Friday, September 13, 2013

Recent hauls!

Hello again!

It's that time, ladies! Tomorrow is my bachelorette party and next weekend is our WEDDING! I had an incredibly stressful day, I think everything kinda piled up on me and I was very emotional. I just got back from the gym, and since blogging is very therapeutic for me, I thought it would be a great time to get some much needed posts published! Today I have my recent little hauls to share with you, I've also been getting birthday money (I'll be turning 29 on the 23rd while we're on our honeymoon!) so I'm plotting some pretty heavy orders soon. (If you know me, you know I usually place small orders. I find it easier to manage my wax collection and make sure I'm only ordering things I really, really want.) Here's some of the fun stuff I've gotten!


I totally regret placing such a teeny order. A LOT. At the time I was feeling very, very guilty about wedding spending. I NEED more Beezy's in my life. I really thought I had more already? Hm.

Wildberry Mouse Zucchini Bread, Ice Cream Scoop Bread, Pink Toasty Marshmallow, Starburst (!!!), Pumpkin Gingerbread (not sure how I feel about this one.), Loopy Loops Bread, Marshmallow Pumpkin Bread (FAVORITE!), and Circus Concession (freebie)

Front Porch

I have this disease where I can't stop ordering Front Porch. Someone needs to take my phone away between 4:30-5 Mon-Fri. It's bad. In a good way. You know what I mean.

Singles: Home For The Holidays, Marshmallow x2
Chunky Muffin: Warm Christmas and Celtic Moonspice (AMAZING!)

My First 12 pack of grubbies in Pink Peppermint Cupcakes
4 pack: Lemon Marshmallow

I also was at WalMart and went to see if they had the new(er) Fall scents, but they didn't. They did, however, restock Candied Caramel Apple.

Sugar & Spice

It's no secret that Shanna's wax is some of the best stuff out there. Her restocks are insane. INSANE. She announced that she's starting taking custom orders starting Monday so that's CRAZY EXCITING! Here's what I got during her first restock!

MY FIRST BAG OF BRITTLE! Peanut Butter Marshmallow Cake
Freebie Mystery cups: one smells like gingerbread, and one smells like watermelon maybe? Either way, they're great!

Mulled Cider, Lollipop Fruit Loops, Buttery Gingerbread (AH-MAZ-ING!), Cotton Candy Butter Brickle x2

Warm Apple Crisp, Eggnog Vanilla Bean Noel (great!), Cider Donuts x2, and Pecan Pie.

Pics, Petals, and Scents

I've had mixed luck with Marcy's wax, but since her RTS stock is so cheap, and I wanted to try some scoopables - I thought I'd place a small order. Here's what I got!

Scoopables: Cotton Candy, Pink Friendship Bread (LOVE), and Wildberry Mouse Zucchini Bread

Chunks: Vanilla Bean Noel/Zucchini Bread (I get only VBN) and Hot Fudge Brownies/Toasted Marshmallow

Scallops: Pink Birthday Cake, Cherry Chip Cake (this one has an add perfume-y note to it..not sure yet), Iced Lemon Cookies (my new obsession. I wish she had had more in stock)

Freebies: Homecoming (a bakery scent I think?) and Berry In Da Coconut (I'm not sure I like this one. I don't like strong coconut scents.)

That's all for now, folks!

<3 Dana

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I've Been Loving #2!

Hey girls!

It's getting into the nitty gritty with this wedding countdown. I keep getting that feeling like I'm forgetting something. HALP! I honestly just wanna get this thing over with and get to the honeymoon in New Orleans! Here's a last of what I've been loving so far - and it's way more wax than last time! I've been melting some amazing stuff, people! Here we go!

Sugar & Spice: Pink Coconut - I have recently found out that I'm not a big tropical/coconut/pineapple scent lover. I tried really hard this summer, but it just didn't work. Now I DO however like them blended with certain scents. I like pineapple with strawberry for example, and I LOVE coconut with pink sugar! This was KICK BUTT! SO STRONG, so sweet, and it lasted for DAYS! I need more PS scents from Shanna for sure.

Sniff My Tarts: Campire Dessert - I've reviewed this a while back, but I need to sing its praises again. Melted about a third of the chunk. Everything about this scent makes it wax GOLD. Chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow. Mouthwatering, strong, long lasting. What more could a girl need?

CFTKR: Strawberry & Toasted Marshmallow - This was one of her adorable cuttable little pies that was gifted to me by Jacqui. I have I want to say almost every strawberry scent from Carol, and this one is one of the bests! I melted about half and her fresh picked strawberry with the toasted marshmallow is to die for!

Scentsationals: Apple Bobbin' - I love me a great apple scent around the Fall time, and this was is so good! This is one of their brand new scents and one cube was crazy strong. So fresh and juicy. You all need this one!

Beads N Scents: Hand Grenade - I'm INSANELY picky with my orange scents. I normally don't like them. I took a gamble when I ordered this one and it paid off! This is a blend of orange sherbet and frozen margarita. So good!

Front Porch: Black Raspberry Fruity Loops - This scent made me realize that I need more FP black raspberry scents in my life. Like NOW! So tart, yet rich - it was a great blend with fruit loops! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for this scent for sure!

CFTKR: Sweet Berry Zucchini - I had taken this out of a RR over the summer since I had never tried Carol's zucchini scent. This was so good! I'm going to need to snag a bag during her next opening. This wish list is getting out of control... :p

CFTKR: Watermelon Cotton Candy - HOLY BALLZ, PEOPLE! How did I let this sit in my stash unmelted for MONTHS?! This is one of my new favorite scents EVER from Carol! It smells good enough to eat, like a watermelon candy. TO DIE FOR. I'm getting an 8 ounce bag, there's just nothing else to it.

Sugar & Spice: Pink Noel - Like I said, I've become obsessed with Shanna's pink blends. Actually I've been loving PS all over again lately! Lovely blend, nice and smooth with the VBN. Lasted for days!

Sugar & Spice: Wildberry Mouse Fluff Cake - I placed an order with Shanna last week I think, so naturally I had to melt a scent from her that I was hoarding in celebration! I got my very first bag of brittle, too! It was a mad dash to check out, but it was worth it! I got everything I wanted and more! This scent shot was a nice, creamy, smooth wildberry mouse scent. So good. Not as strong as most of Shanna's wax, but it lasted for days as most of her wax does.

RG: Serendipity Orange Chiffon Cuppa Cake - This was one of the triple threat tri-colored chunks. It was the very first thing I melted in my Glade warmer AKA the best warmer in LIFE for RG! This melted perfect. Great scent throw, great staying power. I'm telling you ladies, RG + Glade Warmer = match made in Heaven.

SMT: Lemon Bread Sticky Marshmallow - If you know me, than you know how much I love me a nice, strong lemon scent. This was damn good, too! I melted half of the chunk and it performed great. I've been on a marshmallow blend kick lately. YUM!

The New Glade Warmer!

WHERE HAS THIS WARMER BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! It's just a wax lovers dream. I've melted every vendor in this lil guy and I've been happy as a clam every time! If you don't have it yet, you need one! 


Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love everything about it, and most importantly, it leads to my favorite time of the year - CHRISTMAS! I already put up my fall decor, and am on the lookout for all the pumpkin flavored and scented everything! YUM!

What's Been On My Nails

Pretty Serious - Morning Java

China Glaze - Harvest Moon

NYX Girls - Luscious Green 

Nerd Lacquer - Pinin' For The JFords

Have a great Wednesday!
<3 Dana

Monday, September 2, 2013

Recent hauls!

Hey there, ladies!

I hope everyone's holiday weekend went well! I went to a few cookouts, and did wedding stuff with the fiance. I cannot believe my wedding is less than three weeks away! CRAZY! Today I have my hauls to share from the last week or two. Some really great wax mail for sure! Here's what I got!

MY LASTING SCENT ORDER CAME! This was a long awaited order for me and I love EACH AND EVERY scent that I got! SO AMAZING!

Pumpkin Filled Twinkies (freebie - to die for!)
Caramel Layered Torte
Sugar Cookie Royale
Rocky Road Donuts

Jungle Juice
White Nectarine Pink Coral
Sugar Berry Lemonade

Berry Parfait
Blue Pop
Rootbeer Float (!!!)
Berry Fudge Glaze

Yankee was having their $1 tart sale, so I grabbed only a few and some car fresheners. Here's what I snagged:

Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Apple
Blueberry Scone
Caramel Pecan Pie
Banana Nut Bread

Front Porch

Apple Cider Caramel
Candy Cane
Blueberry Sugar Cookie Hotcakes (OMG!)

Small Ava's haul - I won't lie. I ordered them mostly because of the cute shapes! (and yes, the big ghosts eye melted off :/)

Oak Barrel Cider Bread
Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar
Harvest Spice

I found the rest of the new Fall Wal-Mart scents that I wanted!

Scentsationals: Pumpkin Spice

Better Homes and Garden:
Brownie Pecan Pie (SO GOOD.)
Farm Apple Pumpkin
Spiced Pumpkin Pie
A Thankful Harvest

Have a great Labor Day!
<3 Dana