Wednesday, July 31, 2013

iheartwax haul #2

Hello ladies! 

Long time no see! I've been so crazy busy with work and wedding planning that I just don't have the time I used to for blogging. Not to mention, I just haven't really been buying any wax at all. A few small orders here and there, but that's about it. Today I have my iheartwax order to share. This order was a bit of a frustration to me to be honest. I love Audra, she's very sweet, and her wax is amazing, but I did have a hiccup. My order arrived drenched in oil. Nothing melted, it was all completely intact, but my clam shell got all over everything. No biggie she said, she would replace them no question asked. That's great, but it took her over a month and a half to replace them. I'm grateful she did, but I didn't appreciate the wait. Anyhoo, here's my order and it all smells AMAZING!

Strawberry Serendipity cookie: This is a favorite scent of mine from any vendor, and this one is nice and strong! YUM!

Serendipity Bubblegum grubbies: This is a repurchase from Audra and a favorite scent from her! SO STRONG and so amazing! I got this same blend from FP once and it did not compare! LOVE!

Pink Vanilla Mint grubbies: This just sounded like a perfect bedtime scent and I couldn't pass it up! I've melted this before, and it's really, really nice! Not as strong as I'd like really, but it's still really good!

Wildberry Mouse scent shot: When I first got into wax, I couldn't STAND this scent! Something about it just hit my nose wrong. Now? I can't get enough! Funny how our nose changes! 

Bubblegum scent shot: I love bubblegum scents and this one is nice and strong! This is the first bubblegum scent I've had that was bubblegum all by itself. 

Crunch Berry Crisp scent shot: Who DOESN'T love them a good crunch berry crisp scent?! This one is really great!

Serendipity Marshmallow (freebie): Another great serendipity blend, and I really enjoy this one.

Strawberry Marshmallow Bread (freebie): Um, you'll have to excuse how the broken state of this chunk. USPS dropped kicked this box evidently. THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING! I need like a loaf or pie or something in this. It's to die for. I'll be hoarding this chunk for sure.

Pink Fruit Loops cookie: This is a pretty basic blend, but one that I love and always try to keep around. It's so good! Nice and strong.

Pistachio Fluff extra large clam shell: I love me a good pistachio scent, and I'd heard in her Facebook group page that hers is STRONG! I cannot wait to melt this, it smells nice and creamy on cold sniff. 

Have a great Wednesday, ladies!
<3 Dana

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rosegirls haul #2

Hello again there!

Today I have my collective haul #2 for Rosegirls to share with you! I say collective because I ordered the bags on my own and Jacqui and I split two pies, which she sent to me recently. I cannot wait for them to reopen, I think I'm getting another sampler this time around and a couple of bags as well. Their wax is so addictive and I love seeing everyone's blends that they come up with! Here's what I got!

Serendipity Swizzle Sticks - These are such pretty chunks, I love em! Serendipity is probable one of my top three scents EVER, so I knew I wanted to get a whole bag of this one! So good, I love their serendipity. 

Sunny Days - A STRONG blend of strawberry and satsuma, I LOVE this one! Such a perfect summery fruit blend! I got gotten a chunk in my sampler and fell in love. I think the name fits this one perfectly. ;)

Strawberry Cereal Killer - I couldn't go wrong with this blend - I love strawberry and I love fruit loops (cereal killer)! I will say that this is very different from the chunk I had had a sample of. The one I had was more cereal killer and this one is more strawberry. Funny thing is, I think I like this version better!

Onto my very first pies!

Strawberry Jam, Sweet Lemon Confection, & Monster Cookie - Oh yea, this is freaking awesome! When Jacqui sent me my halves I couldn't stop sniffing this one LOL! Such a fresh bakery scent with the strawberry and lemon together. Reminds me of strawberry lemonade and cookies for a picnic! I'm so glad this is the blend we landed on, it's great!

Wackadoodle - This is a RG custom blend of Monster Cookie and Royal Sugar Cookies. Nothing beats a great cookie/bakery scent! I think this will be perfect for both blending and melting it on it's own! 

Circus Concession (freebie) - Who can go wrong with these kinds of scents?! I think this is your typical blend of cotton candy, candy apple, and funnel cake? I might be missing something or adding something that's not really in there LOL! This must be a new blend, I don't see the scent description on their Facebook page. Either way, it's great. 

Sandra Dee (freebie) - I was so happy to see this one in there since I almost ordered a bag! This is a blend of peaches and strawberry and it's so fresh and yummy! I'll be hoarding this one to melt for sure!

Now I never win anything or get chosen for anything. EVER. So when Jenny messaged me on Facebook that they were choosing random orders to include new tester scents in and they had chosen my order, I did a happy dance! I cannot wait to start melting these bad boys!

Ice Cream Scoop Bread - Was probably the most excited about this one! THIS SMELLS SO GOOOOOOOOOD! I love this scent in general, and their's is just really, really great!

Pistachio Dream Cake - I can never  get enough pistachio scents so this is more than welcome in my wax collection! Really nice and smooth, I'll enjoy melting this one!

Blonde Moment - This scent became a favorite of mine from any vendor this summer, so more is always welcome! This one is nice and strong!

Berry Flirt - This is a lighter berry scent, but it's nice. Don't say I love it, but you never know until you melt it!

Have a great day, all!
<3 Dana

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What I've Been Melting #14

Hello there! 

I hope you're all having a great week! My parents are coming to visit me here in Virginia Beach from Cleveland this Sunday so I couldn't be more excited! I am so close to my family, so living ten hours away from them can be really tough sometimes. It's great beach weather here so I know they'll really enjoy themselves! I haven't posted What I've Been Melting in a while, so grab a snack, I have a lot to share!

Tiffany Candles: Cheesecake - On cold sniff this was a really great, creamy scent and it was true to that when melting too! This is the old wax, which I actually seem to like more. I added one cube of BH&G Wildberry Cheesecake and the combo was so amazing! 18 watt hot plate.

Kissing Booth: Slow Your Roll - I know I've reviewed this before and raved about it before, so I'll just say again that this is my FAVORITE bedtime scent. 18 watt hot plate.

Front Porch: Cookies & Cupcakes - I normally love all bakery scents from Angie, but this one was a dud to me. Very light, bland bakery scent on it's own. I won't give up on this quite yet though, I think it'll be a great blender. 20 watt light bulb warmer.

CFTKR: Italian Cookie Pie - I had been wanting to try this one for so long and it was worth the wait! A nice, flaky pastry bakery scent with the perfect amount of crunch in the scent. I love this one and I'm so glad I have an 8 ounce bag. 24 watt hot plate.

Ollie's Soaps: Caramel Apple - As amazing as this scent is, I'm feeling burned out on caramel apple/ apple bakery scents right now. I love green apple scents at the moment, but these types of scents are just not my thing at the moment! You know how our noses constantly change! 18 watt hot plate.

iheartwax: Pink Vanilla Mint - This is just as it sounds and it's GOOD! I melted one of Audra'a grubby tarts in my 18 watt hot plate and it was perfect for bedtime! Nice and strong, it was still lingering when I woke up. LOVE!

iheartwax: Serendipity Bubblegum - My all-time favorite scent from Audra. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO strong! Lasts forever! The most harmonious blend - neither overpowers the other. I know I've reviewed this before, so I'll let the raving rest. AMAZING. 24 watt hot plate.

BH&G: Wild Berry Cheesecake - There will never be a time that I don't have this on hand - it's so good and a perfect blender! (Blended with Tiffany's Cheesecake) 

BH&G: Tropical Pina Colada - I've been trying realy hard to get into more tropical scents this summer but I'm just not there yet. Melted one cube in my 20 watt light bulb warmer and it was nice and strong! I normally love pineapple scents, I don't know what's up with my nose.

Front Porch: Lemon Bread - One of my favorite scents from Angie, it just never gets old! In fact I pretty much love all of her bread scents! 20 watt light bulb warmer. I'm so glad I have so many back-ups of these!

Front Porch (chunk muffin) Lemon Marshmallow & Cotton Candy Cookies - Oh holy hell, I need one of those big chunky loafs she has now in this blend! It's so strong and so mouth watering! Angie makes some of my favorite lemon scents, and this one blew me out of the water! You get mostly lemon marshmallow, but the cotton candy bakery adds the perfect sweetness. Melted about half of the chunky muffin my 24 watt hot plate.

CFTKR: Lemon Summer Cake - Can you tell I've been on a lemon kick lately? Another great lemon scent from Carol, who has my other favorite line of lemon bakery! An almost crisp lemon to this one. Really nice! 24 watt hot plate. 

CFTKR: Coconut Caramel Crunch Cake - One tart? Nothing in my 24 watt hot plate. Two tarts? BLEW. ME. AWAY. So strong! Not sure how much I love this scent, but it was nice for what it was - a sweet coconut bakery scent. 

Niki's Wax: Strawberry Vanilla Cookie - I melted about half of a chunky muffin in my 18 watt hot plate and I really didn't get much at all. I think the vanilla cookie was a such a light scent and there wasn't enough strawberry. I love it on cold sniff, so I'm going to try again with a different warmer!

CFTKR: Fresh Picked Strawberry's -  We call know how amazing this scent is and I've reviewed it quite a bit - so let's just assume it's as amazing as always, shall we? ;) 24 watt hot plate.

The Bathing Garden: Chic Summer - Good God this is just perfection! I can't rememeber all of what's in here, but all I get is a blend of berry goodness! So fresh, so juicy, SUCH a perfect fruity scent. I'll be ordering this is multiple clam shells in the future. 18 watt hot plate.

SGA: Gummy Bear Birthday - Seriously, doesn't just the sound of this blend seem like so much fun? I melted two fluted tarts in my 24 watt hot plate, and I gotta say I wish it had been stronger. You get the candy sweetness along with the bakery, just not as strong as I'd hoped for. 

Lemon Marshmallow Serendipity Bread - I was really sad with this one. First off, it wasn't soft AT ALL anymore, and I had to slice it, not scoop it. I was foolish though and still tried melting it in my 20 watt light bulb warmer. I'll review this again once I can get some scent from the right warmer.

BLEND: FP Amish Friendship Bread & Scentsationals Coffee Cake Swirl - HOLY BALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZ this is the most amazing thing I've ever blended in my LIFE! I am obsessed with both of these scents, and together they morph into the beautiful, spicy, bready, buttery, bakery scent that made me almost cry when the scent faded. Even Jeff came home from work was said our apartment smelled amazing! YOU ALL MUST TRY THIS NOW!

 BLEND: SMT Butter Cookie & Scentsationals Strawberries & Cream - This was a simple blend and it did exactly what I wanted it to - smell just like a strawberry cookie! 18 watt hot plate. 

Scent Appeal: Peppermint Bark - Chocolate Peppermint scents are a weakness for me and Jeff at bedtime, and I enjoyed melted the last two cubes I had in my 18 watt hot plate. 

Heavenleigh Apothecary: Country Berry Corn Cakes - This scent just did not work for me. I don't like the corn note AT ALL, and it made the whole thing smell sour to my nose. Bleck. I melted all four little mini butterflies in my 24 watt hot plate. 

RG: Monster Cookie Noel - I'm trying really hard to like this one, I really, really am. On cold throw it's awesome, but I think the VBN mellowed this out way to much and this is my second time melting this and getting nothing. I'm sad. 24 watt hot plate.

FP: Show Me The Bunny - I'm not entirely crazy about this one, it smells like buttercream frosting to me. I'll be trying to blend this is the future for sure, it's almost sickeningly sweet to me. 20 watt light bulb warmer. 

CFTKR: Frosted Lime Cookie Snap - This is hands down one of my favorites if not my FAVORITE from Carol. It's freaking amazing. Tart lime bakery with a great amazing of bakery sweetness. I'm obsessed. And Carol stopped listing it. And I cried. Until the amazing Jacqui came to my rescue and gifted me a bag she still had. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 

CFTKR: Coffee Ice Cream - I love Carol's coffee scents, and this is so nice, light and creamy. YUM! Enjoyed this one so much, melted in my 24 watt hot plate.

CFTKR: Iced Sugar Cookie - I've reviewed this one before as well, and we all know how great Carol's sugar cookie scents are. 24 watt hot plate.

RG: Purple Cow & Pink Sugar Type - This is one blend I never would have thought of! I loved the idea, however, when melted I felt like the pink sugar took over the grape and I didn't quite get what I had expected. Maybe a little more purple cow next time? 24 watt hot plate. 

Black Current Tea - This smelled like nothing. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. I was not happy. After about ten minutes it smelled like straight up wax. Ick.

Jmae's: Apple Toffee Crunch - I threw in both little pumpkin shapes in my 18 watt hot plate and man this blew me away! So strong! I love this scent so much, to me it's the perfect fall apple bakery scent! Lasted on and off for two whole days! LOVED! 

Ollie's: Jamaican Beach - Really nice tropical fruit scent, maybe dominant on pineapple and mango? Not sure, but it reminds me of a big, frosty fruity drink! Melted over half the cookie in my 24 watt hot plate.

Candles By Victoria: Granny's Pie Crust Candle - I melted this candle in my bathroom and dang did it make me mad! It just wouldn't burn evenly! I tried the foil method twice with no affect. Oh well. It still smelled pretty good. Not a great throw, but I could smell it.

FussAss McGee - Fairy Godmother - This had so much potential. A great pink sugar scent on cold throw, but when I melted this is my 18 watt hot plate - I got nothing unless I stuck my nose IN the warmer. Very sad. :(

S&S: Peanut Butter Banana Zucchini - Another gift from Jacqui, this is my very first peanut butter scent! It was soooo good! Smelled just like a toasted peanut butter sandwhich that I've loved eating since I was a kid! Lasted for THREE DAYS. THREE. in my 24 watt hot plate! I need more! ;)

S&S: Cinnabon Sugar Cookies - This isn't as strong as I have come to expect from Shanna, but her Cinnabon scent is so good, that even with a light/medium throw I loved it! 18 watt hot plate.

S&S: Lollipop Fruit Loops - This is Shanna's Lollipop Cake scent blended with fruit loops, and it was really nice - and strong! 24 watt hot plate.

HHS: Granma's Spiced Cranberry Zucchini - This very well may be my favorite thing I've melted this time around! It's so amazing. You get her famous granma's blend with the spiciness of the cranberry. It was to die for. It felt like Christmas in the Summer in my apartment and I loved it! Lasted for two days. TWO. When I order from HHS again, I'll be buying this in bulk. 24 watt hot plate.

Sweet Fixations: Lemon Noel - This was another really good one, an almost soothing lemon scent with the addition of the VBN. Really nice, I melted it my 24 watt hot plate and it threw like crazy!

LSC: Bear Claw - Nice, spicy, typical bear claw scent. Really rich, I melted it in my 18 watt hot plate and it filled up my bedroom and the hallway as well.


Pineapple Cilantro - Yea I wasn't sure about this one to begin with, and I didn't really like it when melting. I need pineapple blended with something else for me to really enjoy it. 18 watt hot plate.

Jelly Filled Flapjacks - Yep, it's official. I need each and every jelly blend that Carol makes! SO GOOD! Her amazing Jelly Donut scent blended with her famous flapjack scent. What's not to fall head over heels for? 24 watt hot plate.

Blue Hawaiian - We all know how amazing this one is! ;) No need to explain! 18 watt hot plate.

Serendipity and Sugar Cookie - I need about three 8 ounce bags of this bad boy. So good. I love all of her serendipity blends, but mixed with her sugar cookie scent, it goes to a whole new level. 24 watt hot plate.

Serendipity Marshmallow Delight - I know I've reviewed this one in the past, but Jeff loves it and I do too! 24 watt hot plate.

Blackberry Jam Flapjacks - I was on a flapjacks kick last week, and this is a new favorite! You almost get a smell of blackberry syrup. 24 watt hot plate.

Strawberry Flapjacks - This one fell a little short for me, I just didn't feel like it was as strong as it could have been. 18 watt hot plate.

Kissing Booth: Candy Apple - Smelled like pretty much nothing. Wasn't impressed. 20 watt light bulb warmer. 

Front Porch: Lemon Satsuma - Holy cow this was strong! I love satsuma scents when blended and this was great! 20 watt light bulb warmer.

Niki's Wax: Bahama Fizz - This was a little sample of two squares and I'll tell you, they just weren't strong enough for me. Light berry scent. 24 watt hot plate.

Cupcake Candles: Lemon Peppermint Cookie Birthday Cake - I know I've reviewed this before, but I really love my custom blend and I'm sad I won't be ordering from this vendor anymore. Nice and strong pie tart! :( So sad. Bad CS ruins everything, I tell ya.

Have a great night, girls!
<3 Dana

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cupcake Candles order #2

Hello again!

So, this post is going to be a little bit of a rant. My first order from Cupcake Candles was really great. Everything I ordered were custom blends, so I knew it would take a while. They all threw really great and smelled amazing. I placed a TEENY order to try her scoopables. It was RTS. RTS! I tacked on only a few tarts and that's it. I ordered this April 30th and didn't receive it until June 12th. I don't mind waiting for my wax, but what I do mind is getting absolutely no communication what-so-ever. It was a TEEEEEENY order with an RTS item! A month and a half? PLEASE. The scoopable was in the wrong kind of plastic container, as was the scoopable sample I received. It's those kind of details that need to be paid attention to. END RANT.

On the positive note, everything does smell absolutely fantastic! I just won't be placing an order again. 

Banana Foster Ice Cream Cake scoopable - I could eat this it smells so dang good! Smells like a banana Runt mixed with ice cream. YUMMMMM! I'm going to have to hurry up and melt this soon though as it's in the wrong plastic.

Serendipity Pink Strawberry Wildberry Scones  (custom blend) - Holy balls I'm so proud of myself for blending this bad boy! It's amazing! I get mostly serendipity and strawberry,  but the other notes are definitely in there!

Frosted Monkey Loops - Who doesn't love a blend of banana and fruit loops?! This one is really great, wish I would have order more than one stinkin' little tart! ;)

Marshmallow Serendipity Fluff - Still love Carol's take on this blend way more, but this is pretty good!

Banana Caramel Cupcake (freebie) - This is another that's good enough to eat! Really rich and creamy! LOVE!

Strawberry Bread Banana Foster Ice Cream Cake scoopable (freebie) - This is another in the wrong type of plastic, so the reason it was sent in a baggie as well is that the oils had eaten through the plastic. Smells good though!

Have a great day! 
<3 Dana

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My very first Pics, Petals, and Scents haul!

Good Morning!

I hope you're all doing well today - I'm getting ready to go into work this afternoon, so I thought I'd type up a quick post! 

Today I have my first, and to be honest, probably last order from Pics, Petals, and Scents. I placed this order March 3rd when I had been into wax a mere two weeks maybe? Didn't know a dang thing about blending yet, so I ordered a loaf and pie in basic scents. As much as I like the scents I got, the TAT was just so long. I placed this order March 3rd and received it June 24th. That was just too long for me to be honest. Marcy is the sweetest lady, I just don't plan on ordering from her while is TAT is that long. 

I love the lady bug bags! So cute!

Fruity Rings- Marcy's wax is VERY, VERY soft, so the loaf and pies got a little smooshed in transit. (The smiley face on the left shifted) Who really cares though - it all melts down in the end! I love me a good, classic fruit loops scent - so this is great to have! Really nice scent, I'm going to let this cure for quite a while so I get a nice, strong scent. 

Spiced Crumb Cake - Like I said, I order this when I was brand new to wax. Now I would never have ordered a whole pie without having melted some first. This scent to me isn't at all what I wanted it to be. It smells really good, just not what I really wanted. I get so spicy scent AT ALL, just more of a vanilla sugar cookie scent. I'm really hoping that while it cures with time that will change. 

Freebies! (I love the pink sugar scented rose!)

Watermelon Lemonade - I love watermelon scents so much! This is a nice, tart scent. Really great!

Iced Lemon Cookies - This is a famous scent from Marcy! Who doesn't love a good lemon bakery scent?! Can't wait to melt!

Vanilla Buttercream Waffle Cone - This, ladies, is my favorite thing from the whole dang order! If I ever do order again, I'll be getting a whole loaf in this! Seriously mouth watering!

Raspberry Macaroon - Nice, basic raspberry scent. Very nice!

Have a great Tuesday!
<3 Dana

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wax free Thursday - No Buy July - Use It Up! with Jesse AKA ElleLitJP and my beauty empties!

Good evening, ladies!

I'm trying out something new here are my lil' wax blog - Wax Free Thursday! I am a passionate person with loads and loads of hobbies, wax is just the tip of the ice burg! I have recently resparked my obsession with all things beauty related. I've been OBSESSED since I was a teenager and would save up my allowance to get Hard Candy cosmetics at Sephora (I'm talking HC's glory days, ladies!) and when Bonne Bell had an amazing line of strawberry scented bath and body products. Add the fact that I've been working at CVS since I was 17, and that makes for one heck of a beauty addiction indeed! 

I've recently gotten absolutely ADDICTED as well to YouTube beauty videos, and some of my favorite to watch are from fellow wax lover and an awesome chick, Jesse AKA ElleLitJP. I love her videos so much, she's the start to my empties video obsession! She posted on her recent video that she was starting a No Buy July - Use It Up! and wanted to know if anyone wanted to join her. Of course I said I would! I recently GUTTED my linen closet that was once jammed with make up/beauty products that just weren't getting used up. I'm a hoarder of free samples so I've been using those up and I gave my friend bags and bags of things I knew I'd never use. I've already really been doing the Use It Up! part of this, but I need to cut back on the buying. (YouTube beauty guru's always talk me into buying new and amazing things!) The items in the next four pictures are either items I want to use the rest of or items I need to decide if I want to use anymore at all. If I don't like it and won't use it - away it must go! Here's what I have to get through - 

No Buy July - Use It Up!

L'Oreal: Colour Juice lip glosses - These used to by my favorite lip glosses and now I'm just scratching my head as to why. These were the drug store version of Lancome Juicy Tubes. The colors are awesome but they are SOOOOO STICKY! I think I'll be getting rid of them all, but I want to see if there's any worth hanging on to.

L'Oreal HIP Studio Secrets eye shadows - These are pretty old, and as sparkly and pigmented as they are, I remember that they got all over my face throughout the day. I'm going to try them with an eye shadow primer, but if I get the same result I'll get em the boot!

Stila brown eyeliner - This came with my nude eye shadow pallet from them and since I only wear black eyeliner this has sat completely unused. Time to try it out or let it go!

Perfume samples: Like I said, I'm addicted to getting free samples and then hoarding them. I need to try and get through all these! ;)

Bath And Body Works mini lotions - I've had notoriously dry skin my entire life, so as a result I have an unhealthy addiction to all things moisturizers! B&BW lotions and body creams and have always been a favorite, so to narrow these down I decided to try and get through the mini's that were at least half full. I have so much lotion it's embarrassing. :P

CVS Night Firming Cream - This is CVS's version of an Olay cream, and I'm not crazy about it, not very hydrating. I'll try using it a few more times and maybe let it go.

Lush robot bath bomb: I'm not big on bath taking, and this little guy has been taking up space for too long, time to get to fizzin'!

Beezy Soaps: Snake Bite - This is a nice, masculine scent that I even like that was a free samples with an order. Jeff will love this one!

Lavender body scrub and bubble bath: I got these in a gift basket a few years back when I was a brides made. They smell really good, and it's time to use them up! 

B&BW: Secret Wonderland mini shower gel: This lil guy is about half full, so this'll be an easy one!

Clear Care conditioner: I bought this when I had a REALLY sunburned scalp after a day at the beach. I think I liked it, so time to use the rest!

Aveda: Phomollient - I bought this from the salon I used to get my hair cut at, and it smells great and I think I used to really like it! About 75% left.

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Spray - Bought this on clearance and have yet to touch it!

It's a 10! miracle leave in spray: Got this as a freebie at Ulta a long time ago and only used it once. I'm using it again already and I LOVE it!

Empties (I went through a crazy amount of samples, so I only did highlights for this post.) 

Dove Go Fresh Deodorant: This whole line of deodorants is a favorite of mine, and I always switch it up with a different scent. Rebuy? Always. 

Bic Soleil Bella razors: I got these since they were on sale at Walmart, and what a fool I was. WORST RAZORS EVER. They didn't work well at all and gave my razor burn. I'm going back to Venus and never looking back again. Rebuy? Never.

V05 Moisture Milks passion fruit smoothie shampoo: I've been a huge fan of V05's moisture milk shampoos forever and I love them so much. The strawberry one is amazing! Rebuy? Always.

Pure Silk Cherry Blossom Shave Cream: I bought this same cream when I bought the awful razors. Didn't work one bit as well as others I've tried. Rebuy? Nope.


Neutrogena makeup remover wipes -  I've been using these forever and ever! I've been breaking the mold though, and tried the Up and Up brand that Jesse recommended! They're really great and half the price. These work crazy good though as well! I might go back one day. Rebuy? Why not!

Covergirl invisible concealer in light - One of the best under eye concealers I've tried! I have always had dark circles and this hides them well. Rebuy? Always!

Lush: Hippy Chick bath bomb - This was a really cute chick shaped Easter LE from lush! Smelled really young and fizzed up well! 

L'Oreal Colour Juice lipstick in Strawberry Fields - This remains to this day my favorite lipstick EVER. I'm so sad it's been long discontinued. I always stalk eBay for more! ;) So pink, sparkly, smooth, and it tastes delicious! 


Origins: GinZing face cream - This smells amazing and works so good! I bet this is a little pricey, but I'd concider purchasing it for sure!

Nexxus shampoo & conditioner samples: I'm now a huge Nexxus fan thanks to these! SO GOOD! My hair was so soft after and the shampoo smells like bananas! After I'm done with the bottles I have, I am seriously thinking about snagging some.

Scrubtasticly Sinful Raspberry Summer soap - Danielle's soaps are seriously to die for. Rich lather, strong scent, and this one smelled so juicy! LOVE!

Seventh Generation: Lavender Moisturizing Lotion - This was a sample from and this lotion was amazing! Smelled so soothing and worked really well. They also sent a coupon as well. 

I hope you all enjoyed this change of pace! 
<3 Dana

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nancy's RR picks

Hello there!

I am so crazy late on posting, I know! Today I have a round robin I was recently in with a Facebook group. I was the last to get the box, and a great box it was! There was so much great wax in there, thanks again for including me Nancy! Here's what I took out:


Creme Brulee Party Cake: I love creme brulee/brunt cream scents so I knew I had to snag this one! 

Wildberry Mouse Cheesecake: Haha I love how this was spelled on the label! ;P This is one that is now on my wish list for Carol. I used to really dislike wildberry mouse scents, but now I love them!

Glazed Sweet Bread: This is a tricky one, it's not sweet at all! Nice and spicy!

Sweet Berry Zucchini: I've heard nothing but great things about Carol's zucchini blends and this one is amazing!

Pumpkin Caramel Latte: Pumpkin scents are my favorite! I cannot wait until Fall!


Sweet Lemon Confection/Pink Sugar/Pink Lady: I'd seen this blend raved about in Facebook groups and now I know what all the hype was about! AMAZZZZZZZZZZING!

Purple Cow & Pink Sugar type: Two of my favorite scents in one that I'd never thought of blending.

Blackberry Mocha Cookie: Oh, you know me and my coffee scents. I have no self control with them.

Blue Hawaiian Smoothie: One of my favorite RG scents. I'm so into blue hawaiian scents lately.

Front Porch

Pink Peppermint: What's not to love?!

Strawberry Marshmallow Bread: I've always HATED Angie's strawberry scent, but this one is really great! I was shocked that I love this one!

Iced Cinnamon Rolls: Nice, spicy, bakery goodness.

Lemon Marshmallow: Love this classic!

LCP: Pistachio Pudding Cake: I love a good pistachio scent and this one is nice and strong!

TBG: The Sweetest Thing: I've always wanted to try this one, so I was really excited to see it in here!

Ava's Country Cupboard: Bubblegum Cuppy Cake: I actually saw this one on her site but since I've chilled out ordering wax I passed. Glad I got this one!

PP&S: Lime Fruit Loops w/ raspberry lemonade: Just an amazing blend!

VDC: Apply Butterscotch Banana Cake: I've yet to order from VDC, so I'm always excited to try more!

Can Do Candles: Fruit Loops - Can't go wrong with a great FL scent!

HHS: Granmas Cranberry Zucchini: Who can go wrong with a granma's blend?! Nice and spicy!

S&S: Cinnabun Sugar Cookies: So yum! I love Shann'as Cinnabun scent!

Thanks for stopping by!
<3 Dana

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Country Mamas Candles haul

Hey there! 

Sorry I've been more MIA lately, planning a last minute wedding after moving it up a year (no, I'm not preggers LOL!) working full time, and having a social life can make blogging a little hard at times. 

Today I have my small order from Country Mamas Candles on Etsy from about a month ago to share. Her loaves were only I think eight bucks and they looked beautiful! I got two loaves. At first one of the loaves wasn't very strong, but after a month of curing DANG it's so much stronger now! I'll be starting to melt these soon, so I'll have to let you know what I think! Here's the two I got:

Fruit Smoothie: This is the one that had almost no scent when I first got it, but now it's nice and strong! Smells just like it sounds, a blend of fruits and creaminess. The is the prettiest loaf ever as well! I love the little mini strawberries, orange slices, & banana slices. I've heard mixed reviews on her wax, so I really hope I love these melted since I have so much! 

So gorgeous!

Bubble Gum: Now THIS one was so strong right off the bat! I love bubblegum scents and on cold sniff this is as good as it gets in my opinion! So mouth watering! It's only gotten stronger with time - this will be the first one I cut into for sure! YUM!

Love the glitter and gum balls!

Ambrosia: Another really great, creamy fruity scent. Really nice! 

Grandpa's Garden: I'm insanely picky with florals, so this isn't for me. I passed it along to a new happy home! 

Have a nice night!
<3 Dana

Thursday, July 4, 2013

What I've Been Melting #13

Happy Fourth Of July!

I haven't had much time for blogging lately, I have so many hauls that I've snapped pics of and just haven't had time to type them up yet. I've also gotten crazy into beauty products and empties videos. For my Fourth Of July gift to myself, I'm going to have breakfast in bed, take a bubble bath, and veg out in front of the TV with Netflix and my full DVR. I hope you all have a fun day planned as well!

Today I have more melts to share than usual, I try and do these posts about once a week, but this is more like almost two weeks worth I think. So grab a drink, I have a lot to share! :)

Jmae's: Lemon Poppyseed - Wasn't really a fan of this one, but I don't think I used the correct warmer. I only had my 20 watt light bulb warmer free and I melted one little donut. Didn't get much from this at all, but I love it on cold sniff so I'll give it another whirl.

TBG: Cheshire Cat - HOLY HELLLLLLLLLL this is a new favorite of mine for SURE! This is so amazing. AMAZZZZING. Lemon on the bottom, and a fresh ripe raspberry on top. I've died and gone to The Bathing Garden heaven. Melted two cubes in my 24 watt hot plate and this was so strong! I don't think it lasted that long, but that's what I get for using a 24 watt. I need about six back-ups of this when my wax ban is over!

Kims: Satsuma - I melted one fluted tart in my tea-light warmer in my bathroom like I do with most of my Kims. This was really strong, but I do not like satsuma on it's own. Too strong for my nose, I need something like strawberry in the mix.

Kims: Lemon Sugar - I have an entire drawer dedicated to my obsession of lemon scents. I love them so much! This, however, just didn't do it for me. Melted one fluted tart in my tea-light in the bathroom and got next to nothing. 

CFTKR: Cocomilk - I adore this one on cold sniff, but on warm it was a light scent with a light throw. I think I'm going to try and blend this one, because the scent itself is really nice.

Front Porch: Serendipity Bubblegum - This is a blend I've come to love from more than one vendor! It's so dang GOOD! I melted one little donut in my 18 watt hot plate and it was pretty nice. I don't like iheartwax's more. 

Ten Digit Creations: Lemon Poppyseed Cake - This one was a fail but no one's fault but my own. I forgot that TDG is best in a tea-light warmer, but I melted it in my 18 watt hot plate and got a light/medium scent and little throw. I'll try it again for sure! 

LKC: Marshmallow Fruit Loops Sugar Cookie Dough Bread - This was one of the best things I've melted all week! I melted I'd say about 1/3 of this cookie and it BLEW ME AWAY it was so strong! I could taste it LOL! Smells so amazing, I just had to turn it off for a little bit. I'm so impressed, I just wish they weren't closed. :(

BH&G: Orange Buttercream Cupcake - How on earth did I go so long without this scent in my life?! It's absolutely awesome! I melted just one cube in my 20 watt light bulb warmer and I was so strong! It smells more like fruit loops to me, but It's perfect! Love!

Kissing Booth: Lime Jello Cake - I have two clam-shells of this one. One I got in my swap Jacqui (this one) and another that I ordered in the last few months. Now I know she used to have quality issues (and I think this is when Jacqui bought this one maybe? It wasn't a very full clam-shell) but I really do lover her wax. That being said, I melted two cubes. Nothing. Melted two more. Very light scent. Threw in the last two and got a medium scent throw. I loved this scent and it smelled great - just after the whole clam-shell melted. Nice smooth lime scent. 24 watt hot plate.

Scentsationals: Oatmeal Cookie - I finally found this random clam-shell at Walmart and jumped for joy! It's so good! I melted two cubes in my 18 watt hot plate and MAN I would have been just fine with just one! Nice spicy bakery scent and STRONG! Lasted a while as well. 

TBG: Jack Frost - I've reviewed this one before. Really great vanilla peppermint scent. Love at bedtime!

Whoops! Didn't mean to take a snap shot of Lime Jello Cake again ;P

LKC: Serendipity Cotton Candy - I wish this would have been stronger, I threw in 4 or 5 little heart shapes, but it was just a light-medium throw and scent. I think the cotton candy may had toned it down a bit too much? Still a good scent! 18 watt hot plate.

Kims: Caramel Apple Cheesecake - Now this is a Kims scent to write home about! This is SUCH A great scent! You get the caramel and the apple in there so perfect together. I LOVED this one! Melted one little fluted tart in my bathroom with my tea-light burner. 

RG: Cranberry Marm./Orange Revival/Celtic Moonspice - Holy crap this is a spicy, strong one! I melted about 1/3 of this muffin that I got in a RR, but I'll be saving the rest for the warmer Fall months. REALLY strong and warm smelling. Melted in my 24 watt hot plate.

BH&G: Sugared Melon Kiwi - Another favorite BH&G scent! I know I've reviewed this one before, but I just had to say again how much I love it!

TBG: Strawberry Cheesecake - This is another example of me using the wrong warmer. Melted two cubes in my 24 watt hot plate and it burned the scent out right away.

CFoW: Downey Lavender Vanilla - This was just fantastic! I've learned that I adore lavender laundry scents! The scent was on the lighter side, but it threw really well. I can see myself ordering this again for sure! Nice and relaxing.

JMae's: Grape - Nice, simple, juicy grape scent. Melted in my bathroom in my tea-light warmer. Medium scent.

Happy Little Bee: Grape Koolaid - This little guy was so strong! I melted it in my 18 watt hot plate and it threw like crazy! I hope her shop reopens soon!

Crabby Candle Co: Sweet Potato Pie - This is one that Jeffrey picked out of John's RR box. I thought the scent was just okay. Could have used a bit more spiciness. 18 watt hot plate.

Dutch Candle Co: Butt Naked - Not too crazy about this scent. Medium scent throw. Pretty generic to my nose. 

Orchid Lake Candles & Soaps: 7 Up Pound Cake - Holy cow this one is awesome! It took all my will power not to order from OLC during their sale today, but when my wax ban is up I'd love to get more of this scent! Medium/strong scent throw. 24 watt hot plate. 

Nene's Kitchen Melts: Cap'n Crunch Berries - This is a definite favorite of all of these melts. I cannot express how amazing this lil guy from Jacqui is! It is the PERFECT Crunch Berries scent! Dead on, realistic, strong as can be, and lasted forever. I need about a hundred more. 18 watt hot plate.

Sugar & Spice: Pink Serendipity Love Spell - I snagged this one from Jacqui's RR and man this was GREAT! Three scents I love all rolled up into one! Strong, lasted long, and was heaven to my nose. LOVE!

Crabby Candle Co: Zucchini Claws - Another one I've reviewed before, but it's one of my favorite scents from John. Jeff said it smelled like popcorn LOL!

VDC: Cinnamon & Sugar Donuts - Another one snagged from Jacqui's RR. This was the cutest little donut ever! Melted in my 18 watt hot plate. It was honestly an okay cinnamon scent, but it was nice and strong! Lasted a long time as well!

FP: Iced Cinnamon Rolls - This was one spicy cinnamon scent indeed! I really enjoyed this one a lot, melted it in my 24 watt hot plate. Really strong. 

FP: Black Raspberry Coffee Cake - I melted this one in my 18 watt hot plate, and as amazing as it was in the beginning, it fizzled out pretty fast. Juicy raspberry scent though!

Yankee Candles: Sugared Apple - This one had a rip in the wrapper, but I melted it anyway. Pretty much all the scent was gone. Ah well.

PP&S: Pink Punch - This one was awesome! You get the tart fruit from the punch with the pink sugar. I get a little more pink sugar, but it's a GREAT scent! Loved this one! 

PP&S: Lime Cooler - This one, however, I'm sorry but I hated it. It smelled amazing on cold throw, but when melting it had this weird perfume-y soap-y smell and I had to dump it even before it melted all the way. 

FP: Pink Peppermint - Once my wax ban is up, I'm going to need to snag this in either a loaf or a scoopable. So dang good. I know this is a favorite of Kirby. Nighttime melt perfection.

CFTKR: Hawaiian Rainbow Cake - I'm so glad I have another sample of this one because I LOVE it! A nice, sweet bakery scent. I added this to my Carol wish list. ;) 24 watt hot plate. 

CFTKR: Strawberry Shake - I'm so glad I just got a bag of this in the mail! So good! nice and creamy take on Carol's famous strawberry scent. Melted in my 18 watt hot plate. LOVED.

CFTKR: Strawberry Dew - Another new-found favorite I have of Carol's! This is a blend of strawberry and Mountain Dew - a fresh, fizzy scent! Pretty strong, but it did fizzle out pretty fast. I'll try it in my 18 watt hot plate next time, I melted this is my 24 watt.

CFTKR: Glazed Sweet Bread -  Another one from Nancy's RR. This one was surprisingly a very spicy bakery scent! I don't know if I'd buy it, but it was really nice! 24 watt hot plate.

CFTKR: Creme Brulee Party Cake - I'm so glad I found another sample in my bakery drawer! This is a really great creme brulee scent indeed! I can see myself buying more for sure!

LKC: Pink Sugar Cheesecake - Shelby sent these to me, and I melted all four little hearts. I got a really light if non-resistant scent throw. 

RG: Blue Hawaiian Smoothie - This is a new favorite from RG for me! Actually all Blue Hawaiian scents are my current favorites! I'm ordering a bag in my next order for sure! Melted in my 24 watt hot plate.

RG: Blackberry Mocha Cookie - This one smelled amazing on cold sniff but I wasn't a fan when melting. The blackberry scent turned syrup-y and I didn't like it. 24 watt hot plate.

SMT: Serendipity/Blackberry Fizz - I got this in an RR and it's FLIPPING AMAZZZZZZZZZZING! So so so strong, I get mostly serendipity but it lasted forever! I'd love to get my hands on more one day! <3 LOVE!

RG: Soothing Lavender Dreams - This is a great one! I think this is a blend of zucchini bread, lavender, and maybe marshmallow? It was a fantastic bedtime scent! I can see myself ordering more for sure. Melted in my 24 watt hot plate. 

TDC: Malibu Rum Cupcake - Really light scent, I melted it in my tea-light warmer. It really didn't do much for me, honestly. It was alright. Nothing memorable.

TSP: Blonde Moment - YES! I love the Scent Blonde Moment, I have it from quite a number of vendors. I melted all four little tiki/flower shapes and they did great in my 18 watt hot plate!

BSF: Watermelon Jolly Rancher - This was a teeniest little tart and it was hella strong in my 20 watt light bulb warmer AND it lasted on and off for two days! I love the shimmer swimming within the wax when it was melting too!

LCP: Mango Lime Smoothie - Here's the thing: I'm just not a huge LCP fan. I've melted quite a few things from them, and nothing wows me. Not the scents, the throw, not really anything. I don't hate anything, I just don't get much from them. 18 watt hot plate.

Coexist Candle Co: Butter Brickle Toasted Marshmallow - This was a cute little chunk, and I really liked it! The scent itself was light, but it threw well and lasted all day.

Have a safe 4th!
<3 Dana