Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wax empties!

Hello there again!

Feels good to be back to saving my wax empties! For months I just threw everything away, and I must admit, it's not nearly as fun melting when you just pitch them! At least for me anyway. Here's what I have for the last week! 

Beezy: Wildberry Mouse Zucchini Bread - This has become one of my favorite blends, WHY DO I NOT HAVE THIS FROM MORE VENDORS?! I love Beezy's. So strong. I melted 1/2 of a scent scent shot each time, and it was amazing as usual from the Beez. Jacqui gifted me another scent shot, so I'll be hoarding that one as well!

Shayz Scentz: Pink Poop - In theory, this scent is awesome: PS and Monkey Farts. Melted, it's just weird. I can't explain it but I didn't like it. Sweet in a weird way. NEXT.

UTC: Zucchini Bread - This is a nice, creamy zucchini bread scent but UTC just doesn't do it for me. Her scent combos and scents themselves are unique so it's so sad that Her tarts fizzle out SO FAST for me. I've tried every watt warmer, and they just don't last. I honestly don't see myself ordering again. 

Lasting Scent Candles

Beignets: HOLY BALLS. I'm so glad that I have one more, since this is FREAKING AMAZING! Spicy, flaky, pure bakery goodness! I can't get over how good this is! Lasted forever, nice and strong, everything that makes me adore LSC. I hope I can get more this next restock! 

Fall Bounty Zucchini: Another gift from Jacqui, this is the first zucchini blend I've melted from LSC! You get the pumpkin in there, this was a really nice fall scent. Very creamy. 

Lemon Sorbet: This was a free sample a couple of orders back, and it's really nothing to write home about. It was light on cold, so I didn't hold high hopes for it melted. I just didn't get much, but what little I got was a creamy lemon. 

Pumpkin Mallow Chai: Jacqui had gifted this to me a year ago when she first got me into wax,  and I loved it then as much as I love it now! You get that warm chai scent, with a creamy and delicious pumpkin marshmallow scent. It's one of those comfy scents that I just can't get enough of, I LOVE IT! Lasted forever, nice and strong. So glad I have one more!

TBG: Frosted Vanilla Graham Crackers - There's going to be a lot in this post that the amazing Jacqui gifted me, so you've been warned LOL! She gave me four cubes, and I melted two at a time. I really wish that Shannon restocks this some time, cause this is AWESOME! Smells just like graham crackers and it was crazy strong. Loved! 

TBG: Raspberry Hearts - This is the second clamshell of this I've finished, and it's just a really nice, tart bakery scents. 

Better Homes & Gardens - Country Kettle Corn - I've had this clamshell for almost a year so it was time to finish it up! This isn't my favorite popcorn scent, but it's pretty good. I've found more that I love.

Melties: Blueberry Cheesecake - This is from New Orleans in the French Market. It's a really, really good blueberry scent! My husband LOVES this one, so I melted two cubes at a time while he was home. This was STRONG too and lasted forever. I'm going back to NOLA in October, so I'll have to find more from this vendor.

LCP: Pistachio Pudding Cake - This is a PERFECT pistachio scent. I got this in a RR a while back. I've honestly never had ANY LCP luck until now. This was really great! Melted two cubes at a time.

Front Porch: Marshmallow Noel Bread Shaveable - I'm not a big scoopable fan, and as much as I like the consistency of the shaveable better, I just like loaves and pies better for large quantities. Now the scent, THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCENTS FROM ANGIE EVERRRRRRR! It's perfection. If you've never smelled it, you're missing out big time. YOU MUST!

B&BW: Hot Buttered Rum - This had some hype on YouTube channels, so I had to snag it. On cold it was yum but I gotta tell ya this candle was a DUD melted. I melted it in the bathroom just to use it up honestly. Meh.

I<3Wax: Pink Fruit Loops - This was a large cookie, and I finally finished melting it. One TEENY piece was hella strong, so it took me forever to get through it. It's a good scent, but I'm burned out on FL and it was definitely the dominant note. 

I<3Wax: Serendipity Cotton Candy Frosting -  Another from Jacqui! Oh wow this was awesome, I'm going to need to get this blend from Audra! I love here serendipity, and blended with that sweet candy not is perfection. Just awesome! 


Berrylicious Pancake Batter - This was an older chunk, so I unfortunately didn't get a whole lot from this. The berry in here ended up smelling a bit sour, actually. I've heard pancake batter is a great scent, I'd love to melt on it's own someday! BRING IT BACK!

Key Lime Swizzle Sticks - I was SO EXCITED when Jacqui gifted this to me! They don't currently carry this scent, and it's one of her all time faves! THANKS GIRL! This was AWWWWWESOME! Tart, yet sweet and creamy - exactly what a lime scent is meant to be! Medium scent throw.

Marshmallow Smoothie Ice Cream  - What a nice, creamy, sweet scent! I threw the chunk in with two cubes of LCP Pistachio Pudding Cake, and together they were perfection! 

SGA: Pink Sugar Pistachio Coconut Fluff - These were adorable scallop chunks and they were BEAUTIFUL! Hot pink and lime green with glitter! I melted both at once, and scent throw was about light to medium. Her pistachio scent smells exactly like I<3Wax.

SMT: Lemon Cheesecake Sticky Marshmallow - This was a really, really, nice lemon scent. Creamy yet tart. I can really smell the cheesecake in there! This was a large chunk, and I melted one half at a time.


Candy Cane: Smells exactly like it sounds. Nice and strong candy cane scent! 

Pumpkin Crunch Cake: This honestly wasn't a favorite pumpkin scent from Carol, a bit too spicy in a weird way. The scent wasn't very strong either. I liked it and all, just not a repurchase. 

Sugar Cookie Zucchini: Jacqui gave me these cute little bread slices, and WOW! I don't know how I ever went without this scent in my life! I LOVE Carol's sugar cookie scent so naturally blended with ZB, it's a match made in Heaven!

Kettle Corn: Pretty nice popcorn scent, but it was a little light. I love her Popcorn Garland way better!

Frosted Sugar Cookie: I'm always up for a sugar cookie scent from Carol, and this one was as awesome as always!

Amish Quilt: I had always heard great things about this one, so I'm glad I left Jacqui's with one! Nice and spicy, this is one of those comfort and cozy scents! I definitely think this is a staple for the Fall/Winter!

Front Porch

Caramel Apple Marshmallow: Angie's caramel apple scent is one of my favorite scents from her! It's so juicy, and creamy and PERFECT. MOUTH WATERING. AMAZING. Oh, and strong! I think I could even go so far as to say a half a grubby would be enough. Add her fantastic marshmallow scent? There are almost no words for how great this is! I have back ups, don't worry! 

Caramel Apples: I repeat my praises again! 

Zucchini Noel: I'm melting this in my bedroom right now, and it's so creamy and sweet! I was just thinking that I needed a four pack! I do think it could be a tad stronger, but it's still great!

Beads & Scents: Beignets On Decatur & Cream Cheese King Cake - I want to love this vendor. I loved their concept, and I wanted this vision to pan out. They closed though, and I wish they had taken the time to hang in there and perfect their wax before closing shop. I've had some that were strong and amazing, and others that literally lost their scents entirely. These two were two of them. I got zero scent from these. Zero. Nada. That being said, I have a loaf in Haunted Corn Maze that smells crazy strong. *shrugs*

VDC: Orange Chiffon Cake - I'm melting this right now! I've really been into orange bakery scents lately. This one is stronger on the orange and less on the bakery notes but it's really yummy!

Shayz: Pink Eucalyptus - This is seriously one of the most perfect bedtime scents EVER! One scallop lasts ALL NIGHT! I love Shayz pink scents, and this one kicks butt! You get the PS and the menthol mint scent STRONG! I need more next time I order for sure!

Have a great night! 

<3 Dana


  1. I love your empties!! You have some incredible scents that you melted!! And I completely agree with you on Shayz Pink Poop. I really like Monkey Farts and a creamy Zucchini Bread. But Monkey Farts, it seems any other way, is way too sweet. And I've heard raves on LSC Beignets!

  2. Yesssss, so many awesome things in here!! I cannot WAIT until we go to NOLA this October, we are going to have to find that wax vendor again. I hope they're still there! Kudos on finishing a whole FP shaveable!! I don't think I'll ever do that LOL.I need to post my empties here soon, I've been collection them since like April or something lol. I'll probably have to do a YT video again =) I'm so glad you're back to bloggingggg, you've inspired me to keep mine up better as well.