Friday, January 31, 2014

My weekly melts & empties!

Hello again and Happy Friday!

It's that time again, for me to share what I've been melting! My tastes have been all over the place, I swear! I sometimes go through phases, but I haven't really been doing that lately. One day I love fruity, one day I love earthy! Let's just jump right on in here. 

Rosegirls: Raspberry Caramel Truffles - My husband actually picked this one, and I'm so happy he did! From my recent RG order, this is a clear favorite raspberry scent for me! I ADORE RG's raspberry and the added richness of the caramel truffles had me drooling! This chunk lasted FOREVER in my 24 watt.

Shay'z Scents: Lavender Serendipity - I have an obsession with Shay'z pink sugar and serendipity blends. OBSESSED. I also love her lavender scent as well, so of course this is a massive hit for me! Shay'z scents are SO STRONG for me - one scallop in my 18 watt hot plate in my bedroom is more than enough. I will buy this over and over and over again! 

CFTKR: Birthday Cake - Carol's birthday cake scent is surprisingly strong! I love white cake scents, and I love how when blended this becomes a focal point in the blending and not just a back note. I really loved this one!

CFTKR: Frosted Lime Cookie Snap - This, ladies and gents, is my ALL TIME FAVORITE SCENT FROM CAROL. EVER. EVVVVER. Something about this scent is my happy place! I got a sample from Jacqui when I first got into wax, and Carol didn't relist this one for FOREVER. Jacqui gifted me this bag since she knew how much I adored it. Carol FINALLY restocked my beloved in her last restock and I got an eight ounce bag. If you haven't smelled this, you MUST. I could melt this every day. 

Beads & Scents: Haunted Corn Maze - I've had little to no luck with Beads & Scents lately. BUT I had this whole loaf and I LOVE their apple scent so I thought it was about time to give it a shot. I melted a good chunk of this loaf (a blend of caramel apple & caramel corn) and I got a medium throw in my 24 watt got plate. It's a great scent though, I hope it doesn't loose its scent!

Front Porch: Orange Marmalade Bread - Oh, I've been into orange bakery scents lately. I can't get enough. HOW I've gone this long without this scent from Angie, I just don't know! I heard Karen rave about this scent in one of her videos, so I know I had to try it out! I think it would be awesome blended with lemon marshmallow (which I'm out of :()

Front Porch: Marshmallow Cream Filled Cake - I haven't been wowed by Angie's creamed filled cake scents. I adore her marshmallow scent, so this made it a nice and creamy version for me. Light to medium scent on warm, so I blend with this one.

i<3wax: Blonde Moment/Pink Sugar - Blonde Moment is one of my favorite scents out there, so I knew this would be a hit - and it was! I melted 1/2 of a loaf at a time at bedtime and it was pretty good. I honestly think this could have been blended better, but it was still yum!

BH&G: Golden Butterscotch Pear - I've also been loving pear scents as well, and if you love them too - you need this scent in your life! One cube was crazy strong and delicious! If you don't have this scent, RUN TO WAL-MART. NOW. GO. DO IT.

BH&G: Perfect Corner Bakery - This was a recommendation from my lovely pal Sarah - and I'm glad I took her up on it. It's a great dupe for RG Streuselkuchen. Nice and spicy. Very yum!

PP&S: Wildberry Mouse Zucchini Noel - Zucchini bread and wildberry mouse are a serious match made in Heaven! I love Marci's version of this blend. One day I'll need to get a full size scoopable in this! 

S&S: Chocolate Butter Brickle Croissant - I love this scent. LOVE! My husband freaked out and said this smelled like mildew! He poured this out and everything. I can sure never melt this again. SHEESH.

HHS: Banana Pudding - I've been loving banana lately, and this is the perfect candy banana (think Runts!) scent, and it's so strong! I need to place a HHS soon, and I'll be adding this to my list for sure!

Yankee Candle: Merry Marshmallow - I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love Yankee in my tea light warmer! This didn't smell like marshmallow really, just a really nice, sweet scent. Very strong!

LSC: Peppermint Dreams - I *think* this is a blend of peppermint and lavender? I'm not sure, I can't remember. On cold, I love it. On warm, it smells like the carpet cleaner they use at my work. I couldn't do it LOL!

LSC: Pumpkin Bread - Sadly, another one that I just wasn't quite in love with from LSC. Which is crazy since I love most of their scents! I got more of a fresh baked bread note that I'm just not a fan of. Bleh.

CBV: Pink Cupcake - If CBV's wax didn't melt so WEIRD I really think I would buy more! I melted a half at a time and it would barely melt, dang it! It smelled amazing though. SUCH a creamy cupcake scent that I've never smelled from any other vendor. 

Scentsationals: Cupcake & Lemon Chiffon - One cube of each of these is seriously one of my favorite blends EVER. A little birdie said that they're bringing back Lemon Chiffon! I still have two full clamshells to get me through! ;)

BH&G: Frosty Peppermint Snow - This is like the fourth clamshell of this I've gone through - it's just a nice, simple, strong peppermint scent. 

Rosegirls: Cereal Killer Cuppa Cake - I finished a Rosegirls bag, people! This is a nice, STRONG fruit loops bakery blend. Don't know if I'd order it since Rosegirls carries so much more unique blends - but I wouldn't rule it out!

S&S: Funnel Cake & Waffle Cones - This is a nice, spicy blend and it was pretty strong - yet basic. 

S&S: Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone - I used this to blend with quite a few times. A very light, sweet bakery scent.

BSF: Pink Butter Brickle Rock Candy  - Another gift from Jacqui! On cold I really loved this one! But warm, it didn't really smell like much. I got a light pink sugar with a slight sweetness of the rock candy. 

Starlight Chandling: Snow Fairy - I LOVE this shower gel, so I couldn't wait to get this is wax form. I am so grossed out by this tart. As much as I loved this scent and it was nice and strong, there was a bug in this tart. A BUG. NASTY. NAS-TAY.

Front Porch: Peanut Butter Cups - This is one of the most authentic peanut butter scents that I've ever smelled and I'm SO SAD that I melted my last tart. ANGIE, BRING IT BACK!!!!! So good. SO GOOD.

Rosegirls: Pumpkin Cupcake/Baked Zucchini Bread/Monster Cookie - This was a muffin from our last pie club and I loved it! Very nice and creamy and sweet. I think I get mostly monster cookie. I could for sure see myself getting this blend again one day. 

CFTKR: Bonfire Bliss - I've been on SUCH a Bonfire Bliss type scents kick lately! I loved them so much! I melted this with a few pieces of FP brittle in marshmallow and it was perfection! Carol's scents is nice and strong, I'm so happy that I have have a four once bag as a back up.

HHS: Granma's Wildberry Mousse - This was a gift from Jacqui. Like I said before, I adore any and all wildberry mouse/zucchini blends so this was perfection! They were the cutest little leave shapes as well. Medium throw.

VDC: Holiday Magic - This was a freebie little heart shape from Vickie. This was a spicy almost spicy(ish) apple scent. Very yum!

i<3wax: Serendipity Coconut Cream Pie - This was a free sampler from Audra. I actually love this blend from any vendor LOL, so I was definitely hoarding it for a while. This was a smaller tart, so it wasn't as strong as I'm used to. Still yum though!

SMT: Orange Chiffon Cake - Another from the lovely Jacqui! This was an adorable little gun shape - not enough to get a good throw, but it worked in my bedroom. I would love to blend with this in the future. 

Front Porch: Pink Serendipity Mallow Bread - I was so excited for this scent! I love pink, I love serendipity, and I LOOOOOVE Angie's mallow bread. But dang, I cannot get this brittle to give me a good throw! Which is so weird coming from FP! I'm going to keep trying, I tell you!

Front Porch: Lemon Marshmallow - A classic to me from FP. Everyone knows how awesome this is! This was my last tart, I need more!

Front Porch: Mulberry Pear - Holy Bajeezus! Jacqui has been on a mulberry kick lately, and she recommended this one for me. It's sooooo goood! I love pear, and now I'm sure I love mulberry too! Very strong perfection. I want to try more of both scents from FP.

And that's all for this week! Have a fun weekend!
<3 Dana


  1. Lol I don't know why when you said "Half a loaf" when you were talking about I<3Wax's Pink Blonde Moment, that you actually meant like 5-8oz of wax at once. Then I looked at the picture and was like, it's only in a mini loaf!! LOL

    What would you say is your favorite vendor??? I love what you've been melting!! I love Shayz Lavender Serendipity too!! I mix it with Pink Sugar when I have it!

  2. Great bunch of melts you've got here girl! Congrats on finishing an RG bag - I need to start finishing up my round label bags too to make room for my most recent order. I really need to melt my BHG Golden Butterscotch Pear, it sounds phenomenal. Shayz Lavender Serendipity sounds so good, I wish I could get a good throw from her stuff because she really does have some awesome blends. And yayyyyy Mulberry Pear <3

  3. Wow that is awesome! Thanks for sharing I added quite a few to my must try list :)
    I did lol at your husband thinking it smelled like mildew. I had a French toast scent in my warmer the other day. My hubby said it smelled like cat pee...I thought it smelled like French toast. I told him his sense of smell was off but I guess that is in my do not melt pile.

  4. I've never heard of Beads and Scents before. That loaf looks beautiful! :)