I had originally planned. Which was a shame since it was one of the only orders I could place while on my wax ban. 

END VENT. Sorry. :P Here's what I did snag!

Butterbeer: As a Harry Potter fanatic, I knew I had to nab these two! Butterbeer is a blend of buttercream vanilla, butter, rum, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Really, smooth, creamy, and YUM! 

Every Flavor Beans: This is probably my favorite of my order! Smells just like a freshly opened bag of the most amazing jelly beans in the world. STROOOOOOONG, too! I cannot express how amazing this one smells. No wonder this was the first bag of tarts to sell out in her shop!

Green Apple Wow!: This is a hands down favorite of mine from Tonya, and even though I already have a twin pack of these chunks I knew I needed more so I ask her to make this again. ;) This is a blend of blue cotton candy and green apple for the chunks and vanilla overpour. Simply amazing.

Smells The Rainbow: This is such a unique idea! The overpour is vanilla, and each chunk is a different scent and color! Here's the fruity scents: strawberry, satsuma, lemon, lime, blueberry, and grape. So cool!

Close ups of these beautiful creations!

Lavender Peppermint Scoopable: This is the lone scoopable that wasn't stolen out of my cart. It's pretty awesome though, so I'm glad I love the only one I got! I enjoy Tonya's lavender and blended with peppermint. this is a perfect bedtime blend! I can't wait for this one to cure! 

Her scoopable wax is so nice and soft!


Bahama Fizz: A really great tropical scent, and really pretty little square tarts! I got a tropical coconut note, with pineapple and other fruit notes. This is one great summer scent!

Blackberry Fizz: I've found that I really enjoy blackberry scents, and this one is really nice! Really perfect, sweet, yet tart blend that is really awesome! I'll need to order this in the future!

Strawberry Margarita: Who wouldn't love this scent?! I love everything strawberry, and this is a home run from Tonya! Smells exactly like a strawberry margarita, indeed!

Anyone else order?
<3 Dana

Friday, June 21, 2013

My last Front Porch haul(s) of the Summer!

Good morning!

This is a bittersweet post for me. I love my Front Porch so much. In my short time as a wax addict, I don't think there's ever been a moment where I didn't have at least one four pack of grubbies from Front Porch on its way. Alas, my wax ban has commenced, and I don't have anything else coming from Angie. :( Wax bans are ridiculously hard. After today (I'm getting my RG & CFTKR orders today) I only have Pic, Petals, & Scents I'm waiting on. It's going to be so sad to not get any wax mail until my ban is up August first. The one thing I have to look forward to is my July order from RG, I allowed myself that order in my ban and it's going to be my biggest order EVER! Here's what I've ordered - 

Serendipity & Pink Coconut Cream: I was really excited about this blend, but I just saw in Jacqui's YouTube video that the pink coconut cream scent has light to no throw and it mellows out the whole scent. This smells so amazing on cold sniff that I hope this just isn't the case!

Lemon Noel & Pink Grapefruit: You get the pink grapefruit as the predominant note in this one (and it's STRONG!) and it's really great! I think this is my first and only grapefruit scent. The lemon noel is in the background, but I get mostly grapefruit. Really fresh, tart scent.

Amish Friendship Bread: This is an amazing, soothing bakery scent that I just adore. I'm pretty mad that I only got one four pack, but that's okay. A perfect scent. I will always have this is my stash. PERFECT.

Black Raspberry Coffee Cake: I've been positively addicted to coffee scents lately. ADDICTED. This one is really, really great with the raspberry in there! OMG I love this one! I'm going to be re-ordering more of this in the future for sure!

Black Coffee Bread: OMG this one is so, so strong! AMAZING! For me, the stronger the coffee scent, that better. Another I'll be ordering again for sure!

Rainbow Sherbet (x2): The moment I read the description on this one, I knw I had to order two packs. This is a blend of orange, black raspberry, lemon, pineapple, and ice cream. SO GOOD. I'll be melting this very, very soon!

Lemon Bread (x2): This is an absolute favorite scent of mine from Angie EVER. I love her Amish Friendship Bread, and I love her lemon. Together they make a match made in wax Heaven! I got this in a lemon sampler when I first got into wax and fell in love. I got a loaf tart in a RR and had been hoarding it until I got more. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Have a great morning!
<3 Dana

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CFTKR haul #7

Hello again!

Today I have my highly anticipated order from Carol's last reopening! I had plotted this order for a while, and I even placed a teeny second order for ones that I missed. I love Carol's wax so much, she has been and will always be one of my favorite vendors out there! I didn't get everything I wanted, I still have a big wish list for my next order, but I love what I ordered and I'm grateful that I got some of the amazing things I did! Here we go!

Coconut Strawberry Cake: A favorite from this order for SURE! I love pretty much any strawberry scent from Carol. Her strawberry blends are to die for and this one is no exception! So amazing, people! You get her perfect strawberry blended with the perfect amount of coconut cake. Seriously amazing! 

Pistachio Ice Cream: This one is really light on cold throw, but Carol's wax is parafin so I'm not going to go jumping to conclusions here. I have tarts from her that are the same way, and they melt just fine. I've been crazy into pistachio scents lately. 

Blue Hawaiian: IT'S FINALLY MIIIIIIIIINE! I've been obsessed with blue Hawaiian scents lately, and I had been hoarding my sampled for this for months. I finally scored a bag! It has been instantly sold out the last three times I ordered, so I was ecstatic! So amazing, and a cult classic for wax lovers.

Snickers Coffee Blend: I've heard amazing things about Carol's coffee blends, so I knew I had to try some. This is a great snickers coffee blend indeed! Nutty and smooth coffee scent. 

Coffee Ice Cream: Another favorite of this order! This is PERFECT! You get the strong coffee scent that I love (a true coffee scent if you know what I mean!) blended with the creaminess of ice cream. Drool worthy! I can see myself reordering this again and again and again!

Iced Sugar Cookie: I adore Carol's cookie scents, so I really wanted to try this one! Nice, creamy sugar cookie scent that I really enjoy. Really good!

Serendipity Noel: This is one of my favorite serendipity blends of Carol! Which is saying a lot since I really do love them all! I had been waiting to score a big bag of this and I'm so happy I did! Serendipity and VBN are a match made in Heaven! If you don't have this one yet, you NEED it!

Jelly Filled Sugar Cookie (freebie): This just jumped onto my "MUST ORDER WITH OUT A DOUBT" wish list for my next order. This is awesome! You get Carol's famous sugar cookie blended with jelly fruit filling. I get almost a wildberry mouse scent? In love. I'll be hoarding this till I get more for sure!

Country Chic (freebie): This is a B&BW type, but I'm just not feeling it. A bit too perfume-y for my nose. I'll pass this along though, I'm sure someone else with love this one.

Pink Fruity & Bright Type (freebie): I'm not sure what this is a dupe of, but I'm unsure of this one as well due to it's perfume-y note. I think I'll pass this one on as well.

Banana Split (freebie): I have Banana Split from FP and I love it, so I was excited to see this one in there! Really yummy banana blend! 

Watermelon Jolly Rancher (freebie): I mean, come on, who doesn't love a good Jolly Rancher scent?! Make is watermelon and I'm sold. Mouth watering and GREAT!

Lemon Lime (freebie): Can't go wrong with these two blended together. Almost a clean lemon/lime scent?

Hawaiian Rainbow Cake (freebie): I almost ordered this one in this order. This one is pretty nice, but I wouldn't say I love it on cold throw. Good, just don't love. I'm excited to melt this though to see what I think!

Banana Berry Crush (freebie): Another awesome sample, this is a blend dominant in banana. You get a hint of berry in there, but mostly banana. A candy banana! Really great!

Cherry Marshmallow Crumble Cake (freebie): I'm not big into cherry scents, so I sent this is someone who really loves them! 

I'll be back soon with my little follow-up order!
<3 Dana

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Scholarly Nail's Round Robin!

Good Morning!

When my great friend Jacqui said she was have a TOP 10 RR, at first I declined since I was already doing a few RR's. The moment I did so I had major regrets and kicked myself. Lucky for me, someone had to back out and Jacqui reopened the invitation to me! I hastily said yes, and I'm so glad I did! It was a great box full of scents I'd wanted to try and I got to smell so much great wax! (And add some to my RG wish list! :p) Here's what I picked out of the box! 

LSC: Tangerine Peach Ice Tea - I love tea scents but I've learned that I am extremely picky with them. This one, however, is really great! I smell the ice tea in there so distinctly and the fresh peach scent adds such freshness! 

LSC: Carnival Cakes - This is a really light scent, but I really like it! I get mostly cotton candy in here and a little less of the cake and marshmallow notes but it's really nice! 

S&S Pink Serendipity Love Spell - I pretty much jumped for joy when I found this in the box. Three of my favorite scents in one?! I have never seen pink sugar, serendipity, and love spell all blended together before! This is seriously amazing. I wish Shannon was still doing custom blends. :(

LSC: Cinnamon Sugar Donut - I love cinnamon donut scents, and this was is AMMMMMMMMMMMAZING!!!!! I'm ordering at least three or four more in my next LSC order when they reopen! I get the distinct donut scent, the powered sugar, the cinnamon. It's freaking fantastic and to die for. I'm in love, people.

LSC: Strawberry Rock Candy - I have a couple of their rock candy scents, and I think I really, really like them! This one is pretty great! The strawberry added with their rock candy reminds me of one of those frozen fruit bars with the real fruit inside that you can buy next to the Popsicle at the grocery store. Yummy!

RG: Blue Hawaiian Smoothie - I've been really into Blue Hawaiian scents lately! This one just PERFECTION with a marshmallow smoothie scent! I'm going to be hopefully snagging a bag of this in my next order for sure! 

RG: Cotton Candy Smoothie - This is another blend that I loved! This is cotton candy with their marshmallow smoothie scent. Really sweet scent! Can't wait to melt this one!

RG: Escape To Neverland - I have no idea what exactly in this blend and it's hard to pick out the exact fruit notes! I get citrus for sure, and perhaps some berries in there as well? This is really great!

RG: Serendipity Orange Chiffon Cuppa Cake -  I was really excited to see one of their triple threat chunks in the box, and this one is a fantastic blend! I need to try more blends of orange with serendipity. I cannot WAIT to melt this one!

CFTKR: Ultimate Bear Claw - I've smelled Carol's bear claw scent before and it was really nice, but Ultimate Bear Claw is just fantastic! I cannot wait to melt this one, although I'm more than likely going to me hoarding this one until I get this in an order. ;)

CFTKR: Tropical Cookie - Another one that I'll need to order a big bag of from Carol. I get a blue Hawaiian note with sugar cookies? AMAZING!

CFTKR: Strawberry Dew - I was so excited that I got to snag another tart of this fun strawberry Mountain Dew blend since I couldn't get a bag when I last ordered. I love the fresh, fizzy note blended with Carol's amazing strawberry scent! 

SMT: Lemon Bread - If you know me, than you know how much I love lemon bread scents! I couldn't resist this adorable little toast shape, either! YUM!

SMT: Chocolate Raspberry Truffles - I'm pretty sure the moment I saw this one I jumped for joy like a little kid! Every since I read Jacqui's review on this blend I was crying myself to sleep knowing that I not only have been able order from SMT since I got into wax, but I don't know when I'll be able to. :/ This is flipping amazing, fantastic, and phenomenal all rolled up into one. Some day I'm going to need the biggest bag they sell of this! 

SGA: Caramel Butter Cookie - I haven't ordered from this vendor yet, so I was pumped to be able to snag two chunks from them! The name pretty much nails the scent on this, it has a buttery note to it for sure, but it's not too much for me as some buttery bakery notes can be. Really, really nice!

SGA: Serendipity Crumb Cake - Holy balls this is great! I have never had a blend of serendipity with a bakery note yet so not only am I excited to melt this one, but I can't wait to try this blend from any vendor, really! GENIUS! 

Victoria's Designer Creations: Cinnamon & Sugar Donuts - I only have a couple things from VDC, and since I don't think I'll ever order from her (I've heard issues about her TAT and performance.) or if I do I'll want to melt a few more things first. I love cinnamon donut scents and this one is pretty nice! It's adorable too! Too cute!

TBG: Mad Hatter's Tea Party - This is a really great and calming mint tea scent! Really, really great! Cannot wait to melt this one, nighttime melt for sure!

TBG: Secret Garden - I have no idea what's in this scent but I'm in love with it! Mint? Green apple maybe? LOL I'm not too good at this! :D Please someone tell me if they know - I'm sure I'm way off!

TBG: Parisian Strawberry Fields - Another one I jumped for joy for when I saw it in the box! I am obsessed with strawberry scents and this one is really strong! Smells like strawberry candy! Cannot WAIT to melt this one! 

TBG: Frosted Vanilla Graham Cracker - Wow, this one is great! I love graham cracker scents and this one is really strong for what it is! This was the first thing I melted out of what I took out of the box. SO strong indeed!

I hope you have a great week!
<3 Dana

Monday, June 17, 2013

Crabby Candle Co/Dutch Candle Co Round Robin

Hello again!

Today I have another vendor RR to share, and this time it was hosted by John, the owner of Crabby Candle Co/Dutch Candle Co. There were I think 5 or 6 boxes going around between about eighteen girls, and I was first up for box #3! I don't show my put backs for RR's since it's done and over, so let's take a took at what I took out, shall we? *Note: Jeff has been getting into wax more lately, and helped pick out some of these. I'll let you know which ones are his :P*

1 ounce scent shots

Citrus Bubblegum: A really unique blend, I've never seen this from any other vendor! It smells so sweet and awesome, I get the realistic bubblegum scent in there along with a nice citrus note. Really fun!

Blue Lime: I mostly get a crazy strong, almost sickeningly sweet lime note in here, but not much of anything else. I wonder if the blue is supposed to be blue sugar? I was intrigued so I had to snag this one.

Pink Peppermint: I didn't avoid snagging the classic go-to scents either. This one is pretty self explanatory. 

Sweet Potato Pie: This is a Jeff pick! This is my first sweet potato pie scent, and I love it! A spicy, sweet bakery scent. Really, really yum!  I can't wait to melt this one!

Lime Bubblegum: Another really unique bubblegum blend I'd never smelled before! Really nice and strong. I love getting introduced to blends that are new to your nose!

Bailey's In Bed: Another Jeff pick! This not only smells like Bailey's Irish creme, but it also smells like a nice, sweet coffee scent as well. This will be a great morning melt!

Raspberry Lemonade: This is one scent I didn't get a chance to snag during Carol's reopening, so I'm happy to have a chance to try it out now! Really tart, fresh, and citrus-y. Yum!

Apple & Clover: I really like apple scents, and this one is really nice! There were a lot of apple scents in the box, so I thought I'd take one.

Serendipity: This is an absolute favorite scent EVER for me, so this was a no brainer! John's serendipity scent is really, really nice!

2 ounce scent shots

Hello, Sugar!: I was really, really excited that this was in the box! I got this as a sample from Carol a while back and fell in love. A nice, sugary lemon scent. Almost clean, mostly bakery. YUM!

Blueberry Cheesecake: This was a Jeff pic! John's blueberry cheesecake is crazy good, crazy strong, and nice and creamy! Bonus? I LOVE the tie dye look to the scent shot!

Fruity Rings: Nothing special to this scent, but you know me and fruit loops scents! I can't get enough! 

Pink Lemon Squares: This is hands down my favorite scent from John, so I was banking it all on there being a 2 ounce scent shot in there! Thank goodness there was! This scent is so perfect and so strong. LOOOOOOVE.

Little Squares

Day At The Spa: I took this box out of the mail with a gift in mind, these clean spa scents aren't really my thing at all.

Adam & Eve: I'm learning that I actually really like blue sugar scents! This is a GREAT blend of pink and blue sugar. LOVE! I need more of these blends for SURE!

Fruity Skittles: John's Skittles scents is simply amazing, it smells just like a freshly opened bag of the famous candy. This one is really, really great!

Apple Mango Tango: Another Jeff pic! I have a sample of this Gain scent from Carol as well and I really enjoy it! Very strong on cold!

Blue Sugar: I need more blue sugar in my life. Plain and simple!

Have a great day!
<3 Dana

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What I've Been Melting #11

Hey there, everyone!

Today is my "get caught up on blogging, reading blogs, and watching my wax-y YouTube videos" day! My fiance had surgery yesterday (his gall bladder removed) so while he chills at home to rest, as will I! I've been melting a pretty good amount, which is great since I'm trying to get through a good chunk of my stash during this summer while on my wax ban. (I've almost failed a hundred times and I definitely caved and entered the raffles on FB for RG & SMT lots. I never win anything, so I'm sure I won't break my wax ban.) Here's what I melted the last week!

Lil' Kitchen Candles: Frosted Blueberry Biscuits - I'm sad to start melting my LKC since they're out of business, but I don't want the wax to go bad! This is the most unique blueberry scent I've ever smelled! It has a power-y sugar note to it as Jacqui put once, and a tart candy note in there as well. I like it a lot, but Jeff HATES it. I'll just melt it when he's not around. :P Melted three adorable little Hello Kitty shapes in my 18 watt hot plate, it was pretty strong and had a solid medium throw. 

CFTKR: Glazed Donuts - Such a favorite of mine! I've reviewed it before so I won't get into much detail other than to say this is such a light, relaxing scent to me!

Lasting Scent Candles: Vanilla Voo Doo - Jeff's parents stayed with us last weekend, and since his mom loves vanilla scents (I bought her a warmer and wax for Christmas - now she's addicted!) This is a really light, herbal vanilla and it was surprisingly strong in my 20 watt light bulb warmer. Lasted all day!

Niki's Wax: Lavender Coconut Milk - I got this in Tonya's RR and I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this one at first? Her lavender is a REALLY strong laundry lavender, which I normally don't like. To my shock, I think I have discovered I like lavender laundry scents! Heck, I love FP's lavender! It only melted one little square it was so strong I had to turn it off and open my bedroom door LOL! This isn't so much of a bedtime scent for me, as a cleaning day scent. I'll need to pick up CFTKR's Lavender Laundry scent sometime!

Kissing Booth: After Church: The Little Ones - *sigh* I'm so up and down with KB. I love some, and I'm "eh" about others. This is one that I had such high hopes for! The concept behind this is so cool, but I agree with Jesse on one of her YouTube videos, I wish the bottom were the fruit punch and I wish the top was the graham cracker. I melted two cubes in my 18 watt hot plate and got really almost nothing. Light scent, light throw. I really want this one to work! I'm going to try it in my 24 watt next time. 

Kims: Pink Sugar - Well, Kims - I was totally shocked by this one - I LOVED this scent! I melted two tarts in my 18 watt hot plate. It was crazy strong, I love her pink sugar scent, and it lasted FOREVER! On and off for two days! I was so shocked! I'm going to have to melt more of my Kims and see if they are great as well! I think I was melting them in my bulb warmers before, but now I really like them in my tea-light & hot plates. Color me impressed!

SMT: Campfire Treats - This is Jeff's most favorite scent I've never melted in front of him before. This time I melted the other half of my HUGE chunk from Jacqui, and both times he literally sticks his face in the warmer cause he loves it so much! This is a blend of chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow. SO STRONG! I don't know when SMT is opening again, but I'll tell you what, I'm getting as much as I can afford! Lasted about two days on and off in my 24 watt hot plate. 

Sugar Pie Scents: Key Lime Pie - LOOOOOOOOOVE this one! OMG, one of the best KLP scents I've come across yet! This is a new to me vendor, and I picked this up in a RR. So strong, lasted for the whole night, and I'm sp impressed. Once my wax ban is over, it's time to order from Sugar Pie Scents! 18 watt hot plate. 

CFTKR: Blue Hawaiian - I finally scored a bag from my last order, which meant I could finally melt the sampled I've been hoarding! I LOVE Blue Hawaiian scents, and this cult classic is so awesome! Didn't last quite as long as I'd wanted, but I loved it and it strong. 

CFTKR: Iced Sugar Cookies - I absolutely adore Carol's cookie scents. I've been plotting my next order (I have a wish list going although I'm on a wax ban till August LOL!) This one was really nice, a little light than other cookie scents I've melted, but really great. Melted in my 24 watt.

B&BW: Coconut Leaves - So I've decided two things: a) I'm done buying candles. They are nothing to me compared to tarts & warmers. (Although I'm not ruling out B&BW's 3 wicks.) & b) I'm not going to show any candles until I melt them all the way. These little mini ones suck pretty bad to me, so I'm trying to get through them. I melted this is my bathroom. Light coconut scent. 

White Barn: Frosted Cupcake - This is another one that was just okay. I melted this in my kitchen and it had really light throw and a really, really smoky smell to it. 

B&BW: Twisted Peppermint - Now this one wasn't such a disappointment! I love peppermint and candy cane scents and this has always been a favorite. This actually filled my bathroom and I was really happy with it. I love the lotion and body products for this as well!

iheartwax: Banana Bubblegum - This was a really, really gorgeous yellow & pink chunk with glitters that I took out of a RR. THIS WAS FLIPPIN AMAZING! Soooooooo strong, and it lasted FOREVER! I get a tab more bubblegum than banana, bit it's perfect. I'll be ordering this from Audra next time I place an order for sure!

Closet Full Of Wax: Amish Friendship Bread - This is another I got from a RR. Like any new(er) vendors, they only get better with age! Michele's wax is amazing now, but some of her newer wax had really no throw or scent. I threw in both tarts and got really nothing but a faint coffee scent? 

Rose Girls: Vanilla Streusel Coffee Cake - Oh my goodness I'm in love. I only have I think two chunks left and I'll be hoarding them until I order another bag in July. I love RG's vanilla/VBN scents, and this is just fantastic! You get the creamy vanilla and the cinnamon bakery notes perfectly in here. Home run! Melted in my 24 watt hot plate and it lasted all night!

HHS: Granma's Toasted Amish - I had heard so many great things about HHS's gramna blends (they call them crack! LOL!) and now I know why! This is mouth watering! I melted two cinnamon roll shapes in my 24 watt hot plate, and these little bad boys were strong! Lasted all day and even into the next. Awesome.

Kissing Booth: Spumoni - Holy ballz this is another amazing one! This was a tiny little sample from Kelsey, and dang this thing was strong! This is a blend of pistachio, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream. I don't know if I'll be placing another KB order anytime soon, but if I did I'd want this one for sure!

Tiffany Candles: Butterscotch Drizzle - I'm sorry, but this was DISGUSTING. I mean BAD. This is her old wax, I got it in a destash. I threw it in my warmer while Jeff's parents were visiting and I think his mom just about puked. Dumped it before the tart could even melt all the way. 

S&S: Snickerdoodle Latte - This was a nice cinnamon bakery scent, but I didn't get much of a coffee/latte note to it. Still really yum, I melted it in the morning! Lasted all threw the day. I love S&S, I wish her wax was easier to obtain! 24 watt hot plate.

RG: Royal Sugar Cookie Noel - Holy cow this was so GOOD! This was a teeny lil chunk from a sampler and it was so strong! So creamy, the cookie note is so dominant! I'm so getting a bag of this when they reopen in July! SO GOOD. Melted in my 24 watt hot plate.

Closet Full Of Wax: Pumpkin Crunch Pie - I melted one of her cute lil teddy bears and I got really nice results with this.A really good spicy pumpkin scent. Lasted maybe three-four hours in my 18 watt hot plate.

Dutch Candle Co: Pink Peppermint - This one fell pretty flat for me. Pretty generic scent honestly, and I didn't get much from it. It was a light scent. Melted in my 18 watt.

Crabby Candle Co: Apple Mango Tango - Holy crapola now THIS one was crazy strong! The little square wasn't even melted all the way and the scent was pouring from my bedroom. I love takes on this Gain laundry scent, and this is a great one. 18 watt hot plate. 

Heavenleigh Apothecary: Strawberry Blackberry Bread - OOOMMMGGG! This one is almost too amazing for words. Two little bread pieces, melted together the filled my entire apartment! I'm devastated that I'm on a wax ban, cause I want need this in bulk. MASS BULK. Lasted forever, was strong, was a phenomenal scent. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE.

TBG: Faerie Bonfire - This is one from Shannon that I'd been dying to try, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw this in a RR! This is a blend of leaves, vanilla, sandalwood, and brown sugar. AKA a great scent for fall! I melted this and enjoyed it, but it just didn't fit with the hot weather. I'll be saving this for the fall. Melted one cube in my 18 watt hot plate.

CFTKR: Peppermint Bark - This one is pretty self explanatory. Jeff loves chocolate peppermint scents and dang this one was STRONG! Melted in my 18 watt hot plate.

Have a great weekend!
<3 Dana